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My first college week in my life!! Hope you guys enjoyed!

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hi guys long time no talk but yeah I wanted to do a week in my life I don't know I've never done one so I was like okay like why not do it and yeah I think it's gonna be cool like like looking back like when I'm older and I'm like saying like what I did I don't know I like love that about like recording videos and stuff because yeah like nobody does that anymore nobody does like home videos and like I don't know so it's cool to like be able to like look back and see like what I was doing at like this point in my life or like whatever but yeah there's like a lot that's gonna go on the next few months so I want to like start like filming cuz it consistently and like a lot it's also like a nice like outlet like kind of like you know think about something else rather than just school and like work and like stuff like that like it's just like so nice something else to think about and something else to do that's like super fun I really enjoy like making videos and like also like editing them it's like really fun to me so it's like a nice like little outlet my hair looks so crazy but I'm just in my room right now I wanna start off the day so I'm already halfway done with my day it's 3 p.m. but I had class at noon so I had physics today so now I'm gonna go to my physics lab up 4 and ends around seven ish so I have you know the rest of the night busy but right now I'm just doing my pre lab so I'm doing that right now I like sat down I'm like you know I just get it done this week should be kind of all over the place I have like a lot going on this week I also have an exam and then I have an exam on Thursday and then I have an exam to prep for for next week so lots going on so yeah I just kind of want to do this intro and yeah me and Sam we're talking about it I think she's gonna do a video with me so hopefully that's gonna be like a whole other video and we're gonna do like oh no look I have like a lot I want to like do I want to like do these like every week just cuz it yeah they're so fun and I got a new phone that's like an exciting thing and I'm filming on it and it's such a good camera like I'm like shook right now I'm like looking I'm like wow it's like super clear so I'm going to finish up my homework and I'll talk to you guys later tonight maybe I'll show you what I'm doing in my lab today I really know I'm like reading about it right now I'm not really sure what we're doing in my lab yet this is my setup I'll shoot it's like sitting here right now looking at my answers I have canvas if you guys know what that is it's kind of like this I don't know like every school has it like you pretty much have like all your assignments on there like per class your grades blah blah blah so I have my pre lab I'm like working on that right now and I'm just writing it on this bed oh but yeah I have to get that done and then I'm gonna head to class I'm so like this is like what I wear like all week I do not dress cute during the week like I never have time to dress cute on the weekends I go home I work I'm like busy all the time like we don't have time to dress cute so I just dressed like cozy like that is my vibe like for school so normally consist I'll show you guys like what I wear this week that would be fun but this is what I normally just wear like a hoodie any sort this is my antisocial social antisocial social club hoodie I've had like ever it's like super comfortable and then I'm just wearing some leggings and I'll probably just wear some sneakers later so that's literally what I wear all the time hi guys so yeah I didn't really film anything else today I was waiting for Sam to get home I'm still waiting for her to go home but I'm fun with her when she gets here I just got back from lab and I'm like so tired it's like literally I'm so tired oh my god I hate physics lab guys tomorrow tomorrow's gonna be like a long a long school day I start at nine and I end at nine so that's fun but I have like breaks in between but still I mean it's just so like a long day you're like that's cool all day like literally all day hi guys Tuesday morning no makeup running light and Sam finally here she looks really cute today today yeah tonight okay Sam's wearing a long-sleeve Jeep alongside from Costco okay lie pack go to Costco everything is the best okay long-sleeve jeans jeans and then her knee-high boots yeah okay and I'm wearing my school hoodie North Face that's leggings and my white super goes I'm gonna we're gonna block it if you want to get your lashes done have her do them so yeah we're heading out the door I have a black back and my lab coat cuz you know bio major hi guys so I'm still at school and like so tired but it's breathe B I just got out of one of my classes and I'm gonna wait until my lab which starts at 6 p.m. and then it goes to a mine she already said that yeah I have a couple hours to spare so I'm just gonna like catch up on some homework I've attempted so I needed to study I've been sorry I started so steady today I'm just kind of going over like all my stuff just went to the store chantal's because you need to buy them and then I'm reviewing my lab that I'm about to it's gonna be a long day I'm tired I want to go home but it's okay they literally haven't been holding oh well it's fine tomorrow it's kind of like more relaxing for me but I'm just going to spend it studying so kind of annoying of a big test next week to that I you started setting for this is my setup right now studying so yeah I'm just like sitting here studying but um I'm in my like Student Center yeah and that's I like to like stay away from the library as much as I can so yeah that's how my doing me go over my stuff get ready for lab and have a productive couple hours now normally I swear it over whatever I'm wearing I should take off my best but Sam's going to work hi guys so it is Wednesday morning it is like 9:30 I want to say so I don't close till 12:00 so I'm just gonna sit here and daddy a little bit I have to test tomorrow so that's what I'm gonna do like literally all day besides that I have a meeting at 11:00 so I will show you guys what I do today so today's gonna be kind of like a chill day just me studying maybe I'll film tonight with Sam or something she gets out of work early today and I should be done setting someone early I hope because I don't want to spend all night setting so yeah hey guys so I came to Target so I'm gonna go to Target just like bras around I know all the Christmas stuff is out so I'm gonna like look at that and I need to pick up a couple