Fashion Tips for Tall Women's Clothes : The Little Black Dress: Clothing Tips for Tall Women

Learn tips for tall women’s clothing in this free video clip about combining a black pencil dress and gray turtleneck.

Expert: Lana Rafael
Bio: Lana Rafael works as a consultant in the fashion and beauty industry. She currently owns a salon business and focuses on makeovers that accentuate a woman’s natural features.
Filmmaker: Tomiko Cary
Originally, this is Summer sleeveless dress
and I turned it to be an Autumn outfit or I can make it a Winter outfit. It all depends
on what you're going to wear underneath that dress, underneath that sleeveless dress. I'm
wearing a short turtleneck a turtleneck with a short sleeve rather. Which gives me that
comfy and cozy look. Even though this is a Summer dress I can complicate it by adding
an Autumn element to it. The dress is made out of stretch material which always is a
nice complete to a tall woman. It embraces the body and it brings out a very nice feature
of your look. Mid length of the dress hits you right on your knee and you can down play
it with either boots or shoes, whichever you prefer. And as all of my outfits that I demonstrated
to you, nothing complicated, very simple. You just have to be creative, if you want
to look, make it look more dressy, just have a nice pin. If you want to make it look, if
you would like to down play it, simple, a turtleneck, a shirt, no jewelry and you're
well put together.

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