Fashion Basics for Men : Layered Men's Clothing Styles

Layering is a look that you often see in the fall and spring seasons. Find out about layered men’s clothing styles with help from an image consultant in this free video clip.

Expert: Tressa Branin
Bio: Tressa Branin is an image consultant, a corporate trainer and the owner and founder of the Total Style Solutions blog. She has a degree from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.
Filmmaker: Michael Burton

Series Description: Men have just as many options when it comes to what to wear and how to wear it as women. Learn about fashion basics for men with help from an image consultant in this free video series.
hi I'm Tressa Brandon from total style solutions and I'm here at Men's Wearhouse and let's talk a little bit about layered clothing for men a layered look is a very big thing that you see in the fall and the spring seasons it gets cold it gets hot air conditioning then you go outside and it's hot or it's cold outside then you go inside and the heat is on and you just want to have lots of different layers or you might just love that layered type of look it's a big trend that we've seen a lot lately so this is one type of look that you can do for a layered look rather than a jacket you can wear an actual sweater I happen to love of v-neck sweater with a collared shirt underneath you can pair it with a tie or you can leave the top button undone and just wear it this way or you can even have a collar that's a button-down collar as long as there's no tie I'm not a big fan of a button-down collar with a tie my preference is button-down collar no tie with the top button unbuttoned I mean I love the top button unbuttoned just with the regular collared shirt the v-neck on a sweater or a vest even you could even do this with the vest now you'll notice that this mannequin has the cuffs pulled out of the end of the sleeves for some guys they're gonna love this this is gonna be them for guys that are more creative this is a great look but if you're more of a casual type of guy and that's not really your style it's okay just pull your sleeves down normal you're totally okay with that now this is paired with a slack so this is a great business casual type of look you could also pair it with a a pair of jeans and it would be a totally different kind of look more casual look great looks there's lots of different things that you can do for a layered look we've also added a little hat on there just for a little fun to give it even more layers this is another example of an awesome look for a layered outfit we've got chatter model here and he's just in a basic dark grey t-shirt and he's just layered it with an awesome sweater now this is a great style sweater at the breast pockets here at a little visual bulk and weight and width in this area which is fabulous for a man who wants to like give that look of that extra shoulder width and make his waist look even more narrow it's an awesome look to give that he's got nice vertical detailing and he's done a monochromatic look with the dark shirt dark sweater dark pants rather than having a lot of patterns and dot lots of different colors it's all monochromatic this is an easy way if you're not one to layer a whole lot this is a simple look that's very easy it's a good casual style with the jeans and then some little bit of a dressed up type of athletic shoe not really a tennis shoe not really like the sketcher style but a little bit more dressed up it's still sketcher but not quite that tennis shoe style so he can wear unzipped and open once you open it up and just show that look right there so you can wear it zipped up a little bit to keep that extra warmth in or unzip it let it hang and just be completely casual so this is another great look that you can wear with a layered look this is another option that you can wear for a layered outfit so it's the same type of look as we had on the mannequin with a v-neck and the collar out but now we've added in a little bit more creativity with color and pattern as well you'll notice that the two patterns are different in scale so it's not like a big pattern on this sweater and a big pattern on the collar of the shirt you have a smaller pattern match with the larger pattern but the colors blend and mix and match and this is a way that you blend patterns without looking like you're trying too hard and I know that's a really big thing for a lot of guys are like I don't even know what goes together what do I wear together so this is an awesome awesome option for that just make sure the colors match and the scale is different this size of the patterns is different so you can wear the collar out and he'll notice I here we have our model a Chad with a little bit of the shirt tail hanging out the bottom some people like this look it's a more casual comfortable look some people don't like it at all so it's whatever your option is it's definitely more casual for a business casual I would tuck in and not have the shirt tail showing but this is a great option with jeans that you can wear for a more casual type of look and again I'm Tressa Brannon with total style solutions and this is how you wear layered looks for men

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  1. The shirt collar should never ever stay outside, on top of the sweater/ cardigan/ blazer. It should always stay inside.
    If you're having trouble and the shirt collar keeps popping out and on top of your sweater or cardigan than I suggest you try a button-down collar shirt.ย 

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