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go Tigers hello everybody my name is Mara this is hot lamode and today I'm going to be talking about my experience as a freshman and in my first semester at the Fashion Institute of Technology so I am going to just kind of like go over my experiences and what I like did and like you know all that kind of stuff and like just gave you a little background and fell on me so I am from Staten Island which is a borough in New York City and I did four years of high school in New York City like Manhattan on 14th Street not on 14th on 16th Street so I was really really close to fi T and I kind of already had like the city mojo to begin with like and I was hanging out in the city all the time at night going to parties and then of the summer before I started at MIT I did an internship and lived in the city so I was like very prepared for the whole idea of like going to school in New York yada yada yada I also was very involved in the fashion industry previous to me starting fi t I started a fashion blog going into my junior year and it was a street style photography blog called halt limo AKA halt mode i started shooting at fashion week and doing street style and then i started to shoot every day I would finish school go to places like Soho the Meatpacking District and take pictures of different people on the street so that started and then I started to work for a fashion magazine based in London called paws online then I started to post pictures on Instagram and people like Eva Chen and Brian boy and most recently this morning man repeller all put me on to their instagrams so that happened and then I started to work with Brian boy the January of 2015 and I was shooting for his fashion blog and I still do when he's in New York so I very like involved and then I even did an internship over the summer where I worked at a photography stylist makeup and beauty Artists Agency so I've been very involved in the past like two and a half years with the fashion industry so I went to a very rigorous high school which was college preparatory high school in New York very well-known people like Al Roker and like one of the Supreme Court justices went there so it's like very well-known and that's not me like bragging it's just like it was just what happened so when I applied I was like so scared he was not gonna get into MIT because the acceptance rate is like 40% I am an advertising marketing communication designer and then I lived with I still live with two other people that I thought were fashion business so we all lived in a sweet and alumni home so that was like the like let's just get to moving and I guess so well I guess I'll just talk about admissions in reality so just feel like for you guys are going to be applying to fitt I think the most important thing is experience the people that are you know reading your admissions want to know that you were dedicated to the fashion industry like they really want to know that you want to work and live and like breathe fashion so if you're like a freshman in high school like start now like start like working in a store that's you know like you know if you have a thrift store like so I'm working at this or you know try and do an internship over the summer I even though I took pre-college classes at MIT so like they love stuff like that shows your dedication to the industry I think every these are still important yes your grades are important the thing was my GPA probably would have like been different had I went to a different high school I think I would have like been doing a lot better but my high school was very rigorous so like in 82 at my school is probably like I don't know like an 80 early 89 somewhere else maybe so I think that's also a thing they knew my school and that's kind of like they understood like me that my grades were low from my school but high probably four other schools so just definitely try to get as much experience as possible when you're going to apply to fitt because they want to see that they just want to really see that you're dedicated so that's like the admissions thing my let's talk about tuition – I don't pay my tuition I'm in state so I know my tuition is 8,000 a year which is not that much compared to a a lot of other colleges and be compared to like places like Parsons and L a.m. which if you can afford to go to Parsons definitely go to Parsons like really if you can afford to go there I would honestly say go there and if you can afford I mean LEM is kind of like don't go to hell I am like honestly I'm really like stressing that do knock what LM like it's I know people that are literally asking me like how do I get into fitn either transfer out of LA am so like I don't think you should go there then I live in the dorms for a whole year so I think it was like I don't know how I think it's 16,000 for the whole year so it's like 8,000 a semester um and it's nice because you live across the street from the dorms but it's also like they're super strict on a lot of things like you'll never be able to go to a party at MIT ever like you will never like you can't I don't think you're allowed to smoke cigarettes outside but like everybody does but like you can't have any like drug paraphernalia you can't even have like a wineglass and I mean like I just like to drink out it like anything out of a wineglass like a water love to drink out of wineglass Goods it's fun but like if the rnase come in like and you have that like they're gonna write you up but the thing is MIT is also it depends on your RA as well so that's that but yeah I mean live here for the first year make your friends like do that if you can but after that get out if it's at all possible get out because it's a buzzkill it's really like a buzzkill I have agreed RA so she's not a buzzkill at all but like I've heard horror stories about that kind of stuff too so but yeah like going out in New York if you want to go out you have to find places that either a will take your fake ID if you're a girl like it's kind of easy because you just get your fake ID and your promoter and like you're fine but if you're like a young gay boy very difficult to do any of that stuff so do keep that in mind it's really not like any other college you will go to it's maybe like founding colleges in the city are like this but like you have to find your own fun like really have to find your own fun so yeah it's like you're never gonna go to like the volleyball games like you it's just not like a real cut like it's like going to work but you know you're a stone college so you're not you're you know it's just not like that like people don't leave their doors open in the dorms because you know something might get stolen like I've like I remember one time the security opened our door and said you guys need to start locking your door and we were like well we're in here and they're like it doesn't matter you either lock your door because it's like it's just it's very not college like it's not like any other people's college I know I guess I'll talk about the people is like 95% girls and the other 5% is though I guess the other 4% is like gay boys and the other 1% is straight boys so it is very difficult to make friends with boys at school because everybody like really thinks highly of themselves which is hard for you to make friends definitely I know that personally but it's really like it's also not that friendly of an environment like you really have to like in your first week make your friends like make your friends because you're not gonna make any after that like it's really hard and I don't write teen either you're like I have or I have not if you have not you want to work at Macy's for the rest of your life if you're have you want to do lots of other things but it's very like it's a bit caddy it's a bit you know like I'm better than you I'm doing this I'm doing that it's like it's it's a lot of people shoving a lot of things in your face I'm not gonna say that I'm not one of those people because I might have done that once or twice but this is the fashion industry and this is like this is like the height this is like the high school of the fashion industry like you know you gotta know they can know your people you're gonna know what you want to do with yourself because these people you're gonna be working with for the rest of your life so prepare yourself it's not gonna get any easier and this so definitely understand that about the people but I have made lots of friends I have to say that I've made lots of friends because there are a lot of a lot of good people it's just a lot a lot a lot of the good people are hidden behind well a lot of people hide behind like different things because I think everybody fi T is a little bit insecure myself totally included because like you just don't know how to deal with that kind of stuff so you know it's like being away from home but you also have to be competitive and it's like a lot of stuff so don't let like the people aspect tutor you from it because it's not that bad at all in reality I make it something super dramatic but it can get a little bit iffy at times but for the most part like I really have like my core group of friends who I love so so much like my roommates my the girl like Jenny and Isabel and rose and Nicole who live next door to me and then the furry bitches of 9a Sammy Michaela Casey and Caylee who live also in my building so like and then I have my friends from classes who like I you know if you're a very talkative person you are going to make friends easily if you're not that talkative a person I would suggest trying your hardest to like put yourself out there because it does get kind of tough to make friends so let me talk about the classes that so as an advertising major I went into it and everybody knows like it's gonna be so hard it really was not that hard for me I didn't get like the I didn't get like a 95 in every class like definitely not you know and I'm also not looking to get a 95 in every class but the professors are always a hit or miss always check rate your professor before you apply for a class because it really does determine how the whole experience goes this semester I kind of just picked professors willy-nilly based on like my schedule because I wanted like Monday and Tuesday's off and that's what I got but I also did not have the easiest of professors so I took an a marketing class with a professor who was like still in the industry like you know had worked forums for two people so he was very able-body than kind of getting everybody like an internship and doing that kind of stuff but we had to take a state exam in that class and we weren't really prepared well for that I got a 60 that exam what you mean I'm not like ashamed of and my professor is even like I don't you know there's no way for him to kind of teach us this stuff it was very like a lot of them were like trick answers and all that kind of stuff that was fine I took an InDesign class which is a Photoshop kind of program that was fun a bit stressful at times but also fun it's fine you know I got through it then I took a fashion business class which is required from a major also fun if you have any more questions leave them in the comments I will answer them because I think college is so important in getting into your favorite college FFI tees are here at college that you should totally do that so I hope I answered your questions please leave them in the comments below hit that like button ya'll subscribe and I love you all see you soon I hope you all get into f80 if you're going to apply so Tee tee why

