Detox: How People Power is Cleaning Up Fashion

Around the world a growing movement of people are using their creativity, design skills and purchasing power to demand fashion without pollution. United by a shared belief that the clothes we wear should carry a story we can be proud of, activists, bloggers, designers, scientists and models have been able to convince big brands including Zara, Mango, Valentino, UNIQLO and H&M to commit to toxic-free fashion. There is still a long way to go, but our successes so far prove that when we work together, big brands are forced to stand up and deliver.

With special thanks to Nova Heart ( for the use of their track “My Song 9” from the Beautiful Boys EP, and to Jeff Garner and Prophetik for the use of their footage in the making of this film.

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时尚 在光鲜的广告背后 在那些炫目的秀场,亿万美元的工业之下 隐藏着一个你不愿看到 甚至不愿提及的世界 它阴暗,肮脏,随处隐藏着威胁 这是一个严重依赖有毒化学品的世界 它正慢慢毁掉我们原本美丽的河流 警钟已经敲响 仅仅中国,就有三亿两千万人没有安全的饮用水 40%的地表水被污染 还有约20%用于饮用水源的地下水被污染 部分甚至含有致癌物质 在印度尼西亚,我们最新的调查揭露了一家工厂将pH值高达14 并且含有大量的有害和干扰内分泌的化学物质的污水 直接排放到当地的供水中 这只是冰山一角 在印尼乃至全世界,还有数以千记的工厂 把我们共有的河流当作自己的排污渠 而问题不仅如此 我们从欧洲、北美、亚洲和其他地区购买的服装 也是全球有毒化学品污染链条中的一部分 在绿色和平检测的服装中有三分之二含有有毒有害物质 当这些服装被清洗的时候 这些有毒有害物质就会进入世界各地的河流、湖泊和海洋 这让我们每个人都难辞其咎 但我们也可以都参与解决问题 在全世界,环境活动家,时尚人士,设计师,时尚博主,和模特 都在加入DETOX的全球行动 我们共同的理念就是,美丽的时尚不该以牺牲环境为代价
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超过五十万人已经采取行动,挑战包含Zara,Levi’s 和维多利亚的秘密这样的大品牌 让他们对污染承担起责任 去除他们供应链和产品中的所有有毒有害物质 而这些大公司正在响应 从奢侈品牌Valentino,到快时尚品牌H&M 大品牌们正在关注全球对于无毒时尚的呼吁 这些品牌已着手替代这些糟糕的化学品 他们也同自己的供应商和化学行业一起努力 来找出解决方案,为无毒替代品创造一个增长的市场 不计后果的工业污染已经在暗处持续太久 让我们照进一束光,加速正在发生的改变 不能再让排污行为隐藏下去 而要将污染完全曝光在媒体聚光灯下 我们还有很长的路要走 但目前的胜利证明,当我们凝聚在一起,改变是可能的! 显而易见 品牌和供应商将生产过程透明公开 采取可靠且真实的行动 就有机会赢得人们的信任和忠诚 而那些选择做鸵鸟 或者试图绿洗的品牌和供应商 将会面对更加不确定的未来 无论是曝光这些污染背后的帮凶 还是在我们的网络分享信息 和影响品牌做更好的决定,都变得比以往更容易 全世界都在注视着 要潮流,不要污流! 加入我们,为一个无毒未来

27 thoughts on “Detox: How People Power is Cleaning Up Fashion”

  1. No need color, only white fabric can save the earth, or natural color can save natures. No need fastness, after use 3-4 times, a tee shirt can be thrown to nature and it will be mixed with soil, or we can recycle it and then remake and reuse it. Fashion should be think with stitching, hand stitch etc to save the earth. No chemical addition… More chemical added, more critical earthed.

  2. I am no longer a consumer of fast fashion and it feels good and clean. Plus it has changed my overall view on how much money I was wasting to support this horrific unethical things. Now I own only the essential and if I buy anything, I make sure to know where it's made, what is made of and if it's really worth it. 💚

  3. So basically, the point is wear clothes out of leaves and/or dont wear clothes and destroy fashion designers dreams by making them design run down clothes that only dont look good, but make us uncomfortable in Summer and Winter. Great idea Greenpeace, lets make the world naked and cold!!

  4. We Americans are told to blame ourselves, that because we want fast, trendy clothing, that this is the reason clothing companies have moved overseas. No, it because these huge corporations want to do what ever they want, with no restrictions and to put profit above all and answer to no one.
    Clothing manufacture needs to return to America, so that our laws can restrict and prevent harmful processes like these.

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