DID I GET THE JOB | DAY IN THE LIFE! Hey guys!! In today’s video, come along with me as I interview for a job. I had two interviews and the second interview was a two part interview. I want to thank all of you again so much for all of your prayers for me and my family! They have truly meant the world to me! Thanks so much for watching! If you are new I would love to have you subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss out on my videos! I appreciate each and every one of my viewers and I love you guys so much! XOXO #dayinthelife #didigetthejob #ditlvlog

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hey guys so I am on my way to my first interview today I didn't have time to show you guys the government it's Emily normally the pair would wear my friend who's an HR in HR told me that this is good let me have my makeup on Mike I hope it's not too much I did just my normal everyday every day yeah I'm nervous as heck sweating my crazy feet are thick and I was like running around the house like a chicken with its head cut off cut off I hope you guys can hear me over this bear it's just it's so hot it's 94 outside I know it's going to be like the birth of good today but yeah I have not driven more than like five miles from my home like so I'm definitely super friggin nervous like I'm so freakin nervous thank God we got the arrow the y'all I don't do well left bureaus for our left-hand turns I'm going on the interstate I'm freaking out like legit so you guys had anxiety what I'm talking about I can't wait to show you guys what I am wearing like I said it's definitely not something that I would normally wear but I actually really like it it's just like and out that I would totally wear by the way like you know I haven't been on an interview and I can't tell you when and I went to a business school so business schools they teach you like you're not suppose you are not supposed to interview in an outfit like this you are not number one number two you're not supposed to carry a folder like this for your resume especially not one that says freezer meal but at least it's a little more professional looking because it could totally just be me like bringing in the paper like the papers for myself so I'm gonna go ahead and go in here wish me luck I will keep you guys updated on whether I get the job or not of course but I love you guys and I will talk to you afternoon okay so excuse the unmade bed but this was my outfit oh yeah I personally y'all do not do what I did I mean if it's like a temp agency maybe you could wear something like this which is what it was but yeah I personally would not first of all the jeans are too well not they're not jeans they're black pants but they're a little too tight they almost look like leggings and this shirt is kind of professional but then it's kind of not because the back was like see-through so I had to wear a white shirt underneath which actually wasn't bad and then this part isn't like exactly professional either y'all see my right ass blue girl yeah but this shirt was from that hall that I did Coco Mia believe I can't remember how you pronounce it then these pants I actually y'all I do not have anything like literally legit I have nothing to wear to an office literally nothing because I had to borrow these pants from my mom I don't even have black pants and me and my friend we're going through my Instagram cuz I was like girl it's easier for me to go through my Instagram that it is for me to go through my closet so I'm going through my Instagram and I'm just like yeah none of this works none of this works and then she was like um you're a little sexier than I thought you you dress the little you dress a little sexier than I thought you said I was like yeah I'm telling you none of it works so anyways this is a shirt these pants are from torrid and these are just some Tory Burch flats which again I would not recommend that you wear flats to an interview now let me tell you about the interview hold on Mammalia comfy on the couch what's on my screen okay y'all ready for this story no no y'all should already know by now that every time you talk to me there's some kind of story that y'all are gonna hear alright y'all want to know what happened today so okay first of all the interview let's talk about the interview I get there it's like 10 to 12 the interviews set for 12 o'clock and it's out of Starbucks the interview went really well she told me she's like what's your availability to interview this week and I told her so it looks like I'm gonna have an interview this week with them but let me tell you what happened when I got into my car after I was done with the interview many you guys can probably already figure it out let me also tell you by the way my car didn't start my car did not start last Friday so I've had to replace a some kind of switch what the a starter switch or something like that it was a $40 part my oldest brother came over and he fixed it for me I'm so thankful for that of course he didn't charge me but y'all literally it's like one thing after another after another with this car so I had literally just changed the switch thing I told you already told you already about my hair told you guys any new tires told you guys about the check engine light I get in my car and I don't have air y'all I have that had it with this car so just keep me in your pairs I was like you've got to be kidding me when I got in my car in my air wasn't working I'm like it's literally one thing after another after another with that car and I'm over it y'all I'm so over it though I'm gonna go ahead and go eat my lunch start working I need to film and edit and then respond to comments so I will see you guys later on hey guys so you girl got the interview at the company and I am freaking out so much because I've been in contact with the guy at the temp agency and he's been saying that people are saying that this interview is really intense it's a two-part interview and your girls nervous like I am NOT gonna lie I am extremely nervous I have about 10 minutes to kill so here I come out on here but yeah I got the I guess kind of real interview for it not the real interview but you know the interview with the actual company and it's a two-part interview the first interview is going to be going over my resume and asking questions and all that kind of stuff and