college week in my life: studying, tests, vday, + a rough/busy week

hi guys! this was supposed to be a one day vlog and just turned into a week in my life lol. it was quite the hectic week with apps being due, recruiting events and socials, tests, work, and studying, but i made it out alive ofc :’) i was in total panic mode for parts of this vlog so im sorry if it was annyoing / negative, be sure to follow me on social media linked below and subscribe if u haven’t already!

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-Where do you go to school? University of Alabama
-Where are you from? Florida
-What are you studying? Accounting and Finance (I’m a junior)
-What mascara do you use? thrive causemetics mascara
-What planner do you have? (I have the mini!)
-What camera do you use? Canon G7X mark II
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good morning everyone today is Monday February 11th and I have just been kind of busy this morning I guess so I haven't talked to you guys yet um it's around 10:30 and I showed you guys like my planner like my agenda today um also if you're new here my name is avi ashlynn and they upload college blogs like all the time so you should totally go ahead and subscribe it would mean everything to me but yeah it's 10:30 and I have a class at 2:00 and I have a quiz in that class today and I'm yet to start studying for it and I really need to study for the only got one out of the two right on my last one that I thought I did good on so I need to set forth so I can get a good grade on that and then at 5:00 I have a cos ITA 4 and they have an exam today and then that's until 6:15 and then it's 7:00 until 9:00 I have a recruiting event for PwC and it's at monarch which is like an espresso bar here and it's like the coolest recruiting event ever because they're doing like cheese boards and wine and desserts but like obviously if you're not 21 you don't drink the wine and everything but I'm excited for like the cheese boards and desserts and stuff and I think it'll just be really cool like vibin ambiance and stuff but right now it's 10:30 like I said I'm out to just throw on some clothes really quickly and get my skincare and I'm going to tour a house actually once again last week I toured one and it was not like what the pictures look like at all because it was just trashed and then I'm hoping fingers crossed is the last one I have to look at cuz it's like stressful having to do everything I do day-to-day and then also having to go to our houses and constantly be on the look for new rentals and everything so I'm going to tour 1 and 11 and also my professor that I'm a TA for emailed us and said she really needed someone to Proctor the 3:30 exam today which is in between when I Proctor hers and my first class I don't know if I'm gonna do it or not yet I know I need to and I'm someone who always feels bad and like wants to say yes everything and she also needs someone for 3:30 tomorrow but I have a meeting at 4:30 so I'm not gonna do that one but like at the same time I have to test this week that I have to study for and I have a quiz – study for and I have a big assignment that's due tomorrow so it's kind of like I have stuff to do yeah that's my schedule for today and really like my to-do list today is not that long like I literally just need to finish this finance assignment it has been kicking my butt my last one was not that bad and then this one since we got class cancelled last Tuesday we like we're cut off one class so there's like three questions on our assignment that we weren't taught how to do but we have two slides for so I've been trying to work those but it's really hard just because we haven't learned it and it's just been a mess so I have two questions left of that yeah I hope you guys enjoy this little day in my life I've learned my week in my life this morning Susie haven't seen that definitely be sure to go watch that um but yeah I'm gonna go get ready hi everyone so I'm back from touring my house it's like 11:20 now and didn't take long and never dies um I liked it a lot I will insert some clips I thought of like I think you got one of like the main bedroom and then of the kitchen and only things but one because I don't like about it are very minor so it's like things that I can like get over and they don't really matter that much the only things I don't like are it's very like dark and low ceilings and my like apartment house like relatively high ceilings especially for an apartment and we have huge windows in a room as you can see and we have a lot of light because you know guys know in my living room we have floor-to-ceiling windows on two walls so I'm like really used to that but I was like definitely something that isn't a necessity it's just something I like a lot I love having huge windows and natural light but then again and here the currents are like literally always close on our floor-to-ceiling windows and making popcorn so if you hear that sorry I just needed a snack before I eat lunch in a little bit while I study but I liked it a lot I also said that the washer and dryer would like definitely be included if that one doesn't stay then they'll at least put another one in there which is like a huge plus because that's the worst part about finding houses the rent is figuring out if you have to get a washer and dryer or not so it's getting close to 1:30 I just made lunch I made a big thing of chicken noodle soup on me last night so I'm eating that reheated and I made a little grilled cheese so y'all gonna eat this for lunch feeling really stressed about my quiz and my test this week and I'm trying to figure out right now if I'm going to Proctor in between my class MIT across so