Fashion Queens On Celebrity Trends

The stars of Bravo’s “Fashion Queens” stop by The Couch to weigh in on some of the celebrity trends that caught our eye. Watch more “Live From The Couch” videos here:

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hold up and faux fur at the Vivienne Tam show fights full ratchet I think she should have been a little more cover being that it was what twenty-something agrees outside I got to agree cover it up honey well the fashion queens on Bravo have a very unique take on star style and Derek J Lawrence Washington and bevy Smith miss Wang I'm sorry I'm so sorry you know what we needed to correct that miss Lawrence all right they're here to weigh in on some trends that caught our eye so welcome everyone thanks for name the show is so great why do you think so many people like cannot miss it you know I think we have a very unique take on fashion you know you've never really seen three people like us just sitting up on TV dissecting pop culture through the prism of fashion so it's it's kind of spectacular in that way right but I mean honesty is always the best policy right and I think that you guys keep it very real and honest has that ever come back to bite you but you know I've been getting bit all my life maybe here and there right you know because it's for me I think it's our job to give a authentic truth are are very forthright opinion about certain things well I wouldn't expect anything else from from any of you so all right so we wanted your opinion on some trends that stars are wearing and posting online so we're gonna play a little game that's called stay or go okay and we're gonna start first with Khloe Kardashian's two-toned hair apparently this is a French technique so it's like the ombre look right so that you know the boys are hair stylist by trade exact yes yes so what are we saying is it here to stay or are we gonna let it go I'm saying this – OH if a huge stay is a new way of adding dimension it gives a lot of dimension and it's not the whole mundane of you know the frosted look right it looks like you actually put a frosting cap on your hair and you have these typical boring highlights right adds a lot of depth and it gives very very you can really really see a lot of the rich undertones in your hair yeah for the lazy don't go and get there how it's done like they supposed to you're able to allows you to be able to go longer without having to get things done let's just keep it real it allows you to have roots well now let's check out this is the mermaid hair on kelis have you guys seen this yeah okay is this gonna stay or go I wanna do this I wanna have to see it go you know I think that long damn it I wanted to stay let me because the thing is is that it's kept it can be done right and it can be done wrong so I think about Italy with this moment it's too big it's too much too much hair it is too much it's just cheap thing I'm I'm caught in the middle a little bit I'm gonna say go if you're talking about from you know a bass point of view for khaleesi cos face she's an artist and that's what she does big difference yeah yeah it's not what everybody everything is not for everybody you guys but you know if you're going to the grocery store and you got that much Samantha or Rebecca walking down the street with a big mermaids let's um let's talk about the guys you have the Prince of pop Justin Bieber sporting some overalls is this look gonna stay or go it's gonna go oh that's totally gonna go I think it's just it's a fad right oh that like sloppy chic look that people are trying to pull off you look like a farmer you know it's just a sloppy chic the two can't coexist well I think that if you have a tailored like if you have a tailored overall that like is a leather or you know maybe in a band you can do that you can put on a blazer pair with the blaze or something and also too if it's a theme so if you're liking a hoedown celebrity let's take a look at Beyonce or Solange let's just pull a picture of it either one is one thing okay wait this is Beyonce isn't it let's take a look at this Beyonce okay so is this it's like the athletic fashion statement yeah Oh actually from me I love it because I'm always uncomfortable cuz I'm always like trussed up in like a 10 inch heel and the fancy dress so I love that the athletic look yeah I'm coming back yeah I really love what people are doing in the designers like the whole jogger look I think it's really chic and like also that you know you don't have to feel like you're dressing it up you can wear the the athletic high-top I like to reference the ogi memo to a lot as it relates to athletic gear that can translate and be kind of casual chic you compare it with heels and stuff and Beyonce's legendary fit oh please there is no where she can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned all right now let's go to her sister Solange let's take a look at what she's sporting right now we love in Queens what big man we call them our kids yeah did you get yeah all right now finally one of our one of the big trends that we saw was the sparkly headband look and so one of our producer Booker's here and I we were rocking the sparkly headbands is this a stay or is it a go you've seen a lot of people kind of wearing those embellished headbands and things like that what do you guys think of those I supported the reason why I supported because every once in a while everybody's entitled to a bad hair day and I think if you want to pull your hair back or we're calling back which is really really on trend right now then you can dress it up and make it really cute what the heck I'll see it no no no I don't I don't doubt is that things that still be cute who do you think is actually like just always annihilating the game right now who just is impeccable American Idol I only watch for J Lo's yeah all right well now let's finally bring in one of John's look he's my co-host so let's go John this she is wearing the heels everybody says that I know how to rock out high heels what does that mean flexible family Derek J miss Lawrence and bevy Smith and you can catch their saucy opinions Sunday nights at 11:30 p.m. on Bravo we want you to stay because look at this look at this right here that is just killing thank you so much but they're mean I like baby shoes

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