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Aimed at absolute beginners our sewing classes get you started with knowledge of how to choose a sewing machine, the use of the sewing machine, stitches and seams and then take you through a wide variety of sewing and garment construction techniques.

If you wish to gain expertise and are looking for more than our regular courses then our in depth programme will provide you with all you need to become an expert in a particular subject, develop career opportunities, become freelance or set up a fashion business. Our courses are designed to offer a step by step progression route towards attaining a high level of skills in a range of subjects.
We want to provide an alternative, professional standard fashion education by delivering the highest level of skills training and technical, creative and business expertise without the debt or commitment of a degree or full time study.

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I started fashion antidote in 2008 and it was really too initially just to teach people to so there's a big boom in people going back to home dress making people are buying sewing machines and I could see there was a gap in the market for that it's kind of a culmination of all the things I've done in my career covering us being a designer having a retail outlets wholesaling manufacturing and all the time I was doing that I was also teaching so I've taught on lots of different levels from students on beta courses hnd and and finally I was a senior lecturer at university because of my experience because of all the skills I have and all the excellent tutors that I know I felt I could offer a lot more than that and so gradually over the years we've we've introduced other subjects until we've built it up now to be a fashion school and I think the main thing is that we want to offer to a quite a diverse range of people our most popular subject is our learn to sew course even the industry level skills begins with this subject after you've got the basic sewing skills we have a whole range of courses for making garments we provide students with a pattern and they bring their own fabric and then make a garment and their size for themselves pattern cutting is an industry level skill but we are finding lots of people want to learn pattern cutting just for themselves they want to be able now to not just make loans and use a commercial pattern that they want to be able to design clothes for themselves and pass and cutting enables you to do that our longer fashion design course really does cover all the design process so it's broken down in a weekly basis so people can do work in between the classes you can start with an idea and at the end of it have a collection designed for a target customer that potentially then could be developed into a range of garments in your own company I think the word antidote for me was an antidote to all those negative aspects all the things I've got Jaden tied with in fashion and I wanted it to be the answer to it to that because the classes are very small we can adapt them to the aspirations of the group we can introduce new methods new skills something particular that you're wanting that's relevant to what you're wanting to learn we can adapt the contents of the class to that person but what basically we're aiming to offer here is excellent training top level of skills from expert tutors a lot of them also teach at University all of them have got their own fashion labels so and they've been in industry for years they've known what it's like to set up a business to make the samples do the patterns find the factories and manufacture and try and sell what they're doing so I feel that if you came here you're getting a very high level of education from expert tutors but in really small classes is almost a one-to-one tuition you

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