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definitely dabbled around asking people who like were thrashed I'm like yo do you like kin-yuen skate and like no I never even tried to scam him like yo what's going on everybody andrew funk from the flung rows here and welcome to another episode a fungos on the street as you guys may know there are two main centers of street wear and fashion it is New York City in Los Angeles and today I'm on Fairfax AB in LA today I'm gonna be going from Fairfax which is known for street wear to rodeo known for its luxury brands in recent years a lot of stru wear brands have been collaborating with high-end luxury brands and their fashion worlds have been merging I'm gonna be asking people about what they're wearing if you got to know your street wear history in order to wear it and I'm gonna be quizzing people on their knowledge of the hypest brands to see if people really know what they're talking about so a lot of people think that you have to know about street wear brands in order to wear it and be true to the culture or since it's just fashion and you got the money to buy you can just wear it and it doesn't matter I'm here to ask two different markets of people from Fairfax to rodeo and see what they think big shot at the stock extra sponsoring this video it is the easiest way to buy and sell your brand new hype gear I mean it's just overall a useful tool in general and it's free so check it out if you guys have not heard about it and also I'm doing a crazy giveaway with stock X at the end of this video so be sure to stay tuned but for now let's go find out what Fairfax thinks could you describe your outfit real quick what you're wearing and like how much each piece might cost I'll fight Presto's maybe like seven eight hundred the jeans or maybe like three hundred bucks t-shirt right now nas-tee supreme 350 a couple rings Chrome Hearts Gucci rings three four five hundred apiece we're about the bracelets maybe like a thousand about what you got your teeth don't race it Hey they're like six seven grand you try to get your grill straight for the actual grill a hundred percent yeah No Fax course I got to start off with the Gucci shoes down here you know it cost me a check got the hmm pants like $60 guest row right here gold watch vintage ring the grill and the grill how much that grow cuff pretty expensive that EXO beep lab I just bought this two days ago I think yeah what you got in the back I got some babe I got a hoodie in the bag from supreme how much you drop today you can do it in Norwegian dollar Chronos maybe about $550 this time today to wear hoodies like this one but adharma Thetis and mike store it cost about $50 I think and this one is $60 in Norway do you guys ever use stock X the app did you wash it with that yeah because kids won't clam it like oh that's fake do you think people have a responsibility to know about the brands that they're wearing like know the history and some facts and stuff like that or is it just fashion and they can do whatever they want pressures they should know where it's coming from like the meaning behind it I don't think you have to have a responsibility but like if you're gonna spend $500 on the t-shirt you should know why you're paying that much money for it Trajan no the Koch are late today extend they should know a little bit about it she's normally quite a bit you can't just like buy and then wear and then China they fit in they really into it you know like the history about it you shouldn't want to represent like whatever brand you're wearing you do you like style what you want and if you can afford it the good personally I want to know about what I'm buying but for them they just trying to show that it's like a status symbol at the end of the day I know what I'm wearing so I do me at the same time you know I mean you have your international ballers who just come here and spend hella money so don't care about the price I'll buy it if they like it do they have to know about the history not really here they don't they don't care I think fashions fun it's your style and whatever you want to wear and I don't think anyone should have a say in that no just fasten my that's all I can say so people can't afford and they steer try to get it you know saying just cause you try to steer with the fair people should shouldn't press you too much on it but at the same time if you've decked out head to toe with a hat to the sock shoot give me a street give me a name man I skate and I've been wearing a skate wear for like the longest time and now it's like a sort of a fashion whatever you wear I feel like you should know at least something about it then like if you get called out on it then you just look dumb and you're just literally that's how you expose the people are doing for the height definitely dabbled around asking people with like were thrashing and I'm like yo do you like can you even skate and like no I never even tried to scam like it's for the hype he's just like that's the disturbing part this is a group quiz I think between you guys you guys are gonna win this who is Jerry Lorenzo I don't know met Jerry really short I thought he was taller dear God guy here at God cratering director creative for God clear fear God what do they call runners in England spoiler you were in England that was anyone you in England I can't remember trainers trainers where does the brand vans come from who did LV recently hire as their men's artistic director Rob Lowe does anybody ever say you look like Safari [Laughter] JoEllen beat yes it's bonus points do you know who that his predecessor was the guy before Kim Jones what day of the week two supreme drop do you guys know the designers name of the famous Jordan 11 who design the Air Jordan 11 Michael Jordan Tinker Hatfield thank you who started bait she's not like quite a bit she can't just like buy and then we're and then China they fit in she's normally quite a bit smart using math amazin dude I'm gonna go over there do you know who started bait this is the name nigo we go his name is Nico right these guys are the history no you wearing babe now i'ma tell you you know who started bate you go me go Japan like what 1993 what inspired this Balenciaga t-shirt Hillary Clinton Oh Tinker Hatfield said the Air Jordan 11 was inspired by a lawnmower did you guys shop Rodeo Drive yet it's expensive maybe Rodeo is like a theme park not even like real whereas this is more like this feels more like home have you guys shop there would you shop there no probably like to check it out yes checking it out okay I'm walking see what's going on at least even if I could afford our police riding the same hype train I caught you guys out on Rodeo Drive this is like luxury brand central I feel like I'm in I got transported into a different world slash tax bracket oh you got would you guys say you guys are