Galliano's Hitler Fiasco

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Natalie Portman Slams John Galiano For Anti-Semitic RantPortman has an endorsement with the house of Dior…

Natalie Portman has spoken out against fashion designer John Galiano, after he made anti-semitic comments.

Portman has an endorsement with Dior, for whom Galiano is head designer.

Galiano was caught on camera making references to the Holocaust and Hitler whilst taunting patrons at a bar.

The Oscar-winning Black Swan star said, “I am deeply shocked and disgusted by the video of John Galliano’s comments that surfaced today. In light of this video, and as an individual who is proud to be Jewish, I will not be associated with Mr. Galliano in any way.”

Portman, who is the face of the Miss Dior Cherie frangrance, continued, “I hope at the very least, these terrible comments remind us to reflect and act upon combating these still-existing prejudices that are the opposite of all that is beautiful.”

For making his comments, Galiano has been suspended by the company.

45 thoughts on “Galliano's Hitler Fiasco”

  1. Well Jews have been persecuted as a minority for centuries wherever they went … I can't blame them for being sensitive about this stuff … They're an easy target, small in number, no country of their own ( until the foundation of Israel) a different religion (although very similar with other abrahamic religions) different look … Easy scapegoat for whatever problem … However i can't believe today people still blame jews for current issues … China, globilization, terrorism … Jews !

  2. as jewish theres something i learned at school, the moment you become jewish no matter what you were before you are one of abraham's "spirtual kids" maybe not by blood but considered as his family since he was Semitic that makes all the Jewish people semitic

  3. but thats the thing, Asheknazi jews dont considier themselves European even though most of them are more European then semitic in terms of DNA.They still see themselves as those people who wandered out of the desert 2000 years ago. Let the them believe what they want to believe.

  4. hitler would have killed him to because he's gay. he's drunk and had no idea what he's saying. the girl was probably an annoying jewish girl he wanted to insult. just wasn't the smartest way to tell her she should die cause she's ugly…

  5. and this did NOT backfire???
    I agree that there is something that seems fake in his insults, and he seems like he is just trying to "get back" at them. But if that's all he could come up with, maybe he shouldn't be allowed out of the house.

  6. I think it's clear that the women led him to say that, knowing full well that he was drunk…..hence why they recorded it!

    Money cancels out racism, even Hitler was an ally to the Japanese because of it. Galliano therefore can't be anti-semetic because the millions he made off Jewish clients would have put any anti-semitism to ease.

  7. Poor guy, it's all totally misunderstood.
    I think the Jewish women around him at the time provoked him and he wanted to insult them back. The only insult he could think of was of them being Jewish — after all they are models and any other insult would just be backfire on himself as a designer.

    It's kind of like desperately trying to insult someone just like you, except from Germany. The only insult you can think of will be about Nazis even if you aren't anti-semetic at all.

  8. usuary…..they lend money to the poor then charge interest and break their legs when they dont pay…..just like bankers also jews are doing today…but now they lend money and take your house when you have hard times.

  9. How can you criticize Natalie Portman, it sounds as if you are defending Galliano.
    And it is true that Jews have been, and will continue to be hated, but that doesn't mean we will stand for it. Thank G-d we have the land of Israel, and will never be victims any more.

  10. Natalie Portman is so self-important and pretentious she needs to get over herself. She defends Roman Polanski who raped a 13 year old girl. Yes it was a long time ago but no one is above the law and he still has to pay for his crime. If John Galliano was Jewish this would have been a performance and she would have had no problem with it.

  11. i mean he had worked so hard to achieve that position and they destroyed his career just like that! he was drunk btw. and what's up with the tape, it seemed that they have planned this from the begining!

  12. that 2 girls was clearly trying to make a scene, what a bunch of bitches. it's very very hard to look for a fashion designer who is nearly as good as him to be the creative director of christian dior.

  13. People make mistakes ! and he's obviously drunk or high ! if I was jewish I'm sure I would've been mad and hate this person, but they really didn't have to fire him considering his talent and the amount of greatness he brought to the house ! and again people make mistakes and in his case he admitted and apologized ! I'm just so sad that he's not in Dior anymore, he's one of the very few designers out there that understands Dior and what it's all about.

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