Donatella Versace – Vogue Voices

The woman at the helm of Versace, Donatella Versace, reveals why it took a decade to find her voice as a designer, how the internet has changed the way she makes fashion, and what luxury really means (It’s about emotion and desire).

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Donatella Versace – Vogue Voices

40 thoughts on “Donatella Versace – Vogue Voices”

  1. I think Gina Gerchen did donatella the best. I truly admire this women. she inspires me and all women. I wish I could've been raised by her mother and had a brilliant brother like she had. I admire genuis of all types. music like EltonJohn, mathamatical like John Nash who over came the impossible but who also had a strong women beside him.

  2. Donatella, I will design you the most chic jumpsuit one day. Every time I see your high stilettos, I get inspired. Can a stiletto be less than sei or sette inches?

  3. Beautiful woman within yet her mouth looks too abnormal. Maybe it's the over-bite with the fake lips and facelift yet she can really get those lips made smaller and that teeth less large. AND LAY OFF WITH THE RACCOON EYES! TOO MUCH!

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