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Swhype were commissioned to shoot a series of short masterclass films for Esquire Weekly. This is the third in the series and features tailoring duo Thom & Luke of Thom Sweeney on tips when ordering a bespoke made suit.

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first conversations really important between the tailor and the customer find out where he goes at the weekend what he does for a living and to really try and grasp what he feels comfortable wearing you kind of guide you towards a single breasted a two-button would get the length you know the high armhole is the slim sleeve the nice soft natural shoulder with the rope sleeve that the trousers were pretty deep plain front maybe even add a waistcoat so you've got different looks you can wear with or without the website just give something extra to the look what we try and tell customers is you want to be able to pull this suit out in ten years time and it still looks current for the bespoke it's weak white around 10 to 12 weeks so you'll be in about three or four times in total so the first time to choose the fabric the second time for the first fitting and the third for the final fitting which usually has as tweaks that we do you know when someone gets their suit they walk away that's not a closed shop it's always come back because usually they want to order more anyway which is good for us but it's always get to check on how it's wearing especially the first one or two maybe there's little tweaks and he doing don't try to clean them too much it's a classic mistake it's actually really damaging from the fabric blast chemicals so find a really good cleaners that will take care of it and maybe sponge and press there then overly pressing yourself with an iron you need to put something between the iron and the fabrics it doesn't shine up usually like a great fabric you can just hang up after wearing and after the night the next day or decreases and flop back

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