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Fragrance Review Dior Sauvage EDP

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what's up guys this is Jeremy and this is my camera focus okay yo siwash or the perform as usual I got the latest reactions guys you can expect them to be good let's not make a big mystery out of this this is a great release your siwash or the puffin is a great release we have do Sirach cool spray which is the most zingy the most piercing fresh lemony we have the order to elect dose of ash which has a bit of everything and this one do siwash order puffer which is the most peppery the most mature and the longest lasting of the three but just by a pinch long-lasting this just last like 10 percent longer than the order to a light but you know this one already lasted forever so usually when I do my sprays my performance tests comparing this frames with this fragrance after five six hours like quarter of the day the fragrance is gone and I can test the next fragrances already with this one almost all day has always passed by until I was done with my performance test but I have to say the Eau de Parfum was always just a pinch longer-lasting than the order toilet okay so cool the order puffer do so Vash does last a little bit longer than the order toilette good let's see the lady's reactions let's go so what do you think about this one right here is this sexy or not it's more sexy I like is it very sexy very very sexy okay so how would you rate it from 1 to 10 10 Wow definitely 10 and you have no idea what is this no why do you this is the new order perform yourself well awesome real awesome reaction for you Thanks all right so this is the fragrance guide I'm going to give this to each one of you okay so one two three okay so thumbs up one two three all so overall very positive okay would you like to smell this fragrance on a man or not is this fragrance sexually appealing if a man would wear it that's the question it doesn't have to smell clean and fresh whatever the main criteria is it sexy okay so please don't influence each other just make your thoughts about it and on three we have your opinion okay you got your opinion so one two three okay overall good do you really like it you also really like it was like ten out of ten or eight or nine so this is your Sahaj Oda perform the brand-new or the puffer good ladies reactions just as expected great what about the compliments I've worn this now for a good week and the compliments have been easily above average definitely top ten most complimented fragrances worthy but not top five and below so I have to say I did get much more compliments back in the days when I had Joseph osh order to let the compliment ratio is about on the same level as with Giorgio Armani aqua dijo Profumo what is my recommendation for you alright so for a mature man I could see this better than the Eau de Toilette because it is more mature it is more masculine because of that pepper vibe versatility wise definitely the order puff toilet is better all right the original order toilet is better in the versatility category obviously it's more fresh while still having fantastic performance which is also good enough for cold weather yeah and complements just as I said below the Eau de Toilette but this could be because the scent DNA is a top seller since two years all right so that's already it that's Joseph Ashe or the puffer on its own this would be a fantastic fragrance but if you're compared with the auditor that I still have to think that this is the more complex more well-rounded fragrance because it has so much more facets but that's just my opinion that's also if you compare column with column intense pair alarm is unbeatable but column intense on its own would be fantastic that's also when you say avatar is a fantastic movie if this one will have a sequel it probably will also be fantastic but will it be as good as the first one will be that great so this is what I want to tell you guys okay so that's it thank you very much for watching that's do so much Eau de Parfum I will do an extra video about a comparison cool spray or the toilet and or the perform which actually is the best one don't take this video too serious I don't want to say 1% this is better or this is worse this was just my introduction for you for the dose of ash or the perform thank you guys for watching love you peace [Applause]

41 thoughts on “Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum”

  1. Im not saying the scent is bad or anything, I just cant justify paying for this.Longevity was poor for me. After 2 hours the scent was gone.Projection was ok. Definitely could have been better This scent is compared to others like Dylan Blue, Prada Carbon and Aqva Atlantiqve. In my opinion, either of those are a better option than Sauvage

  2. I absolutely love this frangrance. My previous boyfriend would wear it all the time and it smelled so great, so I was a little sad when we broke up because I thought I'd never get to smell it again. But then I realized one of my coworkers wears Sauvage as well! So now I get to smell it all the time. Lucky me!

  3. I politely disagree… I tried this cologne and absolutely hate it… It's almost $100 and smells like a cheap $20 cologne you'd smell through the streets of Puerto Rico coming off old men playing Dominos. That is my review.

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