I'm gonna figure that out so I'm not gonna pocket the examine three yeah 3:30 today I'm in my classes just cuz I told her I was like hey like my I have to run home because I really do have to go home and change for the record get ready for it so I told up she's like I got no worries but she wants me to come to the one tomorrow even though I do have a meeting at 4:30 I'm just gonna leave early from proctoring so let me be there from like 3:30 you don't like for 10:00 and then I'm gonna go 4:30 and then yeah but we're going to class right now I'm like so nervous for supplies because I really just don't feel like I know anything yeah I mean like that's what it's looking like right now which I'm fine with but like I mean even if not that hi guys so I just got ready um been home our way so we took he like gave us the wrong place on accident so we were we just like wrote down everything when you about the chapter and that counter knows our quiz so that was really good I just made the slices and cookie butter as a snack I still even like 10 to 15 minutes already and they just have to get ready I was on the phone with my mom for a little bit talking about the house and then I'm just like my plans for the summer and stuff so I'm fixing to change and get ready and it's like it's been misting outside so I hope it isn't Stokes I went walking back about to head off to go Proctor I'm just wearing this shirt from boohoo and my H&M pants that I always wear I don't remember where I got these meals at all I will try and remember but I might change these shoes just cuz like sometimes I don't like the way they look and then sometimes I do but I might change into like my closer heels I wear from Macy's that are like the light pink color and the short sleeve top if I have time to come back home between but I don't know if I will yet so we will see Jeff and I are gonna go get it right now because um he doesn't have to go to a marketing class at 6:30 but this thing does start at 7:00 we probably are gonna get there right at 7:00 which is fine just because I need to go home and just like I wanted to go ahead and feed LS she doesn't be super late and then I'm going to walk her quickly and then we'll probably be on our way quick chip Oatley just so we need before we cheese sports and desserts uh hey y'all we're back from the recruiting event I'm about to get on my grind i so that's right now there's so many internship and like summer leadership applications you want Friday I need to finish a few of them which shouldn't take too long but where's one PVC is due Friday you guys do Friday and there's one more I think no no that's it that's thing gonna be do those today mmm and yeah the event was fun it was like really cool the desserts are so freakin good there are like these strawberry funfetti cake pies and they were so good yeah I pretty much just like socialize with our other accounting friends and then a few like new people that have already interned there so yeah I have this finance assignment due tomorrow I just sent what I have so far to my partner and my late group or whatever to compare answers because we only have to turn in like one coffee and I'm out to do the other two questions right now I just found out I have stuff to do before I'm a management class tomorrow on it's at 9:30 in the morning so I need to do that but it's like busy work so I can get it done easily and then um I need to study a little bit for either managerial accounting or audit hi guys so it is 11:45 right now and I finished up my finance stuff and I divided stuff that's due for management tomorrow so now it's time for me an actress I study I'm honestly probably only gonna get like an hour in which really sucks because I'm busy from 9:00 to 5:00 tomorrow so I can't search and I'm busy again from like 8:00 to 8:30 ish so I'm really like not gonna have that long this night for my to test tomorrow like wow this just sucks I'm going to go ahead and get like an hour of setting in I don't even know what I'm gonna set it right now I don't know picture study you managerial or audit so yeah good morning everyone today is Tuesday and it's pouring down rain outside and it's just like a really rainy day it's like 9:00 right now when I really need to like lazy go to class and I'm like 10-15 minutes more than old making my breakfast but I went about at 2:00 last night so I just up studying after the recruiting on my last night and I did like all that work I had to get done – so what was a productive night but it was a late one then I woke up at like 7:30 so I'm very tired I have my 9:30 class until 10:45 and at 11:00 until 12:00 I have my office hours as a TA and then from 12:30 1:45 I bought it two or three fifteen I have clients work 12 and then it's 3:30 I have to Proctor an exam and I'm supposed to be until 4:45 but I have a meeting with the owner which is far for one on the owner of all the cheese parts butter that Tusker was too far that I work with at 4:30 so I have to leave like a little bit early from the proctored exam then I read the exam that I'm proctoring and then at 8:00 I have DSPs so full day once again and I have to test the setting for and I'm like no time to do it I am wearing my North Face jacket I'm probably gonna take it off though and just use an umbrella because like what is this doesn't do much but this like sweatshirt thing I'm wearing is really thin cuz it's like one route it's cropped and it cinches at the bottom but it's from Zara I got it in New York I just love the color of it I match as a scrunchie I have him perfectly that I got from her in a while ago if you can figure out my mirror and show you guys a sweatshirt that like I love it cuz it's like the balloon obviously it's