Fashion Season: Chinese supermodel Liu Wen makes history

Sofitel shares a CNN report on Chinese supermodel Liu Wen who ‘Fashion Season’ meets in Paris. One of the first Asian models to make it big in the fashion world, Wen takes reporters along with her as she begins her hectic schedule ahead of Paris Fashion Week, going to fittings across the city, including Balmain. A guest of Sofitel Paris, Wen tells ‘Fashion Season’ what a fashion week is like for one of the world’s most popular models, as well as the essential accessories she needs to make it through her week. #SofitelWorld

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my name is Leo Wong and from China and my model Luanne is more than just a model she's one of the world's biggest and a woman who accumulates firsts the first Chinese model to walk a Victoria's Secret Show the first Asian to front a worldwide Estee Lauder campaign and the first Asian to make an inter forbes list at the top five highest paid models in the world Luanne may have a small ego but she's a big deal I love Paris Fashion Week because this is very beautiful beautiful beautiful city but for model absolutely crazy Wow Rome in Paris I've no idea what my schedule always know everything lasts two minutes you don't know exactly what are you doing you only know you have to wake up the driver ticket go to the backstage you had to make up a hill and then walk in the shoe and the driver check a colossal show sometime we you know we had a really crazy schedule once I did 27 shows in London and then probably like a 22 or 23 show in Paris I don't know how I can did it models come to Paris with no confirmed bookings they arrive hoping to get chosen in castings that often take place just 24 hours before a show they begin by sitting it out waiting for a call from a designer when you're as big as Luanne you know the phone will ring you just don't know when and who will be on the other end in one season view when walked a record 74 shows looking fresh in the midst of such intensity requires a knowledge of how to survive always trying to keep some sweet some time we know ailments so exhausting or something I just have one ice cream I just feel my Energy's back flat shoes is very important because doing the shoes most of the time we're wearing high heels you know after the season's almost six years doing shoes I still don't really know Paris very well that's why I always bring laps for me always that bring very cute myself for some time of the evening I just doing a little bit massage to make my body more relaxed today modeling is about far more than just having a pretty face it's about developing a distinct personality and branding yourself with the use of social media no wart I have so many beautiful girls or others or men's you know it's very important that you have your own personality I think Instagram is the one of the interesting thing to show your personality as well I have a few followers they're always like a like my picture I think that make a me very confident of the world because they're like my my staff yeah later this year she will launch her own lifestyle blog where she'll discuss everything from her tastes and fashion to head tastes in trouble as a fashion world continues to woo the East more than a few will be tuning in to the thoughts ideas and images of Luanne while in class CNN Paris you

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  1. I love Liuwen & Qin shu pei. They are just so underestimated by the fashion industry compares to other majority white model. Come on.. honestly indeed so many of the model out there just so so, they don't even have beautiful skin&Hair combination , you can tell right away especially with make ups on it looks so fake… Not like this kind of true beauty goes well with everything simply shine.

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