Fashion After 50 *SHOCKER*! Should We Borrow From Men's Style?

What can men teach us about fashion after 50? According to fashion for women over 50 blogger, Melanie Kobayashi, more than you might think!

Join Mel and I as we discuss all aspects of style and fashion for women over 50. I hope that you enjoy the show! I certainly had a great time recording it!

After watching the video, do you think that we can borrow from men’s style? Why or why not? What did you think of my interview with Melanie? Let’s have a chat!

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hi everyone it's Margaret Manning here welcome to 60 in May this is the place where women over 60 come to be inspired today my guest is Mel kobayashi Mel is a style blogger she has a great blog called back and a beret calm she has a very eccentric sense of style she's got a sense of humor and brings art into her her fashion experience and I love talking to her we got a great subject today to discuss with her welcome to the show Mel oh thanks so much for having me Margaret it's just such a joy to be here thank you you're very welcome you know we did about I think three or four videos before with you and they had over 15,000 views on YouTube meaning that people love you and we love hearing your advice on fashion trends Mel style but we love having you here and I wanted to chat with you about a topic that some you and I have chatted about offline and it's something that fascinates me and that is the androgynous movement that's in fashion these days and how women can use elements of men's fashion to you know to accent their own style can you try that yes yeah I just just love incorporating elements of men's style into my own look and when I think of men's style I think of jackets suits jacket pants high you know text II don't hide I think of film noir you know James Cagney or Edward J Robinson as the style or fair you know for the more swanky kind of men's style yeah and we talked about androgynous before and and and I agree that you said the words will you take it's a blending of both where you can be either you can be or you walk the line between all the worlds and I think that's just fabulous is this huge wide open horizon so I have a few things here that I'm going to show you okay yeah and I want people by the way her what is to feel comfortable about leaving your comments in the section below let's have a conversation about this because you know we took a lot about fashion and about the way that you evolved as an older woman toward your own style and you think somehow that when you get there you don't have any space then to try new stuff I mean I have honestly hand on heart never bought a man's anything and I am now tempted after this conversation and here to go and just try something because the textures are probably different the colors okay so show us what I mean I didn't mean to drop you but I think it's an open mind when it comes to this well I always tended to think men's men style is much more muted but I tell you I was in Nordstrom the other day in their designer men's section Wow not happening but I'm gonna focus a little bit more on the stereotypical traditional immense pieces that we can incorporate because you're talking very properly about men's fashion in some ways becoming more feminine that you know they're doing more color more silky fabrics more so that's another interesting conversation but some the James Cagney looks the traditional okay go for it you've got your studio there full of all your trinkets and I've dug my way to China we will wait for you we're not gonna go anywhere we're gonna stay right here I just noticed the arms on your top that's really cute whatever you're wearing there it says every time we talk you've got something interesting on you're the most eclectic dresser and by the way folks well well she's digging her way to China I'll just mention that Mel has a I set a website back in beret but she also has an Instagram account and she also has just launched a new program where she does style counseling or solve a boosting for you on yes stop this coaching I'm sure it's right in front of me but I can't find it so we'll just kiss right I have a fedora it's just hello if you'll see it in a minute man's Fedora it's just awesome and I do have another hat it's a this is we can relate to this oh yeah that's nice mm-hmm you know hat I bought at a thrift shop and just loved it it's very very sweet oh look at the side how cute that is it kind of dips down there yes it's a lovely shape on you it's because you've got a nice shape you could buy different ribbon around that too you know with words on it okay roaches in there yes hats like sparkly a little brooches and ones that touch then when the first time I saw that I thought wow that's so cool then if you want to look like a Gondo the arm which is men usually are gondoliers that way a female oh very Italian very beautiful okay pumpkin yeah yeah came out great this phone I think those glasses for that one too probably yeah that's very we Spanish that one of course the tie I must have never thought about men's heads and I love hats we've talked about this but when I don't go in the thrift store I never go in the minced sections so I'm gonna have a look tomorrow yeah the men's shirts oversized shirt you can buy a men's oversized dress shirt and wear it as a nightshirt sure it's always fun some of the modern designers will take over sides and chop it up and then cross it and sew it again you can wear that modern style now the sleeves go down to your knees yes well I'm sure you know I really like it but it's not terribly coming and rent it for washing dishes it's not difficult if you're hot you do the windmill I love to wear a man jacket I'm doing this one which it but women's jacket okay hazel Myrcella thank you I think it looks pretty man jersey style existing you would and then you would have the tie right which ends up would you try it the classic way I like it untied I just came out from a night of partying and I'm a Frank Sinatra I'm Frank Sinatra in Las Vegas after you know gambling all night and with the guys singing crooning and crew she'd want to maybe have it half done up like sort of pulled yeah maybe you're the intrepid reporter in the newsroom out on a big case and you're going back to type on the typewriter you know I guess our age group we know what a typewriter is so but I didn't anymore I think what's really