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hi everyone today I thought we should talk about Seabees because I think Seabees are very very important especially for the fashion industry which I'm going to be talking about today yes these are things that I wish I knew before I started my fashion degree or that I knew before I started designing my CV and things that I just in general wish I knew beforehand because I feel like it was definitely a learning curve in terms of what people would want to look at as well as what would look good and what would really attract an employer to my CV so this is going to be more in the fashion sense because that's of course the degree that I have been doing I'm in my third year I'm about to graduate and I have done three placements with three fantastic brands and I have learned so much about CVS and portfolios and I just feel like if this could help like even one person out there it would be so worth it because these are things that I genuinely wish I knew and that I do get emails from quite a few people that are on my channel like I'd you know my videos are not even that watched but it's just so nice to see like emails from you that you know you want to know these you want to know some answers I mean I'm just a fashion student but these are things that you know I really wish I need so the first thing I would do is make a separate fashion TV it depends what kind of background you come from if you come from like a retail background where you've been working in under Topshop or Zara H&M or something you can totally combine it because that's so relevant I think to the fashion industry it shows that you have an idea into retail and that you could understand customers and and you've been working in that environment whilst if it's something totally unrelated definitely separate it for example I do a little bit of stuff like with Formula One and not with Formula One but like I have a severe interest in Formula One but that's not going to go into my fashion TV because it really has absolutely nothing to do with it so totally like I just totally separate it the other thing is don't put a photograph on it don't put a picture of yourself or your work what this does is it can I mean it can be great because maybe the employers like well she looks a lot very you know like professional maybe we'll hire her the thing about series is that often people don't put photographs and I just don't think it's a good idea you know people can just judge you and be like no why would you put photo on there don't you want that person you know or if it is your work they might not like your work or they might not think it's suitable and they might just think your CV I just don't think it's necessary to put a photograph of yourself on your CV at all I I personally wouldn't do it because there are very few people that would do it and I just don't think I don't think it's necessary um and again you can google why you know why should I put a photo on my CV or you know anything like that I just I just don't see the point of it I really honestly don't the other thing is make it look professional and eye catching but not crazy like I think an infographic style is quite cool and the thing about fashion or even graphic design is that the way you design your CV can be quite I think you know when people come from like a fashion background or like a graphic design background and then looking for or let you know their company from that and they're looking at your CV it can be like hmmm how creative are they you know and how what you know what is that what does your CV tell them about you the way that you've designed it did that even make any sense basically you know my CVS has a kind of infographic style but it's still clean and modern but you know minimalist I think that having you know an eye-catching yet professional-looking one is probably the way to go rather than having crazy colors lots of graphics prints you know again I don't think it's worth putting your own work on to it in terms of photographs having an introduction or a logo of both I have a little logo just with my initials on it just to make it a little bit more professional but having an introduction can be a good thing but I would from what I've learnt from other companies that have told me is don't just keep writing I am about to – eight I like I have an interest for fashion and textiles I'm very hard-working the repetition of I is just I don't think would work very well see what I did there the other thing is remember contact details super important obviously don't need to say why a list all relevant Awards placements and education relevant I think and and yeah you know education is obviously very important to them and want to know where you're from and you know awards placements these are things that can really boost you in terms of you know if you've won an award and you don't put it on your CV that could just lower you know your chances automatically and LinkedIn isn't so great I would highly highly highly highly highly suggest I'm signing up LinkedIn because you can apply for jobs straight from LinkedIn and social media I have through social media icons on my CV the thing you have to be really careful with I feel like the social media and I was told this before by another company that I was interning at is that it's good to put your social media on there but be careful what you put on your social media I have my LinkedIn my Twitter and my Instagram on there I don't tweet or Instagram anything ridiculous so I'm perfectly fine with that if they look me up on Facebook I have literally nothing to hide and LinkedIn is you know very professionals for me anyways so you know I think that kind of maybe would put them at ease like that you are sharing that with them and that you know if you have anything they can just look it up anyways so um the other thing is this language is I don't know about this until I was with a company that I recently just won an award with and they said it's very very important to miss languages because again you just don't know what that employer is looking for I mean of course you know they they write what they're looking for but a language might be very very important for them it might automatically boost your CV up and also shows maybe another you know that that you can you have another language and that you can speak another language the other thing is list to places that are traveled I don't even see that this was important but apparently for especially in fashion maybe it's you know well appreciated if you're well-traveled or if you are privileged enough to travel and you've seen different cultures and countries and places I have traveled a lot since I was very young I've lived in four countries and four continents so I mean even in listing places that I've traveled is on my CV because that is a huge part of my life and it shows another dimension to me so that was that you know that's very like that's pretty much on my CV but again it just depends if you you know if you want to run again if you have space on your CV I'm add a small reference on the bottom of your sieve I'm looking here because my blog post is like right here and it's on my blog so I leave a link to it in the description section below and add a small reference on the bottom of your CV I have totally done this because I don't think anyone wants to read references available at request there's there's no point you're even putting that on your CV if that's all you're going to write because what that happens is so you're applying to HTM or Zara or whatever and you put references available requests right they have to then email you and ask you well so who is your reference you email them the email address of your reference and then they have to email the reference would any company most likely do that no so if you want to put a reference on there either put a little reference on there like a little sentence or don't bother putting a reference at all that's something I have definitely learned because there's just no point you putting references available at request if they want a reference then email you anyways even if you don't have that on your CV the other thing is and also there's no point really putting that if you are applying for like an MA or a job or anything because they will have a separate reference section anyways and graphics that can be eye-catching to the user but make sure that they are very simple and effective again not crazy and weird the other thing is keeping your CV black and white or eye catching if it's still photocopied so it should look good black and white should look good in color or if you're serious laughing like mine is like black white and grey so when it gets photocopied it's technically three colours which is kind of cool and also yep I already talked about not putting your photo of yourself and if they want to see your work send them a portfolio review and not put for your room portfolio link just do that and if they want to see it of course if they if they don't want to see it then they don't want to see it and also this is very very important a lot of the time companies or you might have to submit a cover letter or a pass or a statement these two should most likely this is again another thing blunt funds and the internships that have done this should probably go with a house style of your CV so if your CV has like a little gray border that runs across the top of it with your name on top of something for your personal statement have that same grey border with the logo but then just change it so it says pass some statement and then have it in the same font as what your CV is so it just goes together looks professional it looks like you've taken the time to do it when in fact you might have just you know already kept that little template and then just ripped or wrote sorry your little personal statement inside these are just very simple things that I've learned from doing a fashion textiles degree and doing three internships but things that I wish I had known earlier because I just feel like you know if I had this knowledge beforehand I feel like I just would have been much more I wouldn't have spent so much you know time just worrying like oh my god what do I do to put almost in me is this right it's wrong but yeah overall all of this information that I have received has been very very very valuable especially because it is from the industry itself as I mentioned I am the fashion textiles that about to be graduate and this is just information I received from the industry and I just think that you know I changed my full layout of my CV like three times to really highlight the strengths so yeah so if you liked this video don't forget to like and subscribe if you have any questions that we may become it's at you below and I will see you guys very very soon why you

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