FFXIV: Fashion Report Friday – Week 64 – Theme : Tribal Warrior

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hello and welcome to fashion report Friday the weekly series here showing you how to get the most inside the gold sources fashion report minigame every Friday this week is week 64 and the theme is tribal warrior for clues van includes skirts of a feather for chests hand in long glove full hands jaws of violet for earring and jaws of black for the right ring slot if you're new to these videos firstly I like to show you a 100 score with alternatives and then straight after an 80 score with the easiest method of the week usually resulting in using cheap dyes so without further ado firstly for 100 score for the chess piece I went with the blood hemp and chess trap of healing this week this is a basic level 61 weaving recipe however alternatives for this slot include V profits chest wrap the panegyrists chess wrap the ghost bark chess rapid maiming / blood hempen chess wrap of casting for the gloves I used a pair of hail storm gloves of healing hail stone casting work as well and you can get these from 245 poetic tome stones in idle Shire you can also use the witch's glove speed of a venerian armlets the horizon fingerless gloves v-star velvet long gloves of healing or casting the demonic gloves the brand new gloves BMAC immune guides fingerless gloves go Ischia gloves the well king half sleeves and the icon sleeves of healing and aiming and I'm sure there are a ton more that work basically long gloves seem to be the answer here if you didn't already guess for the earring slot I went with B fluorite earrings which are a basic level 28 Goldsmith recipe or you can buy these from a low level jewelry vendor inside your city states or we can actually go with the elegant earrings of naming or casting B amethyst earrings that behemoth earrings and B spinel earrings work for gold as well basically anything that's purple and shiny might have a chance of working and finally B ring slot I went with the black pearl ring which is a level 49 go Smurfs recipe or you can use the heroes ring of maiming or any role heroes ring the alden ring works and so does the grand company privates rings as well this should be somewhat easy to follow this week with plenty of alternatives which is a far cry from some of the weeks where we only get two however if all you desire is that quick a t-score with literally no fault put into it this week then dies are your best friends if you get any set of left side gear that's diable including a diable weapon and diven the following then you will be guaranteed at least a t-score which is enough for the max MGP of the week anyway you might see more of an 8 G depending on your earrings this week because they basically give you points for nothing so dye your weapon wine red dye your helm needs to be wine red as well your body wine red your hands sort black your legs wine red and finally your feet suit black as well this will get you a t-score if you fill every slot with something so make sure that you don't forget to equip something on the right side as well you need all of those accessories loss filled saving for the regalia mount from the event is very simple when it comes to using things like the challenge log in the gold saucer every week and it's not really any wrong way to do it but fashion reports shouldn't be avoided I see a lot of people worrying about it it's a very simple way to save up with very minimum effort as I've displayed an example would be a few weeks of my alt doing just fashion report and I have the regalia on that too and that character practically has no play time past getting to level 60 and I think in total I've spent a couple of hours in the gold saucer on that character I've not even unlocked triple triad I've away a link in the description of this video will take you to the reddit thread with more community solutions for of a week and of course feel free to post your own in the comment section below to potentially help others out thank you all kindly for watching this week and I'll see you all next time [Applause]

41 thoughts on “FFXIV: Fashion Report Friday – Week 64 – Theme : Tribal Warrior”

  1. so, first time actually doing this (just unlocked it, I'm only ever here to play at the mahjong tables). looking at the body pieces for the 100 score, I don't have a job that can wear any of those, at least one that's high enough, so I'm going to assume it's impossible for me to get a full 100 yes? guess I'll have to just for an 80 score. great video though.

  2. Meoni my friend didn't have the body you have listed in her try, but she did this took the Experditioner's Tabard in place of it, but had the other 3 but did dye the ones you list for easy 80 points only she got 100 points from doing that.

  3. Im sure you have already heard it quite a few times by now, but with the new regalia mount out, I've been scrambling to get the MGP necessary. This was very helpful in that regard. Take my subscription!

  4. I didn’t have all of the gear, but I did have a few on me. I was able to dye all of the items that were dyeable, and got a 97 score. I think it is possible to get at least an 80 score combining both??

  5. Thanks for making these! This week was my first time doing the fashion report and I got a 100 from just stuff i had sitting in my retainers inventory! Its such easy mgp! Thanks to this i was able to get the mgp I needed for the regalia mount in less than a week! I'm gonna start trying to do these everyweek now <3

  6. I got 100 by using leather eyepatch(wine red),leonhart jacket(wine red), brand new gloves(DoW), aetherial toadskin brais(wine red), aetherial hard leather boots(soot black), two hero rings(cause I couldn't remember what slot ),and fluorite earrings

  7. He won't give me anything higher then a 94 and I followed your item list exactly, even down to the same colors and high quality items. Does anyone have any advice on this?

  8. I really wish they’d be a little kinder with the variety of class specific items. Almost all the tops this week are healing/casting related (minus Lancer/Dragoon) and I don’t have any of those classes leveled high enough to equip the tops. 😭 I’ll still be able to score an 80 with dyes, arm piece, and some accessories. But would it hurt them to have a little diversity with the tops?

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