Cutty Sark Sailing Ship Model Building Kit 163 – Famous China Clipper Ship With Cloth Sails

​​​Watch our product feature video for a Cutty Sark Sailing Ship Model Building Kit 163.

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you are now watching a Lucky Penny shop product feature hey they're fans of Lucky Penny shop what we do is we show you videos of stuff that we're selling then we have in our eBay store they may or may not be there we don't know because things do sell it's the famous China clipper ship cutty sark with cloth sails wood ship model carved wood hull and it says adult supervision ages 12 and under so let's just lift this up here it says photo of actual model so that's pretty neat the box does have some issues it's got a torn corner there gives you the parts so step-by-step instructions so this is kit 163 and it shows you some other kits that they had available at the time you know these videos you can always pause them so if I'm going too fast just hit the pause button okay so the comes off hit the famine ads no but we notice was the pieces we're all pretty good now I'm not taking off the sheets yet so this is cutty sark scientific models so let's just lay those out peace is still good not take it off the board now taken off the board not take it off the board still intact and then there's kids number 163 a piece of paper history there what looks to be the mean staysail so that's intact the trestle tree identification that's intact there's a stiff cardboard in there and this model kit brochure which takes you through the models and it says the clipper ship cutty sark so it's assembly instruction so they're there and you have these sails those look to be good and then you have another detailed plan number one the clipper ship cutter sale plan and rigging details then you have the main hull another uncut board you've got the display base there's an old tube of super model cement pretty neat extra little pieces which are still paper clip so should say that's all original there and then this little what looks like a decal sheet okay now getting a little further now this cardboard insert which is out and in pieces here and you have this scientific kit number cutting start kit you have this little bag of metal pieces and on the plaque and then there's the string rigging some felt dots two rolls of string this bundle of sticks and then these kind of thin pieces here this one looks like a wire and then these pieces they're kind of long move them across there some are metal some are wood so that's what's in it so now I'm working that looks like it's off kilter is this piece here I don't know what this is it looks like is it oh yeah maybe something yep something went in there so it looks like that could be missing whatever that is if something was in there don't know for sure you've seen everything in the box so there you go it's trick cutty sark model with the plans the hull which is probably the most important piece we check that out real quick so it's pretty cool piece of wood it's carved out in rough condition so that's it can you imagine it sitting there I think this could be fixed this one thing just also or you can cut the piece out of its missing so exactly we showed you what's there now based on the plants we have not verified that so now you know what's there that's all it is it's the Cutty Sark model thanks for watching thanks for watching our eBay product video and always remember if you see a Lucky Penny pick it up

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