links crops and then I'm wearing my Illumina lines that are like embossed they're not like a shiny anymore now that I wash them but I still like them and then wearing my support is also death fit I will try to leave everything lay down below I'm gonna go ahead and eat my breakfast hi guys I am back in my car it's 405 today's been so long and I'm waiting for this moment about that the juice bar to meet with divita and just like chat and stuff I the exam I'm supposed to be proctoring or the exam I was proctoring today it was at 3:30 um my class for her is in northland which if you go to Alabama you know it's like a flower building from like the business school and that's where I normally have to walk like on Monday Wednesdays when I like I'm in her class to yank and today I just like assumed her other section was in there too I walked all the way to Northland from big good in Austin which figured out there you know that distance I mean it's like a ten minute walk but it was cold because I got colder after a rain it was really windy and this thing is not that warm and um I literally got to Northland and I was like something tells me this isn't where I'm supposed to be and there was like eight minutes until the exam started I was like oh my gosh I looked at my phone and it was actually in Austin so I walked all the way there and got really cold for no reason so turned around and walked back and I got there and she knew like I think I told you guys this blog earlier how like I wasn't supposed to Proctor today like I didn't sign up for it for a reason because I had a meeting today at 4:30 and like I don't wanna have to like leave early but she let me she told me at like 3:45 after I've been in 15 minutes like oh yeah you like you can go whatever if you need to so that I like for she was like just leave so I'm living now but she was really sweet about it and understanding so think that's really nice the good news about today I got a ton of my audit outline done and my management class name in my finance class and at work so it's really good I'm almost done with it um but and then I went over our like study guide questions and I really don't seem here as about as I thought big be a for DSP my friend Meghan has a study room for our managerial accounting test so I think I'm gonna go to that cuz it's from 9:00 to midnight that she has a room but like she said I could just like pop in whenever but I think I'm just gonna go as soon as DSPs done stay there until like 10:00 and then go back home and study because like I've kind of found like studying and like groups like in rooms is not good for me like I can study with like one or two other people but I can't study in big groups very well unless it's like I'm this doesn't work for me so yeah I'm gonna leave and I'm sorry I didn't really blog a lot on campus today it was just pouring down rain most the time whenever I was walking somewhere so I just got home and I did order this acrylic chair off Amazon I think I was like $60 my computer chair I think I said in my week in my life last week is just a piece of crap it broke and I've had it since I was a sophomore in high school so I ordered this month and it's actually really kind of like small um but I think it'll be perfect I had good reviews well I think that socks is it did come with a few like oh wait no those aren't scratches I don't know well maybe that's like a few like minor scratches on here maybe but I ordered this because it like suggested to go with it like a faux like fur throw thing to go on it's like make it look cuter I'm trying to get it how it was in the picture and I'm struggling I mean like it fits the chair perfectly going like that which is weird so I don't know hi guys at 7:07 I'm heading to meet Julia and nothing but noodles I am literally just like about to explode into a million pieces or flames or whatever you want to say this is by far been like the busiest I've ever been because like my schedule no doesn't allow me to like ever really be home unless it's at night and which is fine cuz it's kind of just like having a job all day you know but here just like at school and working so it's like fine it's just so funny because every semester I'm like oh yeah like this is really hard right now like to balance everything but like at least it won't be this bad next semester like it'd only get a little bit easier from here on out and it just keeps getting worse each series I don't know why I keep telling myself that like this week's just been so busy in terms of like things being due and having the right like cover letters and applications for internships being due and working has been so busy this week and it normally isn't and you know like um I have two tests this week and it's like the first test I don't really want to expect like hardly gotten to study for the one that I have tomorrow and I'm just like really freaking out about it and then thank God I mean like in last week too you guys saw my week in my life last week I had like double the amount of business fraternity things to do and then I've had like double the amount of social events for firms and networking and meet the firm's type of thing that I normally have to do so it's just been slam these past few weeks I'm just like literally about to lose it just from like being gone from 8 to 5 today and then coming home I had like this whole ordeal with like throwing away the boxes that might trick him in my old chair and it was I was expecting to take 5 minutes for me to get that done and it took like 30 so I really pissed me off because I came inside and then I needed to fold laundry and then I needed to go a dishes or load the dishwasher so my time I was expecting to have like two hours