Dolce&Gabbana Fall Winter 2019/20 Men's Fashion Show

Dolce&Gabbana Fall Winter 2019/20 Men’s Fashion Show.
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ladies and gentlemen good afternoon and welcome to Italy to Milan and to Metropole where the 38 dolce and gabbana fashion show will soon begin the new collection is dedicated to a dream of elegance that we all share the elegance embodied by Leonardo Michelangelo and Bernini the elegance that distinguishes magnificent Florence and romantic Venice opulent Palermo and extravagant Naples dreamy Capri and unforgettable Portofino not to mention Rome the Eternal City of Pope's and emperors the beauty of these incomparable Italian artists and cities have shaped our dreams for centuries this is the elegance of Dolce and Gabbana and now ladies and gentlemen enjoy the show black is the iconic color of Dolce & Gabbana black is sensuality elegance tragedy love and tradition black is the color of colors the purity of these cream-colored garments with their icy yet seductive elegance introduces us to the delectable realm of Sicilian confectionery and if the flavors of Casati cannoli and marzipan are already teasing your palate the creamy shade of jackets coats trousers and jumpers will need a good cup of espresso to appreciate them fully all you have to do is surrender to this incredible variety of delicious sartorial creations Colette's honesty Ezell toffee sooner leave a tip avoid a municipal Army in twill disabled portrait a cozy finalmente mostrar La Batre stravagant e colecciΓ³n ET an le pass Tony a pen a case oh no Annika come avoid gold gold and more coal brilliant brocade outfits compete to Sparkle with their own light each garment is covered with precious decorative motifs that pay homage to some of the most extraordinary masterpieces of Byzantine art in Italy the Basilica of San Marco in Venice the Basilica of San Vitale in Ravenna the Cathedral of Morreale in Sicily the Palatine Chapel in Palermo and a passion that the workers of the time have put into making each mosaic is the same that inspired the creation of these exclusive suits ripped velvet is one of the undisputed protagonists of the show the love for this fabric has its roots in the DNA of Dolce & Gabbana which since the early years of its history brought it to the catwalk and recognized its rightful place in the spotlight the choice of this fabric was inspired by the ancient tradition of wearing ripped velvet by the Sicilian landed aristocracy both the roar of the engines and the thunder of hooves provide unique sensations through which one can rediscover true freedom for those who love adrenaline and pushing things to the limit whether on the racetrack or in life we've created special leather garments to accompany the jockey and the driver across each new finish line the tempo libero cause app you comfortable in kendo sorry omal unocal dokkan elegant mo TV geometric she MA attenzione in tempo bank yesterday insidious melio quindi you CLE de caza simply mone today on Bradley Pratt Ichi Matt glamour Kitty repair and no that totally / to bat Sione ANCA cuale improv easy aim privity what P will open the secret treasure chest of a man's vanity the blue of the agate the purple of the amethyst the yellow orange of amber and the brown of the tiger's eye are the colors of the precious Velvets that epitomize the most extravagant eccentricity the lucky man who will wear one of these sartorial jewels will be able to assert that he possesses a treasure no false modesty necessary who hasn't dreamt of being a star sparkling against the darkness of the sky to satisfy this desire brocade suits with jacquards of colorful stars illuminates the imaginations of those who dare to dream and let's not forget that it is none other than the stars that help us to divine what the future holds for us change everything without changing anything every one of us at least once in our lives has dreamed of playing the role of the Prince of Salina or tank ready to become Agata Pavel the black tail coats worn with a white best take us back in time to the cultured sophistication of Sicily's high aristocracy for the most extravagant personalities who refused to renounce their eccentricity even when playing outdoor sports we propose sequined knitwear it's glitter and glow will help to warm up any atmosphere wherever you are with the most classic fabrics of the Italian sartorial tradition our tailors have created coats jackets and trousers with an extraordinary cut their expert hands have skillfully sewn the herringbone the Prince of Wales the hounds – in these splendid suits manual technique and creative flair are perfectly combined knitwear also plays an important role with its black and white contrasts particularly with regard to trousers Sara in Fortunato soprano HIPAA trust forger a luminosity arcane LeMay interim entity carotid emotive is Lily Josie Kereopa for those who want to stand out in the most exclusive ski resorts or in the city when temperatures plunge precipitously behold this wonderfully warm selection of sheepskin outerwear but the Milanese fashion house has also thought of those who cannot do without a tailored garment feast your eyes on these jackets with refined patterns in tongue certain relief will we be able to wait until next season to wear them marvelous suits in brocade with inlaid floral motifs accompany soft supple coats in baby alpaca splendid roses vibrantly hewed blossom on impeccably cut jackets while the austere elegance of the most prized wool promises protection against next winter's chill LJ's santaguida la sua eleganza sophisticated non Lhasa surah / k ah Alice Paul a una grande Astoria the Ephesian Otto Sartori Ali the opulence of the Farokh shines again in these exclusive garments entirely embroidered with floral decorations it is a triumph of gold and vanity for the man who is always looking for a distinctive style that sets him apart from others and who isn't afraid to be the center of attention the delicate interweaving of golden leaves and flowers recalls the high and low reliefs of the freezes which can still be admired today in the most exuberant Baroque architecture of royal sicily la dolce vita what could be more iconic an irresistible black tuxedo impeccably cut accompanied by a dry martini the magnetic allure of its clean essential lines and timeless elegance instantly attract every gaze no matter the setting not to mention the Italian style immediately recognizable for its glamorous aura of Latin Lover which has never ceased to seduce both the eye and the imagination elegance is epitomized in the graphic cut of these highly sought-after outfits dominated by the harmonious contrast between black and white the two colors are opposites that attract and enhance each other the attention to detail that has always distinguished the wonderful sartorial creations of the fashion house becomes almost obsessive in these garments the contrasting edges of the lapels and pockets are the quintessence of a sophisticated style that will satisfy even the most discerning customers the grand finale of the show is an explosion of sequined embroidery that illuminates jackets trousers coats robes and jumpers like the incredible pyrotechnics of the great Italian festivals and parties that immortalize the enchantment of the night join us in this dream of the new fashion that we will wear ladies and gentlemen this is the Dolce and Gabanna eleganza Fashion Show for winter 2020 we are certain the weather will be cold next winter so you can wear the entire collection you

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