Three years before his death, Alexander McQueen talks about the inspiration behind his cutting-edge couture.
this show comes first week and the illusion of the show creates which gets the press worldwide in the daily newspapers and magazines in the editorial which brings focus to the label but after once the show's out the way once I've finished designing the show collection I start thinking about the customer there's nothing more stunning the sewing understands what style is and want what goes with what aren't the proportion it's something you can only try to teach people but they can take the right length of dress and then after the most stupidest hairdo and you know destroy I'll look anyway so I think even less of these aren't actually lives with the customer and dressers or every morning there's nothing you could do it passions have to change and the time to change and we live in different circumstances so I McQueen we try to reflect the changing circumstances in which we live it's not always about Commerce and the Queen you know sometimes it's about the avant-garde you see as a designer you your aim is to push fashion forward and people's concept of size and shape the boobs are supposed to be broken that's how you get past these the boobs I mean you can't bury yet in a Sandy's these things happen in life in a world that I live in this a heady fashion world is sometimes no reality or whatsoever around it it's good to face make people face up to these things that happen in life


  1. Lee Alexander McQueen….I've followed your creative vision for more than 15 yrs & you left me breathless with each & every design. Now I am breathless from the empty hollow within me, gasping for that enormous breath, the one which brings life's warmth to the flesh and the glisten to icy blue eyes…sorrowfully that will never come. Your pain is at peace and your brilliance is forever dancing amongst the stars……

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