so just like Chell before I had the studying the rest of the night and go to DSP but instead I literally came in after doing all the trash and stuff and then I have like 20 minutes to sit down and then I'd get right back up and I was trying to print something because I don't want me to print something for when we were studying and I and my printer was arguing and I was like oh my gosh but I'm sorry this is so negative but like this is real you guys like when you have a lot on your plate and I'm not like trying to be like I have more on my plate than anyone else cuz I know everyone's busy in their own ways and everyone has different things that they're doing but I'm just saying personally this has never been this bad for me I could be managing my time better but at this point I'm like okay I be like good you're managing your time a lot better this semester than you have in the past and you're not like you have to underplay the only thing that hasn't been hectic this week which I'm very thankful for it's YouTube I mean like YouTube still busy in the sense that I'm literally vlogging obviously and that I you know took two and a half hours this weekend to edit my week in my life last week so I mean it was busy in that sense but it's not like I had like grand deals that were due because that would have made things sometimes worse so honestly but I'm sorry for like complaining and stuff I'm just trying to tell you guys know how real it is like just be careful with like what you put on your plate in terms of like what takes up your time and everything because as of right now like what I'm doing is just a little bit too and you know it may just be like this week that's really bad because I'm sure like once this recruiting process wraps up it's not going to be as stressful but that's just been taking a lot of my time to pass to be so if I had once I have to do all the I and work a lot more then it won't be that big of a deal and I'm sorry you're being annoying but part of noodle time good morning everyone today is Wednesday I am like trying to figure out my hair right now except you look at this cowlick I have it's absolutely ridiculous yeah it's 10:30 my test is that – I'm about to go to heritage house and just sit there and study because I just don't want to study in here after setting here in here all night last night and then the night before that so just a change of scenery get some more coffee probably and one of my friends gonna be there so yeah and I feel like I should be studying for my test tomorrow – but I studied that like most of yesterday during the day and the night before that because I didn't start studying for my test today until like last night really then maybe a little bit the day before that but yeah my fingers hurt really bad this one in this one when my nails aren't like done and they're done right now but they only are really awful like they've all been breaking um but I got really stressed I pick it like the sides of my nails and like my cuticles and stuff and like my fingers are like swollen on the side no and they hurt so bad and they're so sensitive to like anything I like touch or putting any pressure on the finger itself so I've been like only been able to use these two fingers all morning and it sucks cuz I hurt so bad just cleaned up this morning and I showered at first thing when I got up cuz I just really wanted to wash my hair haven't washed my hair in like three days so it was like I need to wash my hair I looked over old quizzes for my test today and I feel good about it like I feel like I'm psyching myself out for no reason so I really just need to chill right now I'm going to write Griffin's Valentine's Day card well visit tomorrow and um this big box of bullets nothing but a box with Ghirardelli chocolates and then have a card and I got the back from Target then a card from Target and then I actually bought my brother's old camera off of him and he had the Canon Rebel t5i which I'm sure like any youtuber knows what that is because it used to be like a really popular camera one of Griffin's friends is like he does photography and stuff and grinning is out with him a lot and like Griffin like really likes it so he's wanting to kind of pick it up as a hobby but um I don't want to get a new camera or like him help pay for a new camera if it was something he ended up not liking so I just brought my brother's off of him because he was wanting us all anyways because he didn't use it a lot and I had told my brother I wanted to buy it um eventually at some point so miss Griffin is I'm not liking I'll just take it from Griffin and use it so whatever I submitted my application for the hostage hoard and I'm going to UM for the deposit on it pretty soon which is not what I want to be doing because it's a lot of money and I don't want to pay it because my student loans dorman be my room but this deposit I'm having to pay up like all my money so it's gonna be like it's gonna hurt really bad especially because of the payment taxes soon but it's fine I'm gonna stop talking I don't know why I'm really out of breath I'm gonna move this desk and right on your pants hard real quick also an update on this chair I really like it um I just feel like I have so many different vibes in my room going on like acrylics like definitely like a more modern and chic vibe and I like my rooms like very like earthy and boho I feel like unintentionally but I don't really care like I could've done a wood chair but I just thought this would be so versatile if I ever changed my room I don't know if it's gonna be a long term thing that I have this chair I may get a different one when I move into elsewhere right now I just have this on as like a cover but