Fashion Magazines – Focus Group Interview

This video is about Focus Group Interview based on Fashion Magazines for a school Media Studies project
I'm going to ask you a few questions first what are your ages and genders 15 and what is your favorite fashion brand anyway I do this because I like the style of clothing they produce I like more high street fashion like I like night but it's like comfortable and quite fashionable as well I like H&M I told me your fur girl because I like the designs that they have in the range the variety okay I'm going to show you these fashion magazines could just pass them around and I'm going to ask which color scheme is most appealing and why I like the color scheme it's quite bright and appeal to choice to map this one because I feel like it's quite contrasting and it pops out at you make a grab for attention straight away I like Rihanna's one because the colors there any I contrast and it is the white folks pretty nice okay which fonts out of all the covers do you prefer and why it doesn't matter which folks I mean one that probably looks the best to be under one because everything um based on these covers which magazine are you most likely to eat and why this one probably is the most interesting one this one because it doesn't because it has like you know Tex the kindness just makes you think about what's it about and I don't know who the grab my attention cuz I'll be interested to be like what's inside of it I'd be interested by the Rihanna one cuz I know she has a lot of current projects going on because because he has did you choose that magazine more because of the fashion displayed or because of the model and I bet she knew who thought more do is okay and finally from the one you chose is there anything you would do to change it to improve it I think I would even though I said like the lack of text maybe not interested in it I was still maybe put maybe one or two lines or not one or two keywords that would just throw me up or maybe like because this is a business and smaller and then make it bigger so people in Australia where she kiss her I'm for the Rihanna one I pulled the then in the background a bit better I mean I don't know I mean the colors okay thank you

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