First Designer Handbag Unboxing: Givenchy Antigona

I’m so excited to be sharing with you my first designer unboxing video.
In this video I’m unboxing and giving my personal opinion about the Givenchy Antigona.
I opted for the small size Givenchy Antigona bag in black color and calfsleather.
The shiny Givenchy Antigona caught my eye and it the perfect bag to start a designer bag collection with.

I bought mine here:

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hi everyone welcome back to my channel I know it has been such a long time shame on me for not posting on YouTube for more than one year I think I have been very active on Instagram but not that much in YouTube but that will definitely change because I will be posting weekly from now on mostly hair related videos but also videos that really interests me like this one that is not hair related just you know Beauty lifestyle fashion anything that has to do with me and anything that interests me so if you haven't subscribed yet please don't forget to subscribe subscribe if you haven't already so you want to miss a thing we are also launching layout hair very soon which is my own professional haircare hair tool line and it is in one particular color if you have been following me on social media you probably know a color I'm talking about and I'm so excited and I can't wait to share with you finally after such a long time I think we started in May and it is November at the end of November and we are almost done with the website so definitely keep on watching my next videos if you don't want to miss anything about that ok so I'm going to stop talking about random things and get into the actual video so I'm very very excited about this video also because this is the first designer bag that I purchased with my own money and that makes the process extra extra special I do have some other designer bags but they are all gifted to me none of them were purchased with my own money and none of them were really unlike my wishlist or like bags that I actually really wanted but just gifted to me so for me it was really important to be able to scratch all the other things that were first on the list first in my case it was owning our own place so we already owned a house but it wasn't true the house that we wanted so I kind of waited a couple of years and right now we own our dream house we just bought it four months ago and we are kind of renovating it and adding a couple of more things before we move in also what I really wanted was having my own car before I would spurge my money on other things and that is also something that happened recently and I also wanted to be able to travel that is also something that I could cross off my bucket list because we just started doing that recently just for one and a half year right now and also my own company which I did so recently I got to cross off all those things in my list and I decided that this is actually the perfect moment to finally treat myself away to the back so I did so let me show you the bag so this is the bag tada look how pretty now I'm joking this is of course the dust bag and the actual bag let me show you the actual bag it's so pretty you'll probably already know because of the title but let me just show you the gorgeousness of this bag Wow so pretty I'm just I'm obsessed with this bag literally I haven't worn the bag yet so the tags and everything are still on on the inside because I was too excited to not show you guys on camera first and I will probably worry today after I'm done filming but this is the beautiful G washi Antigona in a size small in cost letter as you can see I also love that the logo isn't in your face it's very subtle so this is how the bag looks from the side and I love the detailing on the strap so it says is she one she right here it has like a studded material right here and you can hook is very easy but I actually really like this drug it's very smooth and it is a gorgeous actually the strep so I'm going to be wearing it with the strap even if I'm just holding it like this which I'll probably do most of the time so the shape after Antigona is just gorgeous so this is how the front looks like so this is how the back looks like very simple I just love everything about this bag to shape the simpleness and it's so classy and still very original and elegant so the inside let me show you the inside so the zipper is huge and very hard to open with one hand at the back right you can open it I don't know if you can see it but this is how the inside looks like and the tags are still on the bag and it's just I don't know what this is oh this is the price and this chick says GYC parade and I don't know what it has inside and inside it just has a warranty card and the leather that it is me off so I'm going to put that back in on this side on the backside it has a zipper compartment I don't know if you can see it because it's black inside and on this side you have two compartments we are two super one fits your phone and the other one like two pencils right here so yeah perfect it fits almost anything in it it looks smaller than I mean it's a huge bag but it actually looks small for what could fit in this bag so I decided to go with this bag after trying on all the bags in the store that were GYC Antigona the sales associate was so sweet I was I think I was driving her crazy she was so patient with me because I literally tried on all the sizes so two extra small Antigona and the medium size I don't know if there's a little art I don't think so because the medium size is huge and this is the small size and for me this isn't really a small looking bag but I love big bags so this size was perfect for me what I also really like about this leather and what made me go for the smooth cough skin leather is that of the lump leather and it's like greeny and very much because I couldn't decide what I looked at the pictures online so I decided to go to the store try them off so I decided to go with this small and I also knew that I wanted black so then I was left with the decision whether I wanted to buy this leather or the other max like that and the decision was made very quickly I was so many reviews on this bag and watched so many videos and I still couldn't decide whether to get this one or the other leather but after trying it on I immediately didn't even have to think about it I knew that I wanted this one because it looks so much better than the other one in my opinion I know that there are also a lot of people that are a huge fan of the met leather but I really like this one what also really made me go for this bag is that the grainy leather doesn't hold its shape after a while and this one does hold its shape for a very long time even if you put heavy objects in it because I wrote whoa because I looked at some pictures and I also talked to some people and the grainy leather one definitely gets slouchy after well and that was really the final decision to go with this one they say that this one scratches easier but that's not the case the grainy leather one scratches easier than this one but when this bag scratches it is more obvious than the grainy letter 1 because the grainy leather one is very textured it just complements 12-ton to go and in my opinion it looks more expensive than the granny letter was so to protect this bag I did get a spray that you just spray on all over the bag and then you wait one day and it just protects it from outside harm also from scratches and also from rain if it rains let me just put it right here it will be out of focus but you've already seen how it looks so I can talk easier because it's kind of a heavy bag so I already wanted to go and buy the bag when I was in the store but then I was like no let's just buy it online maybe I'll find a discount code and I could get it for cheaper so I was so happy that I did that and didn't buy it at the store because online I found a website that had 10% off on their entire website if you subscribe to their newsletter so the website is in the description box it is land upon it is an Italian website they are located in Bologna Oh Bologna I don't know how you pronounce that and the customer service is amazing especially if you call them by phone the answer immediately and they tried to help you out immediately the only downside for me was really the shipping time it took them two weeks especially for the price that you pay you kind of expect quicker shipping but for me did really matter even though I had to wait such a month time because I had almost $200 off the original price I paid less than thousand five hundred so it was thousand four hundred ninety nine something like that euros that I paid with free shipping so a great deal because the small sizes especially the black ones and especially this letter are almost never a sale it's usually the medium ones or like seasonal colors that are in sale but definitely I recommend if you do buy a designer item that you first tried to buy it online because you get it like in a pretty box and it's so much more fun and you can find discount or you can use cash back sites to actually get a percentage back of what you paid for you item so I hope this video wasn't too long if you guys liked this video let me know what your favorite designer bag is and if you love this back like I do give this video a thumbs up and I will be seeing you guys a very soon with another video next week bye love you so much and thank you for watching

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