Clothes that grow with your child win Dyson prize – BBC News

Clothes that grow with your child have won the UK’s annual James Dyson prize for innovation.
The prototype garments fit children aged between six months and three years, and were created by engineering graduate Ryan Yasin.
His creation is now being considered for a worldwide prize.

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21 thoughts on “Clothes that grow with your child win Dyson prize – BBC News”

  1. Nice, but not exactly unique… Issey Miyake for instance, has made very similar 'accordion' styles a while back. Plus, the design obviously requires certain fabrics which can hold their shape.

  2. It's incredibly practical and very clever. But when it comes to clothing and fashion, I feel the texture on these clothes which allows the fabric to stretch, doesn't look as nice as smooth fabric. If there's a way of looking at the texture, and making it less noticeable, then maybe this idea might catch on, or remain a novelty invention.

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