Running from one show to another one, fittings and stress in Milan Fashion Week. Follow me on Instagram:

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Edit: Oscar Miño
[Applause] I keep using it but I don't know we are at breakfast and it's the first time we could take our time to have a proper breakfast and I'm here with my boyfriend at Lascaux Milan's very hectic we were gonna do like a blog scenes video but it's mostly me running to show running back this is going to chose to see any change changing the clock and in between we've been arguing all the time because it was very hectic and I wasn't well prepared and ended up in a few arguments you know that's life so today I only have two shows so we can finally take the time to create some content for actually talk as I wasn't able to talk we're at the hotel room and I own and so stories I only showed you my organize leaned out of you but this is reality after five days of Milan Fashion Week you're just shoes from last night this is some other stuff from last night everything is laying around oh my god look so terrible but before that I organized everything really nicely and I like to sort my things after like rainbow colors here it's my shoes and these are samples that I was wearing for the shows and we're gonna return them because I have six suitcases and normal space and yeah that's my outfit today at zero degrees I wasn't prepared that's the only jacket I have that's a little warm it's faux fur and I'm layering it with another jean jacket and I'm sure I'm gonna freeze anyway in Paris will be super cultures I need to buy jackets and clean this mess up like what are these things doing here we have our beautiful so Oscar what are we doing now we're going to do great yeah you're the main photographer so if you like my pictures but I always do backup pictures it's awesome if you want to follow me here please visit see here personnel oh my god I know I'm the creative director is it cold let's go into shock I want to buy gloves for the head is it so cool and then I can I have a good excuse to go inside and just one more we just shot some behind-the-scenes my nose is red like my oh my god it's actually the same color um yeah for though Jim Cabana and now Oscar wants us moment of Fame too and some photos I go back to our drivers car Missoni – and we have a huge selection of beautiful clothes and so before picking whatever I like I first look for everything to like see each kind of clothing and then I go through everything again and select the pieces I want to try on one thing I have at fittings I always go for the guy's clothes I don't know why this looks so cool but it's what guys and it happens at every fitting that I pick something this Oh guys and it's a really really cool the Saudis code and we build around it it's like a very mom's better and a cozy jacket and it's supposed to snow in the land so I decided to go for one and I'm gonna wear my own I just finished my last show for me lantash me it's been a crazy but successful week we planned on doing like Instagram videos which you won't see and then we planned on doing vlogs or like behind the scenes videos and the problem was that Milan was even more stressful this season than any other season and I wasn't properly prepared for it it was like my own fault because I didn't really plan right and I had different calendars and I didn't like so basically I was so upset and I was so often arguing with my boyfriend because when I'm like stressed and I feel so much pressure on me I have a really hard time being the best version of myself and loving and nice and I was just being really mean and I've had really bad especially for you Oscar that's human I guess I think it's good that it happened because it's a lot of learnings I think the hard times always the best times because you learn the most from them so you grow the most and I learned I think I learned this time I learned more than any other we're going to Paris I am going to plan how to do really good and cool videos like I wanted to do in Milan I wanted to do a video like a typical day with me during Fashion Week and obviously I was only running from A to B to C to D and then in between being mean but I want to like talk about it to explain that you see it's from my Instagram that it's a lot going on and it's so cool to get rest and meet with PRS mutual friends have these brand events and dinners and clothes and shows and fittings and everything but it's so so much work behind it and it's pressure that nobody like sees and shows not only what you see through my Instagram and it's also tears and arguments and sleepless nights but um I made I'm so glad I made it and I can't wait to create the real contact in Paris


  1. Danke, dass du das real life behind the scenes zeigst und das auf eine humorvolle Art! Super authentisch und ich gucke immer wieder gerne zu 🙂 Es kennt wohl auch jeder, dass es in stressigen Momenten in der Beziehung mal kracht, finde es toll, dass ihr so offen damit umgeht! Keep going Xenia :*

  2. Xenia wenn ich etwas liebe sind es deine VLOGS! Ich finde es sooo cool einfach mal zu sehen, wie alles abläuft und dabei bist du einfach so sympathisch! 😍 ein absolutes Vorbild und eine Inspiration bist auf jeden Fall für mich 💗 I hope we see each other in Hamburg 👑

  3. Your vlogs are so crazy! The best! I love the closet part omg! A pleasure for my eyes hahaha I want more and more!
    Honestly, you’re so natural, funny, and beautiful! I love following you! There always are action!

  4. Oh Xenia! I love how real you were in this. I always wonder what goes on behind the scenes. Being mean when stressed happens to us all. You and your boyfriend seem like an amazing team!!!! All the best xox

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