Giorgio Armani – 2013 Spring Summer – Womenswear Collection

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Variations, nuances, juxtapositions. The world of armani is multifaceted, as if observed through a kaleidoscope that
separates, refracts and illuminates. It is ingenious in its use of shapes, fabrics, and its quality of workmanship. Subtle yet profound alterations create soft, naturally deconstructed fits, rendered fluid through the use of gossamer silk and organza.
Light overcoats and short, beautifully tailored jackets fit like a glove, and are paired with flowing trousers, measured to perfection above the ankle, or shorts that suddenly bring the legs into sight.

28 thoughts on “Giorgio Armani – 2013 Spring Summer – Womenswear Collection”

  1. and I don't agree with anything said about armani. Like I said I worked for the brand for 3 years and he truly stands out as a designer. Armani its an icon. Look at marc jacobs, he puts more time into louis vuitton, what happened to valentino? it was bought out.

  2. Chanel is def classic, but Im not sure about modern. I would say , karl Lagerfeld is doing an excellent job by maintaining and keeping the signature classic and iconic the same way coco left it before passing away. I truly admire chanel but when it comes to modern , I can only think of Dolce & Gabbana , Eli Saab, Missoni , Ralph lauren just to name a few. Chanel on the other side is a signature house.

  3. I have been in fashion pr for 15 years. I have worked with Marc Jacobs, Valentino and MANY others.The only reason Armani makes money is because of his licensee's with other companies. The only reason he is in magazines is beacuse of his advertising. They have to put him in the magazine beacause he spends a lot in their magazines. A few yaers ago he famously pulled his advertising from Vogue USA beacuse Anna Wintor NEVER put Armani clothes in her editorials. His clothes are not modern at all.

  4. I worked for Armani for 3 years! Carolina Herrera and Michael Kors. Im in the process in graduation with a bachelors in Fashion Merchandise , but while working on the side for these great brands, Armani def. stands out the most. Armani last year did over 2 billion is revenue all together, its also one of the only brands that is privately own. His latest collections has been in over 35 cover magazines worldwide! This also includes vogue usa. Im not sure where you're getting your info from.

  5. Darling I work in PR for a high fashion brand!!!! Armani is stale and old fashion. That is why a few years ago he pulled all his adverstisements from Vogue because Anna Wintour would not put them in any spreads beacause she did not think they were modern enough. You don't have to attack someone for their opinion!!!!

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