Famous Toymaker, Revell Co. Apologizes For Selling Model of "Fictional" Nazi UFO

The Revell model company has publicly apologized for selling a model of the Haunebu II, a documented Nazi experiment, claiming that it never actually existed.
They are pulling all of the models from stores, helping to perpetuate more disinformation in the UFO community.
hey everyone earn dog here for Yoda's wisdom how's everyone doing today well I was scouring the internet this morning looking for a good UFO story to bring to you guys and I happen to find this one in the New York Post and as you can see it says toymaker apologize for selling model of fictional Nazi UFO and what we have here is a model of the han abouttwo and as we know some most of us in the UFO community know it was a it's a very interesting topic in the UFO community so I'm gonna read you a little bit of the article first before I decide to spew my opinion into this so it says here rebel is one of the most well known and respected hobbyist brands on the planet the company has been in business for three quarters of a century and its model kits are incredibly popular with all that in mind it's pretty strange that I have to write this but Revell is now apologizing and pulling one of its products from store shelves after manufacturing a model based on a Nazi UFO that never actually existed the model based on a spacecraft beloved by Nazi conspiracy theorists who believed Hitler and company managed to build incredibly advanced technology and then never actually used it comes in a 69 piece kit complete with box art of the fictional flying saucer waging war against the Allies the issue here isn't so much the existence of the model itself or the fact that it's fictional and Nazi themed Revell makes models of fictional vehicles from a number of properties from Star Wars to halo as well as historical aircraft from all sides of World War two however the documentation documentation and packaging of the model have drawn serious ire for not making clear that the flying saucer never actually existed now I have a real problem with this because the hoanib who actually did exist there are blueprints there's photographs it was built it was tested it was never used in battle but it was created it's not fictional and this is a really biased piece of disinformation here I mean of course it's from the New York Post so it's you can't really respect it a whole lot anyways but I was just so ticked off about the fact that they're calling it a fictional vehicle when I know I've done my research and I've found a lot of evidence that proves that it was real on the other side of this if you live anywhere near a hobby store that sells models I would recommend going out and picking up a couple of these if they're still on the shelves because they're probably gonna be worth a lot of money especially to like people like us and like you know collectors around the world because if this gets pulled off the shelves the the value of it is just gonna go up exponentially so I just thought you guys would find this very interesting because I know I did and thank you for joining me today make sure to smash that like button share and subscribe and we'll see you next time right here on your disease 'dom peace out

3 thoughts on “Famous Toymaker, Revell Co. Apologizes For Selling Model of "Fictional" Nazi UFO”

  1. Pronounced phonetically; "Rah-vell". Auntie used to work for them in the Clerical Department of their East Coast office in Long Island, New York in the 1950's-60's. Employees used to assemble kits for various business reasons. When done with them they got rid of them. Auntie would often bring them home and display them around the house. My favorite was the "Atomic Cannon". To my young eyes the thing looked like it was a yard long!

  2. The extremes that "they" will go to to misinform us never ceases to amaze me. And, now even with a toy replica of something that supposedly never existed…I mean, what are all toys anyway??!! Why would "they" have an issue with the toy, if the UFO never existed?!

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