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DISCLAIMER: hey guys, i took the year out to study art before applying for fashion design degree at university. I am no fine artist, some of my work is fine art based ,however it is not my passion which is why i continually found ways to refer back to fashion design to show the interviewers that i clearly wanted fashion design, but with a decent understanding of art in general to further me in design concept. it was difficult for me to show the work chronilogically as i worked in my sketchbook then on paper back and forth, so if my direction/ theme isnt as clear to you, i apologise! hope you like it anyway!


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so here's the dealio you really wanted this video insert snapshot of all the comments here and of the portfolio of it that I suggested a portfolio video and basically I kind of wanted to do it and by the way disclaimer this is not a show y'all video we will see why we work anyway there's nothing to show off Bosh and it's just basically kind of like an information video because when I was like joy might even start sharing my exams in school or high school for some V and if you're going to kind of art school it's really hard to know what to put into your portfolio and things like that and I know I didn't have a clue and I was looking at YouTube videos constantly and the one thing I noticed was it was either a video showing the work or it was a video talking about the work and there was little videos of to them really together I did see a few ones I had lecturers from colleges are put together but none of the more fashion directed and I just thought it would be nice for me to blow this thing as I'm flying for fashion design and my number one choice is by fast in the United Kingdom and that's north of Ireland if you don't know and so that is what I'm applying for so base key and I'm going to show you the work that I have prepared to apply to that College and I'm currently studying a one-year active design course and where I live and it's a very intense course it's more intense than some like your basic foundation your course from what I've heard it's a bit more of an intense one with the tutors are extremely good I'm very thankful for – because I didn't do art a for my exams at all I never studied art before and so basically I just took this year right to do that and obviously learn as much as I can improve my skills and put together a good portfolio for fashion design and when we first entered we were told pick theme I picked the natural environment which eventually turned into doing animal scars which is a really popular and topic but it was something about it I was interested in I'm not like a weirdo or anything but I just thought there was a lot that I could get from it so my portfolio was based around taking the skull and changing it into different kind of designs different forms and basically just take something that was very like in a very obvious topic and putting my own spin on it so that's what my portfolio was about there's a slight finer side to it and then there's a very textile abstract side to my portfolio so and there's a lot of different directions and there's basically a fashion spin on most of the work especially for where subjects like combine material sculpture and design and things like that and then obviously I do painting and drawing and art appreciation and all those kind ones so they're kind of like a quick showing you what objects I do and basically I'm going to talk to my portfolio on my sketchbook and I'm kind of giving you a guide on her sketchbook as post views know everybody's portfolio sketchbook is going to be really really different so don't think you to go away if you want fashion and do my portfolio you don't if your whole portfolio is like finite base that's fine and fashion design tutors still want to see that when you're assessing your portfolio it's just for me personally I kind of put and what I enjoyed into my portfolio so that's something I want to stress talking let's go straight into the portfolio okay so this is my sketchbook which is an a3 sized one on in the inside of the first page I just paper clipped in my artist statement if you don't know what that is go look it up it's basic basically just an outline of my work the kind of materials I like to use and what subject I'll be focusing on and what I'm trying to do with my work and here was just some early compositional studies in ink and the had nothing to do the skull and this is some work I went back and we did once I knew why I was doing this well it's just like some color and very ugly color way to add and kind of texture color stories and stuff and here we just have some like paint swatches and then you try and mix that colors to color study exercise again again in the same image with just collaging different colors and then here like this is like the first example of a research page that I did once I was doing the scars I wanted to do painting and so I noticed that I look like he's really really good with color and also she kind of specializes in skulls and some of her work is Georgia O'Keeffe and she's a really famous artist and basically it's nice to have these little research pages throughout your schedule just to show that you've and that you research what you're doing and then you're not jumping straight into it without doing any study so here I've just put in some of her work and examples of how she uses color even if it's not to shave the skull and and it kind of her paintings like this one kind of reflects what I'm trying to do throughout my portfolio is kind of teaming the skull and which is way generally ugly with something kind of pushy and colorful and light here I just have some thumbnail size of the skull and two rearranging elements at the stage I was very interested at the teeth and then this went into something I did for printmaking later on here I'm just rearranging the teeth again and again you can see the whole