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  1. i did undergrad in chicago and during my freshman year someone had their laptop stolen from them while they were in the room lol someone opened the door, grabbed the thing, and dashed. craziest thing i've ever heard.

  2. i've been watching all your videos lately i just wanted to say you seem like a really genuine person and i admire your hustle and dedication to fashion k thanks bye stay amazing <3

  3. hi! I'm a 16 yo belgian boy who's thinking about going at the FIT but I wanted to know like if you think this can happen? I'd want to learn like fashion design (to become a fashion designer naturally lol) but for me, it's a lot of complications for things like scholarships.
    I also wanted to know like are the rooms mixed? or this is like womans/mens only rooms?
    thanks! xx

  4. $8,000 a year!? I wanna go to FIT so bad but that's the same tuition for my current high school with scholarships right now. I can't even imagine the tuition for an out of state student.

  5. Hey, im from india, and next year probably im applying for my fashion uni, i would love to study it in US, but the fact that all fashion uni's are so damn expensive? Would like to suggest me any uni which is less expensive.

  6. This is a very accurate review. I thought at the time they were a little over the top about security, but looking back I'd say it's commendable they go the extra mile to make sure their students stay safe.

  7. Awesome 🙂 How many classes are there usually in one day? I always wondered. I want to major in Illustration for the associates degree. I have a G.E.D, so fewer chances of me getting accepted. 🙁
    But anyway, you have beautiful skin and great video 🙂

  8. okay so i came over from Sammi's channel but I know you mentioned precollege and that is actually something I think I'd be interested in for the summer. My only problem is where would I stay? It sounds like it's really only a thing for kids living in and around the city but I live in Maine so even though that not issue for you that would be for me. Just curious if you had any input on this! Thank you! and def subscribed

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