Francesco Scognamiglio | Haute Couture Spring Summer 2018 | Exclusive

Maison Francesco Scognamiglio| Haute Couture Spring Summer 2018 by Francesco Scognamiglio | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/1080p – National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art/Rome)

17 thoughts on “Francesco Scognamiglio | Haute Couture Spring Summer 2018 | Exclusive”

  1. There are a few pieces that look really good, most are boring/ unoriginal to the extreme (like even i could have designed it lol), and there are a lot that look awful even on these beautiful models :/ im not sure the few moments of brilliance are worth all of the flaws in this.

  2. Whoa! Someone put Ray Perkins back in their cage!! Lol! Compared to everything else out this year, this is student work. High school student work. A lot of been dones and fitting problems… Remember, even if you don't like women, they will be inside the clothes! Women have a shape whether you like it or not. The music was trying too hard, the first song I muted it was so high school, AGAIN with the kid stuff. With better fitting, yes even panties need to be fitted, especially if you can see them and they are under something form fitting!! BUT, I think with experience and a few years of anatomy, this designer could do well if they created original items from their own imagination. It's sad because there are so many already worth designers out there that would have done a much better show.

  3. This is going to be so memorable. So beatifull! From scenery to music. But the clothes! So wonderfully weirdly beautiful. Its like eye candy 😀 Jk but it is very "powerfull" and pure and precius. It left me stunned and amazed!

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