fun about you with fashion which makes you unique is that you get into roles you actually like you know you enjoy the drama yes everything you know and your life our lives our dramas what for me my life is a drama but I think everyone has dramas going on inside and everyone wants to I keep saying that but it feels good to feel like a movie star sometimes you know and rock star in your case my style booth consulting clients I'll say well you're a rock star you you know you're a movie star you have to be treated like it and then it's like a whole new concept and you know if these you know that compliments fly by if we don't get compliments as much as we age oftentimes and think we deserve them so I'm we're just gonna have to go get them by ourselves and force them to do it without forcing oh really if you know what I mean and I think you've got to actually give someone some people things to talk about and to engage with you because I was gonna ask you this question I mean how did guys actually respond to you when they see you in a guy's suit or you know at the time in do you ever what's the engagement well I'm not really interested in what men think about what I were quite happy in my relationship but generally men are not keen on women wearing men's clothes I don't have to admit that when I wear men's clothing I get a swagger because we're weaker we'll have to think men are the men in power men have you know they're the business guys they go make the money and they do obviously so I do admit I still have that sense when I wear a mansard fro yeah I've got the swagger I'm in control and maybe some men don't like that anymore but I think a woman suit is like wow that's really hot and I think women admire that in other women way more than men – and women admire the percentage of admiration goes up among the female majors and men right and I think more women would like to try it and you know into your 50s and over we can do whatever we want it's nothing they have to think about workplace anymore ya know I think what you just said is really important though I think that we don't mind we don't want to or we don't care about being judged by anybody else when you're in your sixties but there are still these inner boundaries that we've set for ourselves about what's appropriate and what's not and I think even if you're watching this video and you think oh I could never wear a men's suit well then don't just wear a tie you know just maybe wear a hat with a brooch and it's gonna be unnecessary to try to make a point of it is if it looks nice you like the feeling the colour of it the shape of it just forget its immense just try to break down those boundaries don't you think yeah you're so right Margaret thank you for reminding me of that too because there are a lot of women's clothing blazars like that's fairly manly I don't one Mikey we're but they're flared they're more feminine they're more they're beautiful and of course women have worn them through the ages with hoop skirts and things they put little plays or type things but you can adapt that Ben's feeling attitude of style in in a woman's thing that you can buy premade and another thing you can do with like just Margiela jacket was sold as a woman's garment a woman's item but you can make it feminine you know you don't have to wear it as a manly thing and you can wear with skirts and I like to sometimes I'll put embellished embellished and when it's my mic jumping around too much it's okay it was it was a little dissipated my okay that's very Spanish I mean isn't it yeah I mean what I love about the way you approach fashion though I think is that you you're very emotional about it you let your you know a lot of people wear clothing just for function you know it's like okay I'm 60 years old or we're what's you know what I've worn forever but you kind of put an emotion in it you say how do I feel today well haven't put on that's gonna express that emotion I will in control today so I'm gonna put a nice hat on in for stereotypes about men as opposed to women and I was going to try to break down those stereotypes and um every time we'll all wear just what we like and men and women good thing the thing that all I'm saying in my whole style it's too extreme for most people some things I wear are not some things I wear are but I'm not asking I'm not telling people I'm totally what I love is seeing people wear what they love to wear and you could be wearing jeans and a t-shirt but you are feeling so fantastic and I can see it and I'm not seeing your jeans and t-shirt it's there but I'm seeing you shine as a person that's what I like yes yes and the way I know that people can access that shine is through their closet that's a shortcut way okay do that oh you you are shining I love how you shine and I love how you you're contagious how you're shine just glows on everybody and you know the community really loves you and I think this advice you're giving goes beyond the discussion about male or female clothing it goes it goes into this whole thing of just loosening up a bit with your with with style making it part of who you are and it's embracing yourself okay there's no there's no boundary there's only the boundary you said yeah we teach people how we want to be respected yeah yeah push sign on my friend thank you I'm gonna ask people by the way to put some questions down for what they'd like to talk to you about in the future and we can do another conversation in a few months time because I think we've covered some really interesting topics here that might generate some conversation and I really encourage you to you know get them out there from L and check out our website is back in a beret comm dot blog that's right up on the video because it's not documents say it one more time yeah bagging and beret blog right and then Instagram is that bag and a beret right Instagram calm bagging a parade got it okay don't find you you're like a magnet alright well thank you so much for your time now and we'll talk again soon I really appreciate it thank you so much Margaret for having heard so much fun talking to you okay it was great thank you take care thank you if you enjoyed this video please subscribe to our 16a youtube channel and also visit our website we are a strong and dynamic community of women over 60 we're challenging aging stereotypes and every day we share fascinating stories interesting questions and great conversation