if you move on to the second part of the interview that's going to be with two people and they ask those behavioral questions like okay tell me about a time you're with a customer and they were really alright what did you do how'd she handle it oh so I was preparing as much as I could last night but yeah wish me luck you guys I definitely went much more neutral with my makeup in this interview I literally just did like mix like four light Browns together and put into my crease and on my lid and I did my eyelashes and I try not to put as much mascara on them I did do a little bit of smoke underneath my eyelash line and I went fairly understated I feel with like the highlight the contour I forgot when I was doing the first one I mean the highlights there but it's not as intense but I was like that's how I normally do my makeup so when I went to the last interview I was like oh crap this is a little too much highlighter for like everyday you know like normal life not YouTube life not camera life I did definitely go a little bit neutral more neutral and I will show you guys my outfit when I get back it's the same shirt but the pants are different the bottoms are different and then I'm gonna have to wear a blazer in this scorching 97 Alexa what's the temperature outside let's see what it is right now it's 83 degrees Fahrenheit Oh 97 degrees hmm so it's not that bad out right now the humidity is still obviously very high I mean I'm literally sitting in my home that's like 72 degrees and I'm sledding let's do this y'all let's get this job I am going into this interview I'm literally I've literally been looking at myself in this mirror going just like this you've got this you've got this you have amazing skills you're multifaceted you've done this you've done accounting work you've done YouTube work you've done calling work like you have so much amazing experience and you've got this by the way I wanted to tell you guys cuz I'm figuring I'm thinking a lot of you are gonna ask what I'm wearing on my lips so I'm wearing this lip pencil from NYX and the name of this is ridiculous it's slide on glide on stay on and definitely a turn-on waterproof extreme color lip liner and then it says this lip liner is so good the name had to be this long but it's in the color nude suede shoes which is sll p14 and then this is colour-pop this is one of their the cut the writing is all like off on the two but it's there like one of their liquid lips and it's in the color MIDI and on top of that combo I have this which is the Sarah HAP be lip slip one luxe gloss this gloss is very thick goopy and sticky but I like it because it stays this combo will stay for hours and hours and hours and it looks amazing and actually the more it wears I feel it more amazing it looks so huh I'm like should I leave now how appropriate how like how how early is too early like I feel like 15 minutes is too early and I don't want to sit in my car with the air running with the risk of it going out so I don't know and don't you yeah I'm gonna sit here for a few minutes try to cool off and I will see you guys when I get back I will know I should know something today on whether I got the job or not so fingers crossed what do you guys think comment down below right now and let me know if you think I got this job or not and I'll see you guys in a few hours so I totally bombed y'all like I did so awful like it could not have gone worse it was awful I'm just kidding it was amazing did I get you guys there for a minute did I get you did I get you okay so I really totally clicked with the first two girls that interviewed with I didn't realize how much YouTube would prepare me for a position like this but totally does the fact that you know I've worked with other people as far as like hiring and having to fire the fact that I've kind of been my life have been my own boss for so long and you I'm really excited and then the second part of the interview was those behavioral type questions where they asked you like tell me about a time when this amiss and I feel like I was really nervous when they came in I was like oh because that was really nervous about that part of the interview but I feel like I did really well actually at one point the one girl was like that answer I'm about to saying I'm done with this interview and it was like a good way like you answered that very well they were very impressed with the questions that I had to ask and if I get this job I will tell you guys all about interview and like kind of do like interview techniques and stuff like that so I'm gonna close this door cuz it's really hot out there I'm really excited you guys like I'm really excited I didn't know I never thought I would be this excited about going out and getting a job but I started thinking of like all of the positives you know consistent income being around other people the fact that I can still do YouTube and you know just have it as a hobby so it takes the pressure off this is my main income this is what I have to do I feel like that's gonna help with the comparison I feel like it's gonna help with my videos and I just think it's gonna help overall me my mental state so let me show you what I wore this is what I ended up wearing and I think I look all cute and professional look at me y'all like Oh even though I'm not wearing heels one thing I would say is I would definitely if you can suggest that you wear heels this also would have looked better if you're not gonna wear heels I would say wear somepony toe flats and I will link the ones that if I get this job but I'm going to get like a no doubt gonna get because I fell in love with him when I saw them but yeah I went ahead and I went with the same shoes that I had on the first interview and they're just my Tory Burch flats and that I have this pencil skirt from boohoo and this shirt that I wore from the other day from Coca me and I just tucked it in for a more professional look and I have my blazer that I got from fashion Nova so I actually really like this outfit and its really professional and it's really cute the only changes like I said that I would make would be to wear some pointy toe black flats I think that would have really pulled this pulled this outfit together much better I do feel like the nude kind of works because you know of the light-colored shirt that I'm wearing and that's why I went