Estate Sale Finds Haul #68 – $1,500 Perfume Haul Opium, Karl lagerfeld, Fendi

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what's up how's everyone doing I got a really good perfume / cologne haul right here so I went to an estate sale that was by my house on Thursday and I saw all this stuff was there I saw it in the pictures that's why I went because it's good good quality stuff as you can see the prices on there are fair they're pretty fair but I was a little bit more than I wanted to pay so on the first day I went there on Thursday we did not buy anything and then today when I'm filming this right now it stays Saturday so I went back on Saturday when they do 50% off everything in my house and made sure I was the first one there and sure enough all this stuff was still there so I was the first one to walk in the door grabbed there was a lot more than this this was just the stuff I wanted grabbed everything I wanted and so any all the prices you see on these bottles I got for half off so divide that number by two so I'll try to make this quick cuz I know not all my viewers like perfume / cologne but there's there's a lot of money here so maybe I could teach you something so first bottle right here we have a GN pot o 1000 this is a three fluid ounce bottle spray bottle paid $15 for this it is it's full and with no box this still brings around $100 some people have this on for like 150 140 160 but realistically I always go off the completed listings $100 bottle right here right here is a nice Fendi bottle I'm not sure how you say the name of this one but they had $80 on this so I paid 40 for it it's worth about ninety to a hundred dollars being full I'll probably list it for a hundred with free shipping if you look up that name on there you'll see a lot of the bottles where the black part goes up and down on this side this is the older more original formula this is this is more rare there's not too many of these ones on eBay where the the solid part goes across that way so a little bit better of a bottle than some of the ones that are online oh I'll get to these I was going to these last foot might as well do them it doesn't matter so for anyone who hasn't heard of this this designer company before Karl Lagerfeld I think that's how you say it he actually passed away recently a very famous person all of his he makes a like clothing perfumes might have done jewelry I'm not sure all this stuff super expensive we have the 3.3 fluid ounce 100 milliliter bottles basically basically full maybe sprayed a few times pretty much full anyways got three of them here paid $60 a piece these 3.3 fluid ounce bottles you could go look money up on eBay with no cap these will be a hundred and sixty to one hundred and seventy five dollars each if they had the cap on them we'd be talking 190 to 200 dollars and then if we're talking cap with box you guys go on eBay look these up they get some of them get over $300 with the box for the 3.3 fluid ounce hundred milliliter bottles so this had the cap with the box these guys would be 300 bucks a piece but I'll probably ask 175 for them so I've got three of those really nice really happy about that paid 60 put them on for 175 each Thoreau pretty much full maybe spray the well this one's like these two are really fun I mean this one I don't even know if I was ever sprayed this one may be sprayed a few times but really full still over here we got one two three bottles of opium this is the older style which you need to look out for paid 30 bucks apiece on these all four of them are completely full 3.3 fluid ounce 100 milliliters these you got to look for they're kind of all over the place the labels and packaging on these the pan because it kind of dates them these are I think they late 80s or early mid 90s style that they wrapped them in these full will all be asking probably 85 to 90 dollars each on them even the half-full ones to get 35 40 bucks you could go see plenty of completed listings for the full ones in the 80 to 90 dollar range and like I said these are unused completely full and we got four of them lastly I got one two three four five six seven these are opium forties are big 4.2 fluid ounce 125 milliliter body oil sprays and these go look it up for point to opium body sprays are very her hair there's only like a couple on and they're asking like crazy money for them like 150 $200 one of these sold for $119 completed on eBay not that many of them on you can see these have the YSL caps on them so they're the original formula ones and these are good these are gonna be about a hundred and fifteen dollars a pop look them up briefly but something around these so I definitely see why they priced about forty is because they couldn't find them these are these are this exact ones pretty hard to find but it should be about a hundred and fifteen dollars a pop so appreciate everyone watching hopefully you learn something keep an eye out for these bottles and I appreciate appreciate everyone watching thank you

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  1. Interested to see how you do on these. Last time I bought a ton of perfumes, eBay took down a lot of the listings. If they do, I suggest looking at some of the perfume collector forums I had some success there. Thanks for sharing.

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