I like it look I like the way it looks better when it's just like kind of draped on it but I couldn't figure out how to drape it well but it makes me have such good posture when I sit and like my back does not hurt when I said my desk anymore and I used to after like an hour so that's really good fix things ahead Tiger – chops I'm just wearing this cut off champion pink sweatshirt black Lululemon bast and frites and my wife's pockets as always I really need to get another pair of these because these like our show before pest cleaned like I've washed them and they're just like so bad or I'll just get um a knockoff pair for cheaper but yeah I'm gonna go now and get some setting times it's like 11:00 so I'm gonna study probably two hours because I don't really want to study the hour before the test cuz it's just gonna like make things worse for me so yeah I stated here to tell us until right before my test and tried to get school a little bit early so I could have some time it's just like chill and not think about the test for like 10 minutes before and I was taking it and I was like okay this is going good and there's 25 questions and I got to number 13 and I kid you not 13 through 17 my mind literally just shut off and I like good answer for anything I was like I don't even know where to start you know I was just like okay you know a long time to just like say or not do anything so I went and continue with the rest of the test and then I had to like I had like 15 minutes to try and figure out those five questions which is like not a lot of time because normally each question takes like four minutes or so maybe not that long but I ended up figuring out like three of those five that I sketched I think maybe maybe for sure only got right to because I think I did an educated guess on one and then I assured on the answer for two that I think was right and then other two I just had the ran on my bubble and it but the rest of them I think I did fine on like I definitely got answers that were right and everything I think but guys when I was in here to toss it I literally just like started crying like I felt like I couldn't like I don't think I felt like I could have breathed but like I felt like everything was very like compressed like I felt very like a lot of weight on me you know and I just started like my eyes are getting really watery and I just like started freaking out so just like we went to the bathroom and then I was like you know I'm not gonna look at it from ten minutes and I just like went and like got like a coffee and baked oatmeal on an energy bite so I got all that to like help myself calm down but I literally like that's one of the worst feelings ever just because I felt literally like so heavy and then I just like I don't know it was so bad I would just want to let you guys know you don't listen to anything else in this vlog please take my advice I'm gonna get done watching this go freaking study for whatever tests you have even if it's next week because I hate myself so much right now for not doing more this past weekend because this past weekend I did do a lot of work but like I said before I think earlier in the vlog I was doing like assignments that were due and I spent a lot of time on those and I really probably only studied a total of like two hours for those two tests or for these two tests and I really really really really really underestimated the amount or overestimated the amount of study time I thought I'd have yesterday and today because as you guys saw I was literally gone all day yesterday and all day Monday I'm gonna go home and as much I faint I might like start my study guide will not have to leave in an hour so that's not gonna work I'm just not gonna do anything the next hour I went to dinner with Megan we went to this hole in the wall I'm like family a little small Mexican restaurant it was so good we didn't know where we wanted to eat because we were going to study at Heritage House after um peraud it and we literally went I saw it on Yelp a couple days ago and I have five-star reviews and there were 55 reviews or like oh my gosh we need to go it was so cheap my meal was like seven dollars and it was really good like I ate something I never eat like so yeah that was really good then we went straight through here nataas I've got a London Fog right here and brought it home with me just to have a little bit of caffeine from tea while I study tonight it's around 10:15 ish I are probably 10:30 actually cuz I talked to him on phone with my mom for a while but my new hamper did come in but I'm really mad because I like set it up in the top part of it which is unlike a necessary part of it but I want it to be there so you don't see the clothes does not fit like it says to assemble I like to put the top on a certain way and I've tried and I've tried but it needs to be like a centimeter longer diagonally and it's so annoying so it's still a divided one but it's just like this bamboo looking thing but it just like will not fix it says to go from the back first there's always one corner that just does not stretch all the way and it's absolutely so annoying but I'm gonna go ahead and transfer my dirty clothes into this start studying somewhere for my test straight my London Fog I'm probably the studying in bed though honestly and I'm gonna try and print my study guide and then our practice tests so I can like have it physically but my printer hasn't been working so hopefully it'll work so I can do that hi everyone so I have not even gotten to talk to you guys today it is Thursday and I am back quoting from like all my classes and everything I was just in a rush this morning when I was leaving so like I didn't have time to