FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: AVN Red Carpet with Violet Chachki & Katya!


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RuPauls’ DragCon LA, May 11, 12, & 13!

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hi everyone it's me violet and Katya and you're watching another episode of RuPaul's Drag Race fashion photo review hi all am I pretty hot and tasty it's Eureka here all the way from season 9 and 10 of RuPaul's Drag Race and we are doing New York City drag concept number 28th 29th and 30th make sure you get your tickets at RuPaul's Drag con-com and come see the elephant Queen what are you ready you look great you look really good you girls look good you look good my mother of dragoons look what do you I don't watch mice Angela what are we shooting a bidding today we are gonna be tuning and putting the looks from the red carpet of the a/v and awards that's adult film stars porno people's people who do sexy movies sex on camera yes we've all been there I haven't personally been there but I've seen girl you should be here we've alton the AVN Awards are just like the oscars for porn people's and honestly I think that these people might actually turn fiercer looks than like your average celebrity yeah cuz these people are like superheroes especially when it comes to the mucosa of their job what also takes a really strong bitch to like be super vulnerable like the camera you know kind of like what we do yeah it also it takes this strong bitch to get and then like by 1400 ding-a-lings and I am that strong bit that we're that mean that's her I conk out after three so first up you've got Vicky chase she looks gorgeous she looks great she looks good but I love this little bitty little necklace like I love these little accessories I would be poor Vicky yeah yeah I think she looks great I don't know who designed the dress it looks amazing maybe it's like a Michael Costello situation roberto cavalli scenario you know we love we love the cleavage we love the high slit I like her strappy shoe we like a woman carries a bag yeah made a train yeah we love long train and it's them it looks like maybe satin and there's no wrinkle it's definitely not us well maybe it is something flying did you know that satin sheets are very romantic no well now you do perfect total – good job Viki next up dark and stormy Daniel I'm gonna say we're off the bat boo okay okay Aradia immediately to me it's a it's a boot and I'll tell you why well i-i've seen this fabric a lot this fuckin fabric has made the round I swear to god I know I've seen this fabric on probably every drag queen every mannequin in every garment district in every city ever yeah it's about just like $1 a yard pre sequined fabrics a look does not make just because it's shiny doesn't mean it's good that's so great and like I think people get sequins and good confused they're not they don't they don't equal each other and this fabric is so tired and played out and that's why it's boot hair just looks kind of like pearl looks like those layers like it's not 2006 anymore it looks like a wig that I would wear it looks like a wig that Lindsay Lohan wore in 2007 yeah I wish she was wearing like a heart of the ocean necklace I just think it's really bad no substance Jesus Christ okay Wow I just hate every sequined fabric Oh all right we get it we get it I really hey this is like a PSA this is my chance she hand glues all of her secrets to her dresses yeah that's real honestly this fabric is so yeah unfree there's no excuse we are moving on to Mia Isabella this is delightfully tacky honestly what what gives it to me is that she's selling the yeah hey red carpet fur this is how Yugi said this top knot yeah hey wait Maes the AVN Awards I guess tank this is what I needed here this is what I want on a red carpet I want you to give me that is a this is my moment I'm here at my award show yeah but I've got it I gotta say the legs cross you know she's uncomfortable girl but that is an awkward length for a gown I wouldn't really call this a gown would you call this I would call I mean I look she's selling the fuck out of it okay well this is some Santee alley stretch cocktail dress bottle service bullshit it's like a hustler get up kind of it's just not the fantasy it doesn't fit right it's puckering in weird ways like me I don't know it's the slit it takes a lot of cojones to wear brown Velveteen do you like the shoe I hate the shoe it's awful she's amazing I mean it you look gorgeous yeah you're selling the fuck out of it but the dress is a yes so we are moving right along to Kendra Sutherland initial reaction mmm well it's just basic yeah but she looks I mean she was like oh no she looks basic okay I think she looks a little bit I mean like even in the face like it's like demure yeah it looks like she's going to the prom although it looks like she's going to the prom now I have a question for you is this scandalous to show that much leg at a prom like a high school prom oh it's not oh really not now oh these days right I would go in a sheer dress to prom now I would go like full-on McGowen on the red carpet no panties no bra no panties no panties bitch No no bra no yeah I mean it's in there here nor there for me it seems like a dress again you would get downtown for prom or like off the rack it's an off the rack situation but I mean I guess the AVN they're not getting dressed by Oscar deal we could still get a custom dress we get custom dresses made all the time that's true you could still do a little rouse with a little shimmy yeah um she looks good she doesn't look bad it's kind of boring I mean it's like whatever I'm