into street wear like you got a brand like you follow it you know something about it definitely loves to be wearing one of my friends works for grilled so I spent a lot of time like with Hema what's the main difference between the people that you saw Roadeo versus the people on Fairfax I mean Fairfax the more like like young you know just like hypebeast I get some stuff over here it's more upscale rosedale's like hollywood II I mean brew day is more higher-end it's it's way more luxury if you want like Gucci Louie Vuitton but if you're gonna like Fairfax or Melrose it's more street wear day with more to focus on labor selling is it a responsibility of theirs to really know the brand and know like the facts behind it and stuff like that in order to wear it or are you more on the side of like yo it's fashion they can do whatever they want people I don't expect people to know my brand and wear it just because they know I think it's Borgess fashion knowing about it is dope and it like definitely makes like the item more meaningful for you if you like it it's not that deep this is close I disagree I think like it's a part of who you are like if you're like rockin this type of style that's like tells you who you are as an individual you know what I mean like people see you and you're like oh you're rockin you know like Bruce Lee and and whatever you rock and that's what your style you know on because it was like the top of my drawer I was just chilling I just threw a t-shirt on you don't I mean is it someone wrong for a sue me like you know a lot about Bruce Lee was Bruce Lee born I don't know where he was born you shouldn't be wearing where is he buried oh I don't know yeah I think if you know it better but it's not it's for fashion I'm happy all right Trevor I wanted you to talk about your outfit real quick like how much it generally costs you know $1,000 for a hoodie so and maybe like 700 for the shoe from China Shanghai casual outfit man I'm wearing some J Brand Jeans I got the pw's a vintage Bruce Lee shirt that's it some easy song about three something PacSun pants by 7d hoodie on from I don't even know what it he's from honest and then got some black pyramid about 35 online that's Chris Brown's brain right yeah does anybody ever say you look like Chris Brown is it Tyga / Chris Brown yeah hoodie straight from supreme cost me like 170 after-tax and on New York got that 8% tax whatever Oh kif Cobra's 70 bucks wherever kid adidas wearing some adidas right here D distract pin the feet I got the triple black Japan fire Japan tag so the item DS but not easy to find anymore they came out last year so like 300 Lululemon joggers hundred bucks sing Lauren like sneakers about 500 bucks kind of been known people have been talking about it in fashion and industry where that a lot of the people who are buying the high-end stuff are Chinese now some people do kind of like poke fun it you know some of the Chinese before the Asian people who are buying it yes Lee I've heard like many people talking about that but I don't care how do you feel when you buy a Balenciaga swing I don't I don't care about a price I don't know if it fits me of course like everyone wants to be able to get so if there's a sweater that fits me well I don't know I just don't care about the price you suck it you use it you use stock expert shoes like I'll fly cross over with who is the creator of supreme who is Jerry Lorenzo sure God the designer for who did Louis Vuitton recently hires their men's creative directors I forgot Virgil habla yeah Virgil a blow who designed the Jordan 11 along with a lot of other famous Jordan John see it wasn't Austin Tinker Hatfield who started vaping were they from needs or nigga nigo you guys see this Balenciaga design before yeah it looks like presidential campaign cold Cola political yeah I know I think it's like Bush maybe that'd be my guess Bernie Sanders what would they call those in England tennis tennis trainers yo everybody thank you so much for watching that episode of Fung bros on the street talk to so many people and here are my major takeaways when it comes to being knowledgeable about the brands that you're wearing most people said that at the end of the day is fashion so you can wear what you want to wear but you should know about the pieces that you specifically have on and the ones that you bought however there definitely were some traditional people who were not happy about how little knowledge people had about certain brands this after quiz and people out on Fairfax and Rodale I can tell you that the people buying street wear right now do not know everything about street wear and point number two so traditionally sri where does seem like one of these cultures that you kind of had to know the history based on the responses I got the people buying Street where did not know a lot of the basic facts so I would definitely say guys if you're gonna spend about five hundred dollars on a sweater you probably want to know the history of that company point number three a lot of the people that I met on Fairfax they actually do not go to Rodeo Drive at all but I would say a lot of the people that I ended up meeting out on Rodeo have been to Fairfax either way the culture is pretty different but definitely out in rodeo man it feels like I'm in a whole nother planet like like Asgard or some other palate it's a different world okay and lastly big shout out to stock ex for sponsoring this video without them this couldn't happen so please check down below for the instructions to a crazy giveaway through stock X I'm gonna leave the instructions right there in the description down below definitely check it out if you guys have not used stock X before it's free check out the app it's a website it's a great tool market prices for street wear for hype gear buying and selling brand new stuff it's all verified so definitely check out stock X if you get the chance alright everybody and this is for you do you need to know about the culture the history the founders the people who started it in order to wear street wear authentically or is it just fashion you guys let me know in the comments down below I want to hear your thoughts thank you so much for watching that video I hope you guys enjoyed this subscribe to my channel give it a thumbs up and until next time everybody I'm out peace I need you look at people like Kanye West years ago people be like yo you lookin crazy it was wearing the skirt this kilt and then Justin Bieber jumped on that twenty twenties right around the corner we all about aware kills kills on Fairfax coming soon

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  1. Looks like shit.
    im only wearing $8 long shirt and $10 black long pants with $120 gold tone watch, lookin like a baller. Invest on your body and mind, not your outfits!

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