pretty ugly kind of theme it's a really kind of michiel job but it's made into like pretty flower and and here I'm just putting in a small bit of research of textile artist called timber species and they kind of use very and the bogs and plants and stuff in there in their work so and here I've kind of stashed to repeat them so these repeats kind of relate back to the research I was doing here I just kind of put a fashion page in for me I throw my portfolios kind of relating everything back to fashion in some way or form so this is just like a fun thing I did when skirts of the the teeth are supposed to be like a skirt and here I'm just looking at how to repeat the little flower things I did so that was just a fun a page and here is something that I used in printmaking again rearranging the the teeth into kind of this big picture thingy and that looks quite rough but it was actually peace out that I wanted to make an initially that later and here was the start of my combine materials class and it's pretty much like a textiles glassware use fabric and stuff and sewing and stitching and wire work and stuff and so this is just like some exercises we did on texture and whatnot I'm nice they like to think a little bit experimentation just even if you know how to do it effects present so they know that you know how to do too this is just nice and relaxed on inks I'm just carrying it out of the wax some collages this is another experimental page with bleach ink thoughts PV and fabric just different surfaces that we could make and involving inks and bleach and stuff and this was a random page it was again to do going towards a finished piece for project one in my combine materials class and it was looking at like a shirt I'm just putting a skull motifs on it and stuff this is our bleach and ink and crayons and ink and stuff and I'm creating resists on page and this was like an applicator erosion of the previous one write a gate or sold on a pieces of kind of textured paper and you know and again just reflecting the kind of pretty ugly this is a very kind of an solid metal print and stuff and I'm just basically just some fun I'm just stitching into it showing that I've been looking at different stitches and this was the beginning of wire work before we ever did warrior basically just looking at the different kind of the textures you can make using wire and I just have like a little messy of chef in the corner these were just some common ears always kind of do something is every now and again although I'm not really thumbnail II Preston I'd like to do it like on the page of my finished work but this these are thumbnails and that we're going into my project one which I should be showing you in a second is basically taking the shapes from the skull and resizing them rearranging them drawing different parts together and I'm creating these mixed vignettes again just looking at the shirt into this little pocket yolk – kind of reflected some of the teeth I just use kind of coke cans jewels and here again I have another kind of skull page my research here I'm a Perry Mugler and inspiration and my kind of a faint outline of the skull and I change the shape of the how I change into a kind of skirt here I have a kind of a a very crazy looking dress design with em like with the very rooted shoulders and then I was looking at David Coleman who's a designer who's is very kind of rough shoulders and very edgy kind of designs so I put his work in and I also put some balm on up there as well and then I just did this fun a kind of a butterfly painting you know those ones you just fold in half and the paint kind of transfers to this like I just thought it was fun because the skull is quite symmetrical and I wanted to emphasize and the Smashville establish if that's even a word and again always been pushing your nose so seawater here was just a actual nitro piece that I don't the previous design here and I just wanted to test it out and see how it came out just for reference and just to experiment a little bit this is a leather rat here fat material and I painted on to plain fabric with the yellow and here is actually one of the things I got the most work out this was the underside of the skull so if we turn the skull upside down and look at the teeth this is what that was it was just a collage storing on the collar on the shadows that I saw inside the skull and what colors were reflecting off of it and so this was just all little scraps of paper all in struck on and then I did a color study of it or to go into a big painting which you'll see later but then I really liked something about this I just wanted to take it on further so I just did a thumbnail here and I started copying the shape like that's a quite a literal copy but this one is more exaggerated just as you can see I really exaggerated the shapes made it quite and I don't know northward is nicer I don't know but then I inputted autumn/winter colors these colors were seen a lot last and to sit on one or two is in eleven this was docked posing so what I did was I took this and I imported a fashion spin on it so I'm putting autumn winter colors in these designs then I took this design I did a fashion sketch of how I would translate that directly into fashion and I'm actually take I took this out of the sketchbook as well and then I was playing with repeat patterns again with the autumn winter colors and I've a little research of astana McCartney she used a lot of repeat prints and last autumn winter as well and just playing with that shape I really like that shape for some reason kind of reminds me a Batman or something and but this is just lace over theft and then I sold on or appliquรฉd these leather ash bits and I don't think actually came out quite well here just directly sewed onto the leather at free-handed use this using any automatic or a computerized and stitcher then I was repeating it in a different kind of unexpected way I started winding them and basically taking them and creating it into a