gonna boot it oh yeah sure boots I mean it's she's not really giving me like it's like gonna lay out its like diet glamour you know yeah like it's like if you're gonna give me the glam silhouette the glam dress like give me the glamour like eat right or give me something out of left field like a helmet yeah like put a football helmet on something girl okay Genevieve heck initial reaction yeah yes honestly I think this is great I love it I did too I love it yeah what I love most is the pose yeah and the sheer put I mean it's all really good it's all real good you're gonna spend all that time and money getting tattoos on your language yeah yeah I was like a pentagram I mean she's like and they've been the name hex like I like it's like on-brand for her like I don't even have to watch her her movies or know who she goes to know that she's like some twisted demonic sexy bad girl and I always live for that girl yeah she probably sounds guys within the yeah there's probably some sort of like yeah like hmm electrocute maybe she's like in a Harry Potter porn but in with with the wand they're putting it in the in the tingling hole you've seen that one huh what do you think about these sheer bedroom pants I love the pants because there's like a trim at the bottom yeah he's got a good platform stripper shoe on yeah the panty is it gives me like you know when Christian Aguilera was in like early 2000s the naughties not tease the audience the Audis the noughties Donati's i think it was the naughties for the odds don't they the early aughts the early 2000s when it was like I'm gonna be a bad girl yeah it's like gives me very that which I love I think that's making a comeback and obviously the corset the fetish element I live for and I think it's just kind of refreshing to have someone who's like on brand unashamed living their truth living their journey blah see blah was the sheer bell-bottom pants on the other carpet I think it's really fun I give it a two oh right up next like a Gina valentina Gina hello it's Gina Valentina Valentina I like I love to hate it it's okay hate to love it it's been alright it's alright this is this is very polarizing it's very controversial no it's just polarizing what do you it's it's holy right because like I love it but it's also awful which is great honestly that's like the best thing you could possibly be I would say special thing hair is both to the bikini waxer because we got that snatch is snatched yeah that mount is is cleared for takeoff she has mowed the grass I don't know if I would ever combine like a marabou Train yeah with shabari oh the Train is just like plopped over yeah okay for me marabou and rope don't go together but whatever I mean what about all the Dingles hanging down what is that all about honestly I wish the whole marabou thing and the Dingle jangles would be gone yeah and she had like a bomb bag yeah if she just had like a clutch and a little like rope outfit like that would be more sickening to me than like yeah it's like giving me like a showgirl scenario but it's not I you know whatever to do I would ditch the marabou and then I would just do like if you could get like thigh high rope booties Oh like you're just like hot glue some rope to some pleasers yeah but like do like knots and yeah oh that'd be a mean thing to two polarizing two polarizing suit yeah Bridget be coming out I think it's pronounced Brigitte I don't think so Bridget I think it's probably just Bridget this is a lot of luck – yeah oh wait oh I thought it was for a minute there I thought it was like pants no no no see for me because it's yellow and it's streamlined and it's it fits nicely and there's a the accessories are subtle yet tasteful and the hair is beachy and that's where you lose me oh you don't like the hair in the hair that's my one critique yeah I guess the hair is the little the hair is back well it's just you can't tell bitch if she would had given me like the Marcel wave I know it's tired and played out like I want to see Jessica Rabbit like one eye covered yeah I love it I think the dress is like very air blue jag like super super tight slinky yeah bandage I love that no panty lines no panty lines no babies no bra okay no bra no panties no bra no panties the jewelry is glamorous the dress is glamorous she's obviously glamorous big lips big I mean what's not to love she looks great the dress fits her really well I like the plunging I just think I wish the hair was like done yeah and I think you can tell that it's extensions which i think is like fine oh I like tall you know what I mean yeah the extensions are very up and if she had a hairdresser do this for her you need to fire them no I mean the hair is not working for me this hair is working there works I mean get a full-frontal sweets come on to it Tootsie I bet she's done a few full frontals in her career you know cuz it's porn I think it's a – Brigitte bee you gotta get to the me bitch toots trend alert exposed leg skin below about sultry leggy high slits goddesses share that what's on the menu all right hop tune of the week is Genevieve hex freshly tatted and probably scatted on grande fetish gothy yeah bustier bustier love Palazzo lyrics sridhar ex pant yeah tattooed diva underarm sultry sexy diva she's a diva tune in next week we'll be Tooting and booting more Lux on RuPaul's Drag Race fashion photo review no bra

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  1. I just had to come back and revisit this FPR with violet and Katya. They are so good, so entertaining, and (violet at least) is so knowledgeable of fashion! Bring them back!

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