Here is what it’s like to be an intern at the US Capitol for congress! Follow me along on my day and see the behind the scenes of what it’s like
good morning guys happy Tuesday so as you can see it looking a little crazy right now I'm in the middle of doing my makeup the lighting is not the best but to be honest I'm kind of just trying to make do with what I have here but I am going to take you guys along with me as an intern day-in-the-life I've been wanting to do this for a while but I finally feel like I have a good opportunity to share this with you guys so a heads up I am doing a half day today which is part of the reason why I wanted to share it with you because the routine will be the same but it will be a little easier for you to film but I just wanted to kind of brief you with that if it's a little shorter it's just because I am there for a shorter time but I will try and get as much filming as I can again this is a government agency so I can't just like film the office and stuff as freely as maybe some other people would but I think it will be really cool for any prospective interns to kind of see what it's like so I'm gonna go ahead and take you along with me so the first thing I do every morning is starting my day by getting ready I feel like that's pretty self-explanatory but it is very important because in a professional environment you have to look professional so I always start off by doing a full face of makeup sometimes I do it more simple without the full eye shadow and stuff today I have a little bit more time so I'm gonna add that and then today since I am having a slower morning I am enjoying a cup of coffee that I made using my French press you guys have seen that in a previous video and just kind of listen to some podcasts and enjoy my time so the next step is picking out an outfit I think today I'm going to wear this long dark blue it kind of looks like a button-up shirt but it's a dress and it like ties in the side it's kind of hard to see because it's just hanging on this hook but that should be really cute and then I'm gonna pair it with this pearl necklace because every political intern it needs a pair of pearls you already know so yeah I'm gonna go ahead and try this on and then decide if I think it's cute enough to wear today all right again the lighting is not the best the background is not very cohesive but we're gonna just ignore all that and I'm gonna show you the outfit so here is that dark blue dress I said I was going to wear it's very very comfortable it has this little tie in the front it's buttoned down the front and then on the chest they have these little pockets I obviously don't use those but they're very cute as a detail and then I have my sleeves rolled up so they don't get in my way but this dress is from Express I got it in stores it's very cute professional comfortable and I can dress it up or down and then I paired it with the jewelry like I said I did earlier and I realized I can't really show you guys my shoes with this angle I'm just gonna go ahead and take them off since they are flats they're just this inclined nude flat they're kind of like a leather material they're very comfortable very cute and chic and they have this tiny heel so it is a little bit more classic and then this really pretty just simple and top of the toe so very very comfortable very easy to use singing pop it back on but yeah that is today you and now I take my vitamins I take calcium supplements d3 iron and hair skin and nails I always feel so much better throughout the day after I've taken these okay guys I'm at work now I'm just kind of standing in the hallway before I go in the commute was pretty good not very long which I'm very thankful for but now I'm gonna start my workday just answering phones computer work pretty boring stuff but I'll try to get as much about as I can and go ahead we're visiting the Senate building one of the Senate buildings and it's so beautiful this is an office building and I do not work in one that's nice I'm really disappointed imagine all the work I would get done if I worked here so I am off work I kind of amusing a little weird camera angle here because I am in public don't really love talking in public but I just got home to my apartment but there apparently is a fire drill or a fire alarm going off right now so I can't go in don't really know why this happened last night – I don't really think there was an actual fire but someone's probably like making toast and it went off or something so dumb now I'm just waiting outside until I can go back in so wish me luck that this only takes a few minutes instead of like a few hours all right guys so I'm finally home the fire Dro alarm whatever it is didn't last too long yesterday there was another one and it lasted way longer so I'm very thankful that this was not like a few hour ordeal because I would be very annoyed but I'm going to go ahead and end the vlog thank you guys so much for coming with me to work today I hope you guys enjoyed it and it gave you a little glimpse into what a day in the life of an intern is like for the rest of the evening I'm just going to make myself a quick little dinner and prepare my outfit for tomorrow really simple stuff nothing interesting and nothing really out of the ordinary to any other person's day so I just don't want to peep this video super long so I am going to go ahead and end it off here and I will see you guys in my next video bye


  1. Hi! I will be interning in DC this summer and I’m curious: how do you combat the humidity? I’m from New Mexico, where it is soooo dry. What makeup or hair tips to you recommend? 🙂

  2. Very nice! I REALLY want to intern at the US Congress next year. I am a college freshman. Can you please reply to this comment letting me know how to apply to an internship? your experience? and is the chance of getting it is high?…

    Thanks so much!!

  3. Great vid! It’s nice to have insight as a college student, I have question. Where did you apply? As a political science major myself, an internship like yours is something I reallllly want to experience. Thanks!

  4. I hope you don't mind me asking, but are you living in a dorm or is it an apartment. As someone interested in being a congressional or white house intern, I am curious. If you are going to college nearby and so you are able to intern near your college that's wonderful, but I do not live near the district and would have to rent an apartment.

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