with this shirt so it could kind of pull together but again I still feel like it will look much better with some black shoes but yeah that is my outfit let me get out of this thing because it is hot I will say like in the first part of the interview I was kind of sweatin y'all like I'm not gonna lie I was sweating and I was like excuse me guys like I'm sweating out of tampere so I was like I'm so embarrassed but I'm sweating they're like girl we didn't know we thought that was just shine in your glow and I was like oh okay so yeah this one is them it was literally like I was sitting down talking to friends it was so just fun I really enjoyed it I feel like my personality definitely came through more so in the first part of the interview but I still had a really good part of my personality shine through in my second of the second part of the interview too and again YouTube has set me up so well to answer a lot of those questions because you guys don't think about it but if you think about it you know how you handle sponsorships and meeting deadlines and having to work with people that you hire and the fact that you you know there's this whole competitive nature to YouTube and what else just being able to self motivate myself to continue to do this and meet the deadlines and maintain a level of professionalism in my in my youtube channel with my youtube channel the time management the organization like all these things that I didn't think we're going to be important actually are so I should know something by the end of the day and I will let you guys know but I'm telling you I feel super confident that I got this job and I will be actually really shocked if I don't get it like not gonna lie I will be extremely shocked if I didn't get it so yeah I'm gonna go eat some lunch go hug my babies and I'll see you guys hopefully in a few hours with hopefully some really good news fingers crossed love you guys so it is for 21 okay yeah I've already done my screaming jumping over down with the kids hugging them I literally you guys I'm not gonna cry okay I'm not gonna cry I am so ecstatic I'm so just blown away crystal if you are watching I love you thank you so much this would not be possible without her because she's the one that sent out my resume and yeah last Friday the guy called me this Monday actually Monday I called the guy set up an interview for Tuesday Tuesday turned into today which was Thursday I got the job offer today and I accepted and I am over the moon so happy so excited so proud of myself I thought that this was going to be such a long process y'all like seriously being out of the office for 13 years guys my life is literally about to change and I am just so excited I could not be happier literally like it's literally about to change and it when I hear back y'all gonna cry when I go back and think about incredibly hard year that I've had this year from the divorce and all of the hell that I went through with that and the depression and everything else this just is the icing on the cake you know and it also just goes to prove like don't ever give up on yourself if you're having a hard time things do get better they will get better you guys like literally the day I got divorced like my air stopped working my car has been parts have been breaking left and right I just I don't know I don't know what to say like this has been one of the toughest years so far in my life and I got a job I am just I'm over the moon just so incredibly excited I'm so incredibly proud of myself I am going to take you guys my ride with me as much as I can from now the job doesn't start until August 26 so I do have time to prepare which I'm so excited for and I'm gonna have to be really really really hard on myself with like no naps during the day staying busy all throughout the day getting up getting out making sure that I'm doing my makeup every day doing my hair dressing nice so that way I can once it gets to the time where I start the job I can already be in that mode of I've already got this as part of my routine so yeah I just wanna encourage you guys don't ever give up and you've got this and I cannot believe God is just so good so thank you guys for everything yeah literally you guys I was the only one from this temp agency that they sent me to this place I was the only one out of all the people that they sent like over 15 people that got this job and it would they were hiring ten people I believe so they were also like looking at other temp agencies but me I was the only one from the temp agency that I was working with so just when you go into an interview y'all it's so important to let your personality shine and to show passion and to show so much interest and to go in with questions and good questions and yeah I'm so excited okay I'm gonna go ahead and end this vlog I love you guys today is Thursday you guys are gonna be seeing this on Sunday thank you so much for again being patient with me as I work through everything that I've had to work through I definitely needed the time and y'all know is my time to shine now is my time to via sing a woman and be happy about it and be excited about it and this is my true fresh start and I couldn't be more excited and I couldn't be happier so I love you guys and I will see you guys in the next video

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  1. CONGRATS GIRL~!!! You got this, I knew you could do it~!!! Ps what type of work is it you'll be doing (generally speaking?) Or did I miss that? HUGS & Congrats again!

  2. You are so beautiful, don’t change a thing. I have confidence in you. I love your videos, I wish I could do my makeup as good as you do. I have trouble putting on the eyelashes. CONGRATULATIONS SWEETIE!!!!!!!!🥰🥰🥰. Love you

  3. I had to laugh about having so many clothes and nothing works – me too. Who wears suits by choice? A small little kitten heel would look awesome, also thin/open weave cardi's are a good substitute for blazers on hot days. I used to put together modules; pant-skirt-tops and they all had to work with each other; partly because I was cheap and partly because I hated mornings. I didn't know what I was wearing until I pulled into work and the coffee kicked in. Having a routine is nice. It seems like a lot less stupid decisions need to be made daily. Congrats.

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