circle shape so I took this into a painting my swatches are all down here before I decided to paint it in and then here is my research of how I actually went about doing the finished big painting of this and here I'm also doing a little bit of research into an artist a player perspective because I wanted to this painting to really play with perspective on color studies so I've got Beatrice Mel hazy here I've got towner apps here just artists that I'll play with and perspective here I actually kaleidescope the image and and just made a background complement to the colors again using your color wheel and your quarter stare and instead of just like a black background and here I just this is watercolor pencil and I just had a bit of fun change of colors just see what I would look like again including my swatches this was actually one of the chance for a prints that I did luckily we had a transfer press in our which is basically just a big heat press to transfer dice onto fabric so I managed to get my designs and actually put them on fabric I'm using inks and photocopies and stuff which was really fun this was just one that had no home in order to go so I put him in here and again this was just some of the scrap paper that was left behind afterwards and here you might seen this dress earlier on the sketchbook it's basically and we just kind of and researching a frailer I'm doing a little bit of research here into people that do like warrior dresses and warrior work wire artist so here I have some funny she of only she's a seed bringing it if you're into that kind of stuff she also did this you probably recognize this from some fashion magazines so basically I want to do fabric and wire piece this is all gonna be wire and this is all fabric and whatnot have some swatches here with some washers or on some possible warrior techniques and here I've actually recorded the process of me making this and just have it from the very start from when I was pinning it to after it was sewn to sewing all the other bits on I have kind of wire out laying here but it's not finished yet Baxley this is the back panel I obviously the space because it's not finished yet here was a sculpture piece that I started some quarters don't need to go in there but it's just you know my basic sculpture and I'm basically combining my sculpture with some combined materials as you'll see in a second this is an to some research into possible surfaces for my sculpture which is made out of steel by the way this is it from the very start and then this is Meister kobish and then it's starting to go up into construction and and it's not finished yet but I did later in the fabric just to kind of see what it would look like so I just have fabric on one edge of both my sculptures and that was pretty much my sex footage to hide in here last minute closer to Sandoval and mini projects for design and here is just my design brief on arriving my aims and stuff like that like what I want to do in the project here I have a mood board there's some Alexander McQueen on it sincerely brettly with senior Bart Webb and I'm basically I've just taken off the binding this is binding all these sheets together but I've just taken it off so I could spread the sheets a little better and so basically what I did was now it goes from newest to oldest do you think and sometimes you put like the oldest to the newest but I've allowed painterly work and I didn't want to leave it at the end because sometimes the kind of good stuff that you leave the end can can be looked over because when when you kind of get to the end of it again a mini project or a sketchbook so I like to put the best work at the start and and the original work at the back so I started with a study of the squirrel that I did and this was just and one of the pictures of the skull that I had I had more but this is the only one I included in this project my did was basically Tilka the shapes that I was getting from these images and again resizing them enlarging them plus the eye with teeth rounder so you know just different patterns and frenchmen and basically just seeing what shapes that I could come up with from shapes that I found in the skull and then I started looking at like patterns and briefly and then I think this is my mood board or my collar mood board page I picked a color palette and obviously did a little swatches and started testing out some of the colors what they looked like again combining pretty colors with the hairs of the skull and basically just creating something that doesn't necessarily look like it came from the girl but me knowing myself that I did is the important thing and and the way the project reads from the original score' drawings to the finished product these are just some repeat patterns as I was working on repeat patterns I can be back and go into fabric and I can go into like splashes for fabric these are all painted by gouache and it's really really important that you render them really well and to weave any rough edges anywhere and then my little gorgeous mint on the tops that was no no I reminded a mini project to go with that project but I managed to just have a ton of swatches on samples that I had lying around so and this is I kind of made a mini project to in class to complement the previous one and this one is more like fabric and textile orientated here again I was using the transfer press for coffees and psychologic for coffees inking them up and then transferring the dyes over to a piece of fabric so it just kind of gives it the the start of the project a very moody fear and here i was showing out impressions on the transfer press this was a piece of leather ash that actually merged it onto the blanket well I think I kind of like the way it looks it's very textile II and I just really like it and here we have the flower that you see a lot in my work and that was made out of him kind of the jaw shape that I saw in the sky but that was just an a piece of amount for that eye client shape and I laid it on top