things that I need anyway so I had like 30 minutes before I have to like head back to school so um yeah I live really close to target so I'm just gonna pop on in here and then bounce but yeah I'm wearing so I'm wearing this sweatshirt hoodie and it's from live fashion boutique shout out the local boutique and then I have on and then I have on my way to Perkins again it's just like a cache outfit but I'm like super comfy in this outfit I love this outfit hey guys I'm at school and I'm gonna go to my review session right now for one of my classes because like I said I'm tomorrow so we're gonna go through that and then on after if I'm gonna just go to a coffee shop and study for those of the day right now it's 2:30 my reviews up 3 and top four it'll probably go I'm going to a coffee shop and just a day totally closed okay guys I just came to my shelter and the guys like we're coming out with this tomorrow you want to try it okay literally come here every day so I think that's what he asked me but I'm so excited I don't know it's called sharp cappuccino they're coming out with that tomorrow and early hey how dark Achatz only six and it's a pitch black outside it's fine the coffee shop just closed I'm so glad that they made me that latte to try they're launching it like tomorrow um and yeah it's like really cool it was called it's a charcoal cappuccino so like he was talking to them about it and they were saying how it's like really like beneficial Mike showing me like all like the benefits of it so like I actually like I'm not a saying this like I actually really liked it and I was surprised because I was like it was like black like this is gonna be disgusting but I feel like it tasted like a latte to me like regular like nothing and he made it so hot which I love I love in my like coffee is like super super hot so yeah um I really liked that I didn't finish my other one so I got another one to go all right got it like a cup to go so I can finish my other one which is kind of nice because I have to study all night so um that's gonna keep me awake I feel like I feel like I don't know like not like jittery but I feel like I feel like more awake maybe it's just cuz I had another coffee but or maybe it's just like me he's like don't you feel like more like I don't know what he said but I was like my guys I'm the head of Trader Joe's right now um we ran out of meat so I'm just gonna get like chicken to make dinner and um yeah I'm they're just gonna like study for those tonight so yeah I just got home I'm just going to probably make dinner in a little bit once I get hungry it's only 6:30 so I'm not that hungry but I'm just gonna like relax for a little bit and then probably get back into it because yeah you know your girl is tired it's only 9:30 so it's not that late um but I do have a long night ahead so I'm just gonna keep studying trying to stay awake I'm like getting really tired and I don't know why so hopefully this coffee helps and daylight savings does not help at all with this like I'm so tired early hey guys Thursday morning it's my name so I have to go plastic oh I have class until about three today Oh morning you can know sandesh mocha just kidding I thought she was sleeping I think she works in a couple hours so let me show you guys what I'm wearing I'm wearing my New York Yankees hot and then my camo jacket a black tank top leggings and my adidas nmds damn right so she's a half an outfit on she has a t-shirt and shorts so I will talk to you guys later guys so I have a meeting right now so I'm gonna go do that and then I have my chest so yeah I think I'll do pretty good I studied a lot last night like a lot on campus right now like everybody's like tabling and stuff but what else am I going to do oh yeah I walked out of like discussion and there was so much smoke and it's just so sad I feel I like saw on the news that there's like a fire and everybody it's like vacua ting and like everybody but I know what I think parts are evacuating up in the county and it's just super sad like yeah so we don't like that hi guys I'm back home I finished my test now I have to start setting tonight for my test next week says it's a big one make dinner with Sam tonight just chill I just want to like chill because yeah I already like put a hoodie on and like I'm just gonna like sit on the couch and probably just enjoy like an hour of not doing anything in this is like so funny okay so I like was curious there's a bag like at the entrance at my apartment and I was like what the hell is in there literally like who bought these I don't know three packets of these look how big these are okay I don't just got one two three like honestly who bought these like this just looks ridiculous I don't know why they even bought them like I know my mom went to Costco and with my sister like a couple days ago but we do not eat this much I'm just so confused like honestly hi guys we're making dinner Sam wanted stir-fry she making it I just put the meat cuz she doesn't like you she doesn't like this evening me yeah I've got so and instead of soy sauce we are using this guy today nope coconut aminos good family knows everything coconut aminos it's healthier for you I guess and we like the health I'm sure it's not that happy but so it's the end of the night and I'm just chillin good yeah I just found out is so sad but tomorrow my classes all got cancelled it is because of the fires which is really really really sad I never really experienced anything like that until last year when I was actually living here I was only living here for a couple months and a fire happened here in Sonoma County and it was just it was crazy like it was just crazy and I feel really bad for all the people over there right now it's really like sad I'm just gonna like relax tonight I was planning on spending but if I can have all day tomorrow I need this break so I'm just gonna I can't watch the game and then probably hip to bed hi guys so change of plans completely I was planning on just studying all day and I'm still going to try but I just don't feel good at all I have a headache really bad headache and yeah I just don't feel good and so smoke outside like it's just a lot your days just like ruined when you're sick and you don't put it in its so I had I had a few things to do today I'm feeling so much better so now I'm just gonna spend the rest of my day getting my stuff done and yeah my god my hair looks red because of the smoke wow that's so sad hi guys so after a long day I'm finally back home and I'm with my mom and yeah so I'm tired and I'm gonna get some rest and yeah thanks guys for watching

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