talk to you guys um just was trying to get every minute of sleep that I could and I haven't managed to class at 9:30 and then work at a lot of and you guys know the drill and my audit test is at 12:30 and then in between that class and my finance class I went to build blends food truck and got a nossa a bowl cuz I was really hungry so that was really good and then in my finance class we just reviewed today for our test on Tuesday and I feel so good and not my two tests are done this week I saw two next week but my management one would be really easy and then my finance one I thought was gonna be like super hard but I learned there like a lot of what we learned that was really hard isn't gonna be on this test so that's really nice because now I feel way better robotics a lot of it's like stuff I've already learned in accounting kind of sort of so it's I'm gonna be as bad as I thought but I still need to study for it so I'm not that stressed about it and I just feel a lot better today I know I've been like really negative this week and probably very annoying to you guys and I'm very sorry about that I'm probably not gonna vlog tomorrow today's Valentine's Day so Griffin and I have reservations at 9:45 at chop house which I was really excited for it but we were both really busy the past two weeks and like didn't even think about getting reservations anywhere so he told me last night that he was like I tried to make one or no I remember last night the night before it's like I tried to make some obviously like I was pretty much full that was like a little bit nicer than what we normally go to now it's only one he could get that's literally the only reservation he could get anywhere was a 95 so as long as we still plan on doing that it's like 3:30 ish right now and what I'm gonna do I know I talked about like having no time for self-care or anything I really are in this blog and not even self-care just like having a minute to like not think about school or like not stressed about something and just be able to sit and relax by myself I'm going to be doing that right now I'm probably if we're still gonna go to dinner late because I think I'm going to like shower I'm gonna self-tan and then you know like take my time getting ready and everything once I rinse my self-tan off I guess I got a new hydropower I'm so excited I don't know if I told you guys a story but basically I left like a very small amount of lemon water in my old one a couple weekends ago so what happened was the lemon pulp since it was shut all weekend and I didn't drink out of it that weekend for some reason I think I was using like a different waterfall or something I don't know but I left it shy it with lemon pulp in it and the lemon holds like molded on the bottom of the Hydra pot and I can't get it out because it's like so far down in there I've tried like letting super hot water sit in it and so it's like so but everything I ran it through the dishwasher even though you're not supposed to and it's like fine like nothing's wrong with it besides the mold but I'm like terrified to drink out of it I think I could probably for baking soda or something I'm gonna come out but like I'm just really grossed out and I also use it kind of as an excuse to get a new one since they have new colors and as you guys probably know the 32 ounce it's really like fat and it doesn't fit in car cupholders which is really annoying when I'm driving so I got the new lilac color and it's this beautiful like purple and I was gonna get the light blue one that's the color frost because sorry if you can hear Ella's little tags but it's really annoying I was gonna get the light blue one called Frost but this one was blue that I had so it's like I want to get another blue one so that's what I got the lilac color and I got the 40 ounce it's huge mm but I think it'll be a lot better because it'll fit in my backpack better it'll fit in my car cupholders like it's just gonna be it's gonna be better actually I'm going to sit in the car cupholders now that I think about it just because oh my gosh I don't even think about that I don't know Mike or cupholders I don't think are this big so I might have just gotten a bigger one for no reason wait no but whatever I'm just really excited to have it but yeah I will keep you guys updated on what I'm doing it and everything so we're out here having a very very Merry Valentine's Day you know that assorted chocolate mix but I think my chocolate box idea was so much better because you don't know why who doesn't love Snoopy who doesn't love Snoopy and I got her a single flower because that's all she needs okay hey guys Griffin its here not obviously I showered earlier listen to gallop on the go while I was like showering itself panning so the salt I don't know I'm probably not gonna wash it off tonight if I do it'll be like later tonight after my um after week dinner and stuff I don't know how much time I'm gonna have cuz we're gonna we're watching a lot of shows I know I talk about this all feminine blogs and we never watch them the night they air we kind of like set Thursday nights like every Thursday night we'd been Jolla worship well we don't bend our shows we move on we Bend one episode of a bunch of different shows we're watching all American which is through the CW which is really good dynasty which is through the CW which is also really good The Bachelor which is ABC and then am I forgetting Grey's Anatomy which we even watched on like three weeks two weeks you watched it that way you want fun without me daily watched it whatever anyways yeah go for know me and cute I had a text my mom picture of this because she loves the peanuts and like Snoopy and everything and Charlie Brown