FutureLearn – A History of Royal Fashion

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Want to take a peek into the wardrobes of the kings and queens of the past? With exclusive access to the Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection, this free online course from Historic Royal Palaces & the University of Glasgow explores clothing from the Tudors to the Windsors. The course commences on 24 June 2019.
Our clothes say a lot about us but they say even more about the society in which we live in We dress to suit the environment or for the weather We choose outfits for special occasions like weddings Some of us are made to wear certain types of clothing like school uniform And most of us like to think that our clothing expresses our indivuality and personal style The clothing of British Royalty is no different Historic royal fashion could be practical and functional It could also be decorative and frivoulous and anything in between And by studying their clothes, we can learn a lot about the monarchs of the past and about their subjects I'm Dr Sally Tucket, lecturer in dress and textile histories at the University of Glasgow and along with colleagues at Glasgow and curators at Historic Royal Palaces this free online course is going to take you behind the scenes of the royal wardrobes of the kings and queens of Britain A History of Royal Fashion has a range of activities and materials that are designed to give you the chance to engage with other learners and to encourage you to think about the links between princely costumes of the past and our own clothing choices today We're not as different as you might think We will look at the fashion successes, eccentricities and failures of a different royal dynasty each week From the sumptuous court of the Tudors at Hampton Court Palace to the sleek and elegant Windsors at Kensington Join us to explore how royals used fashion and clothing to control, to entertain and to impress

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