Esoteric Luxury Haul: Alexander McQueen Nocturnal Handbag, Valentino Astro Couture Boots

Esoteric Luxury Fashion Haul: Alexander McQueen Nocturnal Handbag, Valentino Astro Couture Boots, Dior So Real Sunglasses, Prada Skirt

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My name is Lilith Louise and I have background as a fashion stylist working mainly in editorial and television. I’m a collector of surreal and symbolic themed items and want to help people find their individuality through fashion. I’m thankful for any subscribers or comments as I plan on posting consistently. I’m aware there is a lack of context/intro to this video and I might be awkward compared to how I am in person, but I enjoyed creating this video so much and will improve along the way!

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-Alexander McQueen Nocturnal Print Calf Leather Small Padlock – $1,695.00

-Mini Version

-Obsession Print Tote

-Dior “Dior So Real” Pantos 48mm Sunglasses, Color Blue – $620.00
-Barneys New York

-Saks Fifth Avenue

-Valentino Garavani Astro Couture 100mm Suede Bootie – $2,145.00

-Over The Knee Version

-Prada Spring 2011 Pencil Skirt – Linked one currently for sale (pre-owned) on 1st dibs. – Was Originally $998.00

Necklace I’m wearing (Past Season):
Alexis Bittar Pave Crystal Snake Necklace – Elements – Jardin de Papillon – $795.00

