Farewell, UrbanClap!

Hey guys!

I was doing an internship at UrbanClap for 2 months now and it was amazing! UrbanClap is a company which offers services to customers for cleaning, plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters, cleaning, etc with upto 80+ categories. My job was to make people join UrbanClap, convince them, get them to the office, get them through the official formalities and manage them and help them if they have any problem.
My category was Plumbers, Electricians and Carpenters and this video shows my last day at UrbanClap Pune.

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hey guys welcome to the new video so today I wanted to talk about something that I've been doing in these past two months basically if you've been seeing my other vlogs and we think I study but VIP bhopal and I've been doing computer science and engineering which specialization even technology thus we had gotten a holiday in me so basically my parents they were you know very busy with the homework and I had nothing to do I haven't my friends they didn't have invalidate other exams are going on so I do understand at home and you know play video games and all that so that's why I thought that let's look for internships that where I can learn skills that that can help me improve the thing that I'm doing so basically if you don't know about me I actually want to become an entrepreneur as one entrepreneur and making video games and that's what we had if you see in the last vlog we had gone to a shaman in Bhopal where the VR games had we had created but we had marketed them to people who played so we I was not that successful and you know making them play those games because my poor marketing skills that I have I don't know much about marketing heat so that's why I couldn't convince them and take it but after that after all the exams are in turn on that I thought that once they've already started I'll do an internship a technical internship or something that is related to marketing so I checked through intensive intention as the west side or comes being used to pursue internships and first year second year third year so I was looking through the internships and I found this company called urban I was not getting any technical companies technical intentions and even if I was getting the skills that were required for that I had not reached those skills because I was in first year and I had learnt just intermediate C++ she saw unity basically I just didn't want to go and want them to tell me what to do because I don't have that much skill that much knowledge about these things so that's why when I went to the internships I saw this company called urban class and they were offering her internship and since mrs. Hills you know I had this bad experience and I thought that basically I could learn marketing and it was a really good experience if you don't know what's over clap urban clap is actually a company which gives you like cleaning plumbers electricians carpenters Jim bring us guitar teachers they have a keeper statically so you can hire people to help you they they basically have the application called urban clack partner which help people to take up jobs and they help them to basically just give them jobs make them anomic has to endure in the procedure so actually I joined this company laga in name and it was a really really nice experience I learned how to convince people how to work in a corporate space actually everything how do how to basically work out as a team get these targets done in the week it was really for experience I I think after doing this internship my marketing's business up improve drastically and in the next Business Expo I'm able to convince easy for people move him playing my game it was an amazing experience actually I really loved it so I had made a small draw of the last day and I just wanted to show you guys follow me to secret place will be on the shores there is something come follow me too where only the moon can see beyond the shores there is some just wait [Applause] I wish so basically after that the tone need to come into the public meeting room and then I found out that actually that kept a surprise for us as it was a last day so they are ordered to keep so I was told to give speech before going so this was the place where I was working in actually it's 18 kilometers away from my house and I didn't have any transportation facilities to go there so basically what I did was that I used to go by cycle sometimes it's recyclate into meters to left if you're staying in Pune you might know that I stay in murder Sharri and the place was in Barney's so it is 17 to 18 kilometers so sometimes I used to go by cycle sometimes one of the interns used to drop me there and welcome and manage to combine bus and sometimes I used to go and loping bus as well so because of that local bus Pune traffic is really terrible and because of that I used to always reach early 8 like 1112 the time was actually 10 I had to reach officer tenant may times have I have reached a 10 but the thing is that many times four hours a night so basically that's why at the start of the speech I speak about punctuality so [Laughter] according to me and his leadership was because the reason why we are having so many good weeks like as I've seen every time when I go to his office or outside is always seeing the results that we are doing we seek a learned lot of things to convince people and also the more things I learned about myself there you know I still need to go over in many ways my behavior and everything but it was a really good experience and I enjoyed [Applause] that was last day of my internship and I would like to say it was really amazing I had a lot of fun I made those interns that the rest of the interns they've become like really good friends of mine so it was a really fun time I had and thank you so much of and clap for this experience and thank you for watching guys so if you liked it please give it a like comment share and subscribe to this channel as we always we always have fun content for you to watch thank you guys

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