DIY Sweater Design Cutting Ideas! DIY Sweater / Sweatshirt Reconstruction

Which design is your favorite?! DIY sweater design or DIY sweatshirts and sweater reconstruction! I’ve got 4 DIY sweater cutting ideas that are super quick and easy to make to turn your old sweaters into cute ones perfect for spring fashion! There are no sew designs and some with light sewing. Which one will you try?

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hello my Valentines how are you guys I hope you guys are having an amazing week so far I have an amazing DIY for you so if you weren't having an amazing week now you'll have an amazing DIY to make your week of me okay yeah thanks care mad cuz I was kind of falling apart right there um yes Oh before I get started some people were asking me about finding me on Instagram in Facebook and I generally post the links to find me but they're sometimes buried in the description box so it would be so awesome if you guys haven't already if you would follow me on Instagram and Facebook and even Twitter that's the best way for you to talk to directly to me because I respond pretty much to every comment and every question that I get springtime is here yeah I know it's so exciting so I thought a perfect thing to do was to grab a bunch of these these are sweaters sweaters that I had piled in my closet now from wintertime and I thought it would be great to transition some of our sweaters into things that we can wear for spring and maybe even summer each of these looks are gonna take you five to maybe ten minutes to pull off all right yeah hopefully hmm there's a blimp yeah get the sweatshirt DIY it Oh go girl oh that was the worst I didn't get cameraman support on that one so why are you still watching me I don't know go to the tutorial bed okay taking a sweater I'm going to cut down this top of the seam for the shoulder and partially into the arm you can cut as far into the arm as you want to that I'm going to take a ribbon and cut it into two equal sections now you want to sew right sides together there's a right side and a wrong side the wrong side of your sweater would be the inside of it same with your ribbon so by sewing right sides together when I flip the ribbon over it's going to be the correct side showing just like that and the seam that you sewed is tucked underneath and will not be showing so you're going to do this to both sides of where you cut along the neckline and then all you do is tie that ribbon in a pretty little bow over your shoulder how beautiful is that you can tie it as tight as you want or as loose and again cut the arm as deep as you want let's do a weaved back sweatshirt so I am first going to cut out the entire back portion of this old sweatshirt and I'm going to be making strips out of it that I am going to reattach in a weaving pattern so I'm cutting off the bottom strip there because it's different than everything else and then I'm just going to measure off about two and a half inch segments to make the strip's you can make the strips as wide or as thin as you want to and you can make as many as you want to I am making six for this design once I get all those cut out I'm going to lay them on to my sweatshirt in the pattern that I want to I'm doing a diagonal pattern and I'm going to have the inside of the fabric showing on one way and the other strips are going to be the outside of the fabric once again we are going to sew right sides together that way when I flip the strip over the correct side that I want exposed is showing so just do a simple stitch there and so now I actually have the interior fabric of my sweatshirt exposed on the outside for the strip again flip it over for the other side so I'm connecting diagonally from the neck to underneath the armpit of the opposite arm and there is my first strip and then I'm going to lay out the second and the third and so those in place now I have my first three strips now I'm going to lay in the weaving so going to the opposite neck I'm going to stitch my strip there and then I'm just going to weave it under over and underneath the strip's that I have in place and so that directly across repeat this for all of the strip's you can create any kind of weave back design you wanted to mine is alternating under over under for each strip I hope that makes sense but it's really simple to do and you can get really creative with it next I'm going to do a pretty lace weave so I'm going to measure the center of my sweater here and I'm just going to draw a diagonal line from about the middle all the way down and I'm going to cut all the way up that line you can cut all the way close to the neckline if you want or not cut as which is totally up to you then I'm going to measure about four inches at an angle and draw another angle from the center line I cut this is basically forming a triangle that I'm going to cut out I did this on both sides it's just an even way for me to get a nice triangle by starting first with doing a center cut once that is removed I'm going to place a mark right above where I cut and then equal lines with some chalk on either side of the triangle that I just cut out these are going to be my marker places now for the top line I'm going to make two snips on both sides of that top mark this is where my lace is first going to weave in you want to think about this as if you were lacing a tennis shoe that's basically what we're doing to the back of the sweater these are the little lace holes that your laces would go through so for the top I'm feeding one side of my lace all the way through and I'm taking the other end and feeding it through the opposite little hole that I snipped in there and that gives you a nice starting point then I'm going to take one end and weave it underneath through the next hole and I'm going diagonally across to the second hole down I'm not going through straight across I'm going diagonal again we're thinking like a tennis shoe here and I'm just zigzag hang it under over under over and then I take the opposite side feed it through its hole and do the same thing with the remaining holes that I left and it's like a choo in the back of your shirt I love this look it's really simple to do again this took me about five minutes but it is just beautiful and a great way to transform something and lastly but probably the easiest I'm going to do a stripped back sweater so I took a measuring tape and I am just marking off about two inch increments on the back of my sweater if you had a marker you could use that as well if you didn't want to use pins to mark it off either way I just thought it was easier for me to use pins instead of marking up my white sweater then I am just going to cut from end to end all the way across the back of this sweater I'm just making little strips and do not cut all the way through you want the strip's to remain attached then you have all of your little strips make sure you remove the pins of course that you can literally leave it just like that and have it open back or right underneath the armpit in the back I'm cutting a little hole and I'm going to tie a ribbon around it I actually switched to black when it's finished but this little ribbon is a way to kind of tie the sweater together and hold the ends in place as you see here make sure your scissors are nice and sharp mine were little dull so it kind of made the sweater a little jagged but I still think this is super cute all right did you have a good time making sweaters yeah cameraman had a good time he's getting his little knitting fingers all together I had to get my hair out of my face because my hair was just not cooperating yeah yeah cameraman wakes up with a good hair day and a bad hair day at the same time every day we are talking about bunch of stuff that you just don't care about I don't know why I have this southern accent today oh boy Who am I channel these Southern Belles out there you can slap me later I have last week's giveaway from our super fun Sports chic fashion video over here that video was so much fun to make I hope you guys have seen it and I hope you guys have seen my spring fashion short film that camera Manning I created two weeks ago because that is probably my favorite piece that we have done so far and so many of you guys are saying that that's some of our best work and thank you so much I just want you guys to know thank you so much for those comments for this week's giveaway ah you know what I'm going to do something different I'm going to host the giveaway on my Instagram so you can find me here Instagram at Spanky Valentine and leave me a comment I don't care what it is just leave me a comment I'll have a photo associated with this video I guess me in this dress so look for this photo and leave me a comment and I'm gonna select the giveaway winner from the comments on my Instagram this time that'll be fun change yay yay yay it's Instagram lubbers bloopers maybe I need to post bloopers again on my my spanky Valentine YouTube channel would you guys like me to react the bloopers again I haven't done that in a long time alright I'm getting out of here um because it's that time and you guys have had enough I love you so much I will see you next week another video every Thursday we're posting him right here you guys know that I love you smooches bye

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  1. I really liked ur video & thought all of ur ideas wer super cute! I liked the criss cross blue sweat shirt the most. The white sweater was a very cute idea but unfortunately idk if a sweater wud fare so well after b'n cut. I believe it wud unravel & end in the trash. But it's gud 4 1 wear 😃

  2. This look like great ideas. I bought a dress that is too tight do you think I could incorporate one of these ideas? i realize it would probably only go to the waist. So any ideas from there?
    Thanks Angie
    And thanks for sharing keep up the awesome work!

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