-Neiman Marcus

-Tufted Sofa in video: $4,600.00

Filming/Editing all done by me personally
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-Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
-Lens: Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM
-External Audio Recorder: Zoom H5 with SGH-6 Shotgun Mic
-Tripod: Manfrotto MK055XPRO3-BHQ2 Tripod with XPRO Ball Head and 200 QR Plate
-Ring Light: Diva Ring Nebula LED
-Soft boxes: Interfit Super Cool-lite 6 – 2 Light Kit
-Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CC
hi my name is Lilith and I have a really exciting fashion Hoffy today so first up I have to say I found this Alexander McQueen purse and I don't find stuff like this every day because it's not every season and I swear 2016 has been the best year for anything surreal or symbolic and that's kind of my thing so yeah this is called the Nocturne print and I love the Nocturne print because as you can see it's very nocturnal as in the name it's got shooting stars it's got pearls it's got unicorns it's like very Victorian like cabinet of curiosities shooting star brooches butterflies and yeah I could talk all day about the print but um look at this doesn't that look like the pocket watch that the White Rabbit would be carrying and those look like the Cheshire cats eyes and I kid you not these look like the whiskers of the Cheshire Cat I mean let me know what you think but that's really what struck me about it and the print is very Colitis Copic very symmetrical and it travels all the way down and around there's fragrance bottles goes all the way to the other side it's really a great print and I didn't notice this until I brought it home but this isn't here just for decoration you know cuz McQueen is known for the iconic skull this is actually a padlock and there's two tabs so you can see him right there and so you can take the two zippers they meet in the middle and there's little keys inside of here do you see that those are so cute in themselves yeah and they're hidden in here so this would make like a great travel bag and you can take this padlock and you can lock it and I'll show you the width of it so you can fit like a larger size tablet your phone your makeup and it's very very lightweight this print is going nowhere it's printed on here very nicely the only thing missing is I do wish it had little metal feet I love a good structured bag but I do wish it had those metal feet because of that and yeah the inside has two slip pockets one larger zip pocket and it's got these handles right here see two handles and then it's got this really adjustable it is very adjustable yeah and it's a crossbody so you could wear that crossbody and this is the Nocturne print like I said but it also comes in the obsession' print and you may like that better it's um brighter it's more flamboyant and it has green hummingbirds a tube of red lipstick red lips orange butterflies but it's absolutely beautiful and both these styles are from this season I think they had it going all the way back to the spring and I just didn't want to miss out on it and I'll put links in the description box you can see it this one is sold out on mcqueen website but there's another size that's small there's a wallet size and yeah it's just a great piece and I just can't get over it it's beautiful and I just um when I buy things I guess I stick to that kind of like symbolic theme have these sunglasses and they're called the Dior so real pan toast sunglasses and these are from the season as well I just picked them up they've got this origami folding box see it like folds in three parts it's a hard case like I love a structured bag and I love the structured cases it's very protective and I'll take these out of here and I've never bought do your sunglasses and I'm think I'm gonna be obsessed with these because look at the nose bridge do you see that it doesn't go across the nose and actually that goes across the forehead they are made of metal they're very lightweight very comfortable because of this feature that I'm gonna tilt my head so you can see it maybe if I tilt slowly there's a mirrored effect on the top 1/4 it is turquoise like I said I'll leave the link so you can look at the actual color there's pink purple there's neutrals and I think you'll be able to see it better on the website but the actual like nose pads are blue too so this is like turquoise up here and then the frame is like a darker blue and then like a tortoise over here and it says Dior so real on the inside they're very Dolly Eska looking to me like very surreal and yeah I just love surrealism and symbology as you can see and you're really gonna see that in the next piece um so this wasn't even a planned purchase I kind of just like to go like buy my emotion and what I feel when I'm in the store and I was just really drawn to these they were in the glass case at Neiman Marcus at the bottom of the escalator and I think I just stopped in my tracks when I saw them and let's just get right into these but like even the box has whales it has stars it's got orbits it's got a North node South node if you're into astrology planets you could really display this box and it's got a nice texture to it too to put it on a coffee table put some books with it and yeah let's just get right into this I'm going to set this that American it's just so beautiful oh my goodness okay these boots I'm gonna hold them up so they contrast these boots I've never seen anything like these in my life they are suede to start off very very soft I wish you could feel this with me they're so soft but look at this there's Saturn on here and it's got a moon it's got eyes it's fun and look so there's metallic and some of them are suede so some of the stars are like a matte yellow matte red but then there's like champagne metallic and blue metallic I love boots because I have more like narrow feet and I'll just slide out of pumps I'll slide out of stilettos and these are just much more comfortable to me and you can see there's like a dip in them right here so they really just cage you in they're very comfortable and yeah oh they come in knee-high and the symbols go all the way up but I feel like these are more like versatile anyways I'd like throw these on with a leather skirt or skinny jeans but I know like knee highs are really in right now so check those out I don't think there's like mini left so make sure you check them out they're so fun and like I said the box is even amazing and yeah I have so much stuff to show you guys so those are my three recent purchases yeah I have one more piece to show you look at this so this is one of my staple pieces and the reason I wanted to show this to you is it's very artistic it almost looks like um sketched right it looks like art artistic like with a bold like graphic pin and it's got monkeys on it so it's like comedic and it's got blue they're holding blue bananas and then it's got stripes it's not like that also like theatrical Alice in Wonderland feel that I love this was Prada spring 2011 but it also comes in green and yellow stripes with other colors here for more even like flamboyant look than this but this one I just feel I can wear on a night out it's cotton it's got it's a pencil skirt it's got like this silk lining in here and it's really stood the test of time for me and I just love it so much because doesn't that look like a stay front all the way around very baroque very Rococo looking and I just feel like this stage curtain is gonna come up and Freddie Mercury's just gonna pop out singing innuendo because of the bananas it reminds me of the album cover I'm just like crazy like that I really believe in like having your own like symbolic language to incorporate to any area of your life not just fashion like look at the things you collect what's on your coffee table what music do you listen to like I love to antique shop I love vintage I'm gonna be doing more videos and showing you like my Art Nouveau collections I love Victorian jewelry and like you could see like in the McQueen bag lots of Victorian stuff and so I just like to pull all these elements from my life and put that into how I dress because it really speaks volumes about Who I am so yeah I thought you could get to know me through the symbols I love so if you think you can handle more of this madness please subscribe and yeah comment below anything and everything and until next time keep it surreal

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  1. Hi I love your channel! Have you checked out the Christian Dior Christmas 2018 limited edition lip kit that features a clutch (that the lipsticks are in) and the design is a celestial design with affirming words written all over it? It's sold out at the major luxury stores.

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