I was like thought of you mom miss her so much and I've got me an Apple watch the he go into series three white wine with the silver case and then it's 42 millimeters and I like a lot I was just throwing thirty minutes in my room like messing around with the different faces and stuff and I got my all set up and the text on the face is lilac which is the exact that colors no water ball so much is perfectly because I'm annoying like that I need to put a picture why we are cuz I like having access to anyways I wanted to do a picture that I wanted to have the weather in the battery my calendar notifications and gentlemen oh yeah the next spot I am stuff easily accessible at the bottom – and then my fitness thing because I like planning on using this a lot for fitness motivation so hopefully III work on more doesn't like Sunday Monday something like that I don't know anyways you know drink some water we're gonna watch The Bachelor right now our reservations are at 9:45 hi guys so just got home from our dinner it's getting close to 11:00 I think um yeah it was really good we went to chop house and I had like a seafood pasta and I ate so many carbs super good but back on the health grind and everything this weekend and tomorrow I'm so happy that I have an Apple watch now cuz I'll be like so motivated to like see how many calories I've read and stuff but um Griffin I just like some pictures in front of this but I like zoomed in to the battery pack wasn't it and everything basically what I'm like cute Valentine's Day pictures like I said um I was gonna show you guys my outfits up real quick earrings are in Eloisa I literally love these so much and then those little ones aren't mature II don't have these linked down below actually I think I'm like a $5 off thing or something for Ana Luisa that I will link down below and then necklace is GLD n like gold in my lip color I always get questions on it cuz I wear like any time I wear lip color I'm wearing Mac spice lip liner with DOS liquid lipstick like let's cut all I think is what it's called it's like the best combo ever for my skin tone am i loving tan self-tanner on my tank top is Free People I haven't worn it yet and I have so many outfit options for tonight I was gonna wear this lace bodysuit from Nasty oh but it was like too short on those and I don't want to be like coming out of it or whatever jeans a fashion nerve I was gonna wear like high heels because her literally just like business casual mules and but they like rose color matches my tank well and I didn't have time to change shoes and like get some like a match very well but basically I had like these higher heels on from I think these were yeah these are just fab um and some of the other shoes that I was wearing when they were the same color but they were just too high and I just could not walk in them today like couldn't do it if y'all like this shirt y'all can ask me about it you can do DM me on instagram and I can hit up my supplier okay thank you for dinner I'm such a tool anyway so I'm sorry that we're so lame and we literally took like a whole ring light picture for Valentine's Day but I think they're gonna be really cute when I look at them hi everyone good morning happy Friday hey um I'm just sitting on the couch right now with Ella woke up late this morning or I'm like 9:30 ish very good the sleep endive tired not getting really any sleep that speak with whom I test everything I'm waking up early and I'm just about to taking my over and I just hated to piece of toast and I drink my coffee I like to drink hot coffee on the date I like don't have glasses or I don't have cost or a lot going on or whatever um I don't know why I just wanna drink a latte with espresso through my Nespresso whenever I've cloth and then when I don't I just you like the coffee pods I'll just chill miss Ella and today I'm going to be cleaning I'm doing laundry right now it's just like got so dirty in here like deeply in the last weekend so I gotta like do all that again and then I have an assignment due today management so I'm gonna knock that out a little bit because it's not very long I'm going to go ahead and edit this video so I can get it up ASAP since I've uploaded since Monday and then yeah I'm just cleaning laundry that assignment probably do a little bit of studying for my test on Tuesday just like get myself in the groove and then I'm gonna go to fruit bowls I think which is I can also you go place in a little bit with my friend Megan and her mom that's in town but I had a great Valentine's Day I am so thankful for Griffin and really just like all my friends and everything and I just wanted to say like if you didn't have a Valentine's or whatever and you felt discouraged about it like don't be it's just like a day to celebrate love it like doesn't have to be restricted to a significant other and your time will come with a Valentine's Day with a significant other and it'll just make out a day so much more special when it does come because you'll really like cherish and everything I just I've always looked out what I'm stately even when I've been single because it's just like I love like celebrating like love and like seeing other people just like get surprised and like I don't know I love it so much and like it really isn't about like the gifts and everything like I really told Griffin I was like we really don't need to do like any big gifts ago you can just go to dinner and do like chocolates and cards or whatever like literally totally fine without but he insisted on it doing gifts so it's fine and a lot of people like complains about like people getting gifts on Valentine's Day but like it's different for every couple so it's not like really something