of the leather before it went into the heat press here just have some washers this was actually meant to be a pocket for something else but I thought it went with this really really well and and my textile teacher we kind of put some of this together so yeah that was page one of the mini project two here I just have a kind of a quick outline of and that project I was showing you earlier but here was an earlier transfer print that I did again using inks and fold copies of my original piece of art and then inking it off onto fabric so this is actually some nylon fabric I think and then the shapes that you see here I didn't want to just plant this on a page on its own so it's actually on a page of something relating to it so here you can see the shape same shape that was circled off so I thought it was nice to kind of put some the original project on again my combine materials teacher kind of short pieces at two dances to do this and I thought it was really really helpful so here I have the piece and then up here it's just showing the same image how can be transferred into fashion and just some quick and pictures of the work I was doing stitched into this fabric as well you would have seen this design in the previous project so again relating or was relating back here I just have the same velvet and I stitched little applique a little lamb leather flowers onto it the flower kind of shapes that came from the skull so it's nice when things aren't random when they've actually come from a source you know draw pretty things all day but if they don't relate to anything it's pointless and here these were random scrap pieces that all actually ended up kinda correlating together quite well and again from a textile textile point of view here was just a shot that I did with some of the teeth II kind of material stitched into this old and scrap piece from my project when this is actually my project one for design but caught up last-minute because my am teacher really wanted me to put it in and this is another stitch piece that I did completely free hand on the sewing machine it took a hell of a long time a couple of hours but is worth it it's basically just the teeth pattern again and and this was sewn into leather Esch and again I have another one of the skull transfers I did with slightly different colors so I have my kind of em the Pink's that are in here also in the pink stitching down here the pink button here so they all coming together here was another actual scrap piece that I had that I still – with red thread last minute and it was a test piece for the previous leather piece and here I was just teasing random colors I actually don't like that color palette but it was too much this one which was just another skull print that I did that was lying around and had nowhere to go so I said I would do a design and to go with it so that was that page this is just like a random print I did that I don't like at all but my leg texture my teachers liked it so they told me to put it in I did it in printmaking animosity craft printmaking but I mean though and this is another printmaking piece that I did I just an inked up page and then like scribbled into I don't even know how to do it but I came out pretty good and you would have seen that at the start of my sketchbook again the teeth the skull everything's relating so that was my mini project – now we get on to the actual like proper portfolio stuff and this was a drawing that I did of so I'm pretty detailed and I think it came out quite well and so that was just fast so then I the drawing leading into painting and this is kind of a color-block test painting I just started the year it's probably the first painting I did it's not supposed to be anyway accurate it was just for color references in montage but basically just eating one drawing or painting into another you would have seen this in my sketchbook earlier which I got a lot of work from this is another painting I did and again looking at the different colors and shadows that I found in the skull those colors aren't made of exaggerated and here is another drawing I did a score which is recent enough as well and took an extremely long time and this is just a random story experiment they like to see experimentation I never used chocks before so I'm basically just kind of these blue and orange shocks because that was the color of the shadows that were in so at the time when I was drawing them it's not a finished drawing I don't know what this is and I can't believe it made it in there because I don't I don't even know why you know it's an unfinished painting and this is another experimentation of drawing aided other drawing that had very little tome in it and but what I did was I just added a little bit more tone than it had and then I obviously started experimenting with acrylic inks which just really watery acrylics and the I've experimented with – again the colors weren't random they were Conor's that I saw in the school this is a very ugly I think painting of Scott I did Bosch and I think you can really feel the fabric Enosh um so I don't know I left it in and this is done with acrylic inks as well so it was like a slightly water color in effect and and yeah so that painting this was another experimentation drawing and it was an always taller drawing they did of the underside of the scroll but then I had these plastic butterflies so obviously they don't look anyway real but it's just for color and experimentation and this is just another old fully finished drawing that I had at home in it this was a painting for a design that I did and basically I was looking at my color theory so I was picking ready black sand ready brian's to complement the green and the blues and push those colors out further rather than just using black as a background because black doesn't really do much for any color so and then this was one of the paintings that I did and that like edge is intentional and it's a long story basically I started learning more that black backgrounds