14 thoughts on “Fashion After 50 *SHOCKER*! Should We Borrow From Men's Style?”

  1. Lol 😂
    Absolutely loved your show today!!

    Margaret…Mel is a cool, unique blast of fresh air!!

    Margaret… I have a question for Mel and You too…

    I really like your previous show with Mel when she tried on very “unique” glasses with her different hats..

    Forgive me for rambling…
    Here’s my question…

    Mel and Margaret…
    Where can I find very

    I do not like plain-jane

    Mel, I am very “unique” too!!😊

    I like glasses that express my “unique” personality. 😊

    Mel and Margaret…..
    Any suggestions??

  2. I love men's hats! Most women's hats come "one size fits most". I have a small head which means they fall over my ears. Men's hats still come in sizes. I also have a teen boy's size 18 tuxedo jacket my youngest son bought at a thrift store. He didn't realize it was a tuxedo & didn't want it. He gladly gave it to me. I really enjoyed wearing it this past winter. I love all the extra inner pockets that few women's blazers have.

  3. Mel is so talented/gorgeous and she can pull off any style! I do love dipping into the menswear department, esp for men's oxfords. Next life, I want Mel's hair!! Great conversation, ladies.

  4. Mel could rock any look. Personally I'm not her style with menswear and all, am too girlie for that. I want her skin and exquisite eyes, too heck with fashion, lol!! The most distracting thing of this video was that the makeup person showed up but the hairdresser didn't, just a quick brush through. Cheers.

  5. I learned about shopping in the Men's section from Karen Blanchard (KarenBritChick). I've bought men's shirts, which give the Accidental Icon effect, or the long shirt tails can be tied and the sleeves cuffed for a chic casual look over pants, capris, or skirt — sometimes over a body-con dress as well.

  6. I enjoyed this video, but I think it takes a special kind of woman to wear overtly masculine clothing and still look feminine. Mel certainly has that quality and so does Diane Keaton. I did like the idea Mel mentioned of getting a man's oversize shirt and using it as sleepwear. A cotton shirt on a hot summer night would work well, and it could be altered and embellished in many different ways.

  7. Mel, you rock! I also love Diane Keaton's slightly masculine style. I've never gone for super feminine clothing, even as far back as high school. Never owned a dress in the 70's and only own one right now. In order to incorporate men's wear into my wardrobe I have to really feel it, otherwise I feel like I'm wearing a costume. And mostly, menswear doesn't fit my body correctly so I just stay away from it for the most part. But I've always loved men's style oxfords or brogues. I have often thought I would make a fantastic men's shoe sales person. I'd come out of the backroom sniffing and nearly making love to the shoes!

  8. For me the lesson from mens dress is simplicity. A shirt and pants, or in Mark Zuckerbergs case, t-shirt and jeans. I get overwhelmed with layering to cover my rear end, and what shoes to wear. Will I need walking shoes, and if I'm going to the store how nice should I dress?

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