that judge in my opinion also I know about that as a swag and probably like be really bothered by myself in it because I am probably so negative throughout it so I just want to go ahead and pologize for that but I want to keep it real and show you guys how I was feeling but at the same time I'm probably gonna cut out some stuff just because it might be like a little bit of overkill and too much and like in hindsight I was very stressed and I understand why I was very stressed but I was stressing myself out like too much and I think I was mainly stressed because I had so much to do outside of my studying and because I ended up doing fine on my managerial accounting test got an 84 which like I definitely could have done better than that and I know that's not a bad grade but it's a class I know I can do well in so like next house I'm gonna make sure I study earlier and everything um but if I wonder been cramming so bad for it I definitely have done better and then I havoc on my own a grade back yet because I took that yesterday but I do think it went well I did feel prepared for that one yeah my camera is about to die in a moment celeb SD card storage but I just wanted to tell you guys that you are you all are capable of like getting through whatever life throws at you I know that a lot of times it can feel overwhelming with whatever it is that you guys have on your plate that you're trying the balance but at the end of the day you just need to prioritize your time well any time that you feel like you failed yourself with managing your time and prioritizing your time it's all a matter of just starting over like it's not like that you're stuck like that forever you know like it's very temporary whenever you mess up and don't give yourself enough time for a test and you know like it's one test so yes that one test can affect your grade but you just it gives you an opportunity to act on the mistakes you made and make changes for the next time around so I know next time not to put it off this far I just like knew they weren't harder classes so I didn't start studying as far in advance but I'll just my fault and just like that you are capable of doing anything and don't tell yourself yeah I just want to give you guys some encouragement to you know try your best and make the most of every situation always I'm like I think a big thing this year like what I'm trying to do I'm trying to learn out of everything I go through like even if it's like the smallest thing I am trying to find like a lesson learned out of it I don't know I'm just feeling I still feel like through all the stress I had this week I am so thankful to God that like I am able so you know like even go to school and for the friends I have and just like how far I've come at this school I've just been really emotional this week because you know like I hated being here so much when I was a freshman and I wanted the transfer and now I just feel so happy and couldn't imagine myself elsewhere and I'm just so thankful for like the transformation that has happened like in my life and I would really just like oh it all – like God and like the people I surround myself with because I would not be anywhere without it so yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this blog um I'm so sorry it was long and negative and all over the place but this was truly like I feel like I tried to capture as many moments as I could without them being repetitive so I really feel like you saw the hecticness of this week both mentally and in actuality with my schedule and what was going on so I hope you guys enjoyed it be sure to give it a thumbs up if you did follow me on social media it's always linked down below and I will try and link everything that I talked about in this video in the description box for you all to see and shop if you want to and yeah subscribe if you aren't already I'll see you in my next video bye

37 thoughts on “college week in my life: studying, tests, vday, + a rough/busy week”

  1. I’m binging your videos because I am behind but I loved your motivational talk at the end! Also it’s also nice to see that people who seem they always have their life together don’t! It makes me more realistic and relatable which makes me love you even more! 😘

  2. I love this vlog, it's so real and everything you were feeling is exactly how I feel on the daily. Balancing work, good grades in school, and a social life is tough. I started my notecards after this video because I literally felt your anxiety attack while you were talking about it. I hope you're doing better now!!

  3. I really loved this vlog! It was so real and I really needed to hear what you said at the end about being able to change the things you didn't do well in because it's not permanent! Thank you so much Abby! Keep it real <3

  4. Don’t ever apologize for being stressed out and talking about it! We all have those weeks, and we’re all overwhelmed. College in general is overwhelming and stressful. Don’t worry about what people are going to say, the real supporters won’t mind it at all. 💓 let it out!

  5. Don’t apologize for being “negative”. I’m in grad school and I’m stressed and losing my mind. It was refreshing to see that I’m not alone in being stressed 🙂

  6. i have the same nervous/stress habit of picking at my nails and cuticles… it’s sucks cuz they hurt when my nails get low and my cuticles are raw 😫 i’m trying to stop, ugh (if anyone can give some tips on how to stop, plzzz let me know!)

  7. Griffin's eyes! <3 He's so sweet and I love you two together! Weird thing coming from a stranger but you are a perfect match let me tell you! Kisses from beautiful Greece! <3

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