is not what you want you want these kind of nice multi-tone or blacks in the back to bring out the stronger colors and bring these forward and then kind of bring the Osher ring back and but I just kind of like the black as background and this kind of messy edge and I liked it as when I tore off the masking tape and but yeah so basically if you want the middle to be the strongest it has the pewte the colors in the middle have to be the purest and then the outer ring I wanted to push back a little bit so those colors are a little bit more dynamic the blue is dollar than this blue and whatnot and then there's a couple different and multi torn of and stripes kind of like here just to see what it would look like if it was a painting on fabric just to show that it's and it wasn't a painting meant for a flat surface it was meant to be on something that's just a reference to the light hitting it anyone which probably does it and they were onto the last bit of my portfolio which i think is the last of my portfolio which is my life drawings and they're okay I've never done a life drawing before what I did what I was terribly bad at it and I did it in this like really short course I did but then I did improve the laughing layer these are more recent ones than once I had the star absolutely awful but basically and what I learnt in my drawing is that it's not how realistic you made the figure and like in terms of his face and stuff like that it's not about getting him perfect it's about getting the proportions right and making a world around him that's believable in the words of a teacher or that you can step into you like that you can looks like a picture that you can walk into another thing that's closest to you the picture looks like you can walk into it so and yeah that's just my interpretation of it and it's definitely like drawings definite something like huge be since worked into the year a lot of these are unfinished this is an unfinished one but again and his proportions were amazing this is an unfinished one as well again Washington to maintain and unfinished as well and just kind of more of a taller one that was going on there but again is not finished this is a finished one I did again there's a lot of chaos in the background which did take a destroy but it's worth that and it makes picture very believable I think and another one of an early model that we had on Monday and then that's just a random one of my dad that I did kind of only want to start to understand life drawing the better and I added about seven stone on time which is very safe and that's just another a very very early one of our male map of her life drawing as you can see and my drawings improved a lot from like here then you know on to my earlier ones so and I definitely improved a lot and – and that is my portfolio and it's not all of my property I still have work left in school but and the main thing to put into your portfolio is the stuff that makes sense there's no point playing like like flowers in this portfolio that ideas because and like there's like has nothing to do with the scholar so you can leave them out basically your portfolio has to look like one big project and now that was just what all you did because the whole year was about me focusing on my theme it's not going to be like that for everyone because I understand like some veer like in leaving Saoirse in school so not everything's gonna be and theme just going to be kind of whatever the curriculum is like but this is how I did this during my foundation year and yeah guys I hope that helped I hope you and have gotten some kind of insight about how I did my portfolio like I said before everyone's portfolio is different so please don't feel like Hospital annoying or hopefully that mine is wrong look I know it's different but it's what my tutors and kind of wanted to Drago to me and they did so like I said everyone's it's different so please don't judge Andy I hope this helps bias

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  1. Hello , I am a Geologist , and finally I am going to apply to study Fashion Design which is my absolute passion . However , I have poor drawing skills and never even made a portofolio . How can I transpass all my creativity and make them see my talent ? If feels like fire that wants to come out .

  2. You are unbelievably and extremely talented and I'm beyond grateful for you putting this video up. A lot of the videos on Youtube talking about fashion design portfolios don't get this extreme into detail, but this has saved me and will help me out a lot when it comes to the creative process of my portfolio. Keep your chin up girl

  3. Hi! Thank you for the wonderful video. Just a question: when you were applying to university, did you send this portfolio as a physical version or did you scan every single page and send the pictures?

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  7. @Erika Xiah: typically, sketchbooks are just where people sketch for themselves, and portfolios are a montage of the things you've drawn and created, usually used to show your skills, talent, and knowledge to others.

  8. @PetraGreene: well, either you got it, or you don't. Take some risks and find out for yourself, because if you really want to be in the fashion industry, then who's stopping you? You think people like Marc Jacobs just stopped because they were afraid of the people in the industry? No way! You go and rock, honey.

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  10. Hi there! I was wondering where you did all this? Meaning was it in your free time that you did all this art and collected it and put it together into your portfolio or you did it throughout the year at school or with a program? Sorry that wasn't very clear but hopefully you understand what I'm asking!! I just don't understand how people get portfolios together to apply for school! Look forward to hearing back from you! You have great stuffย 

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