Design & Draw Fashion Sketches : What is a Fashion Croquis?

Find out what a croquis is and how fashion designers use them to make sketches; learn how to draw fashion sketches in this free video on fashion design and illustration.

Expert: Lauren Bradley
Bio: Lauren Bradley is a professional fashion designer with many years of experience in various parts of the fashion industry.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan
so my next order of business is to make a croaky drawing an acro key that's a funny word it's I wrote it out here it's CRO kie and what that is is a flat sketch of details of the garment that is used in the industry maybe it's it's used for the pattern maker to follow the sketch I mean this says a lot but it doesn't exactly say if this is a seam or how much is gathered here etc so the next step is to draw it out flat the front and the back because as you can see on this drawing I don't I don't know if this is a low back or if it goes into a tee in the back who knows it depends you know so there should be like a front and a back drawing of a simple flat how the pattern will look before it's sewn together or when it's sewn together but it's flat and a lot of times you'll see this in computer-aided design which is how they actually design all sorts of things that you're getting at any sort of store I mean I won't mention any of them but but they're all designed on the computer with flat croakies so I'm gonna go ahead and draw the croaky in the next one

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