Christian Louboutin Chronicles: Episode 3 – Mens Dandy Pik Pik

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hey guys it's Alex today I'm going to bring you another installment I should call these the Christian Louboutin chronicles it's going to be the 3rd installment or the my 3rd Christian Louboutin review video today I'm bringing you guys something really exciting they are my first pair of dandy pick picks I'm so stoked I love these shoes so if you want to watch this video please stay tuned I'm going to make another announcement another announcement if you guys want to leave negative feedback on this video please exit out either this way or this way I'll figure it out when we put it on the Internet please exit out of this video please don't leave negative negativity on this video or on my page I want my page to be as positive as possible I'm really here to help you guys because I wish I had these videos when I was buying my shoes because this is hard if you're gonna spend this much money on a pair of shoes you you want someone to help you so I want to be there to help you guys with your purchases if you guys have any questions you can go ahead and leave them down below but I'm going to jump right into this video and see you on the flip side I'm going to be showing you the dandy pick pick flat patent /gg in the color black multi I mean I'm just gonna call it black multi because there's too many letters and numbers I don't know so these are my dandy pick picks these are crazy I know these are from the winter collection they were just released 2014 – along with my bruno zips that I posted earlier about a month ago these are from the same collection so they are still available for purchase I'm going to put a link down in the description of where you can purchase these shoes I'm going to link to the US Christian Louboutin I'm sorry if you guys are outside of the US I'm gonna link the US link down below I got these at the Christian Louboutin men's boutique in downtown Miami in the Design District so I was just in Miami like two days ago and I picked these up on a Sunday because the men's and the women's Christian Louboutin stores and the designs to district are like the only stores and the designs to district that are open on Sundays and it was perfect it was the only day that I was there that I was able to do stuff so went Sunday picked these bad boys up I did I was not expecting to get these when I went into the store but as soon as I saw them I knew I had to have them sizing for these if you guys know from my previous videos I think Christian Louboutin has changed their sizing I'm really excited about it because I used to wear I religiously I have three pairs of Louboutins that are a forty six and a half which is a 13 and a half u.s. by no means do I wear a thirteen and a half I'm usually a twelve twelve and a half u.s. and these are actually a European 12 these are a 45 these I actually tried on a 46 and a half at the store and those were like fall I couldn't even keep those on it was like a little girl trying on mommy's heels like it was not I was not having it I'm Bernard who helped me at the Miami men's boutique was incredible even if they didn't have the sizing at the men's boutique he ran across the street to the regular boutique that had men's and women's it picked up the sizes there for me and ran back across the street so I could try them on he was amazing so if you guys are in Miami and you want to go to the men's christian louboutin store go see a bernard he'll hook you up so i picked these bad boys up as you can see they are fresh but the best part is I've worn these twice now so they don't look worn but they have been worn so I did want to do a little mini review they don't look like they've been worn because they have not worn them outside I have only worn them inside out in like on carpeting at like events I was just in Miami I was in a hotel in the event that I was going to was in the hotel so I put them on upstairs rode the elevator down to the ballroom I was in the ballroom for a couple hours roll the elevator back up and took them off and I would say comfort wise on a scale of one to ten you guys know my comfort scale one being the most comfortable and ten being the least comfortable when I first put these on these were a three they were super comfortable I could wear these all day at the end of the night there maybe a five because of this toe box I felt like my toes were a little like squished inwards because I do have wider feet but since I have lost almost a hundred pounds in the past year I feel like my feet has shrunk substantially and that partly could be a reason why I'm sitting into a 45 but I really do think they change the sizing to be honest I wore them with socks at the event I know you guys know that I'm not too keen on socks but I did wear them with socks at both events so that could be a factor so I'm actually gonna put these bad boys on my feet so you can see how badass they are in real life okay bye Felisha so guys these are the shoes on my feet you can't even tell me these are not the coolest things you have ever seen in your life I love them these are mine me of Skittles which is my favorite candy so I'm feeling the gig I love them they're so eye-catching with the patent I was getting complimented all night they fit great I was talking with Bernard my sales associate at the Christian Louboutin boutique in Miami and I told him I was like these fit like Cinderella slippers like they are not going anywhere there are 45 and even with my bare feet it takes a little bit of force but the heel is almost coming out a little bit but it's not at all when I have socks on so let me do a little spin for you but they're so i catching they're so shiny they're ridiculous I love that the front as you can see that the very front spike is a tall Coen spike it's almost kind of like a unicorn huh I love it the only thing you have to be really careful about with these shoes even though we've had them for two days these things are dust magnets because of the patent so let me you know what come here come here let me show you apartment or this is my room these are my shoes hashtag it these are my shoes this is how they're set up and I usually just keep them out without the dust covers on them with these shoes I would absolutely not want to leave them out like that I would totally want to keep them in their dust bag at all times so they don't contract dust feel like I'm walking around oh my gosh because let me let's go back diagram these are a pair of my Louis flats as you can see like I left them out and this is just from sitting like I haven't worn these in a while this is just from sitting and look they get hair stuck in the spikes all the time to partly because I'm a hairdresser but please be careful that because hair gets stuck in your spikes but you can kind of see like they get really dusty so if you're going to do a patent leather pair of Louboutins especially the spiked ones because it's hard to clean in between all the spikes if you're gonna do that please store them in the dust bags if you don't want dusty shoes thank you guys so much for watching the third installment I think I want to call these the Christian Louboutin chronicles because that's a really cool name stay tuned for more videos and if you have any questions go ahead and leave them down below guys okay I'll see you my next video bye

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  1. Alex thank you so much I appreciate it more than you'll ever know!! I only own one pair of the sneakers(the no limit spike) sz 41.5 and is pretty snug. 42 would be the best size for me in the no limit. I just bought the dandy pik pik in a sz 42.5 because i couldnt pass for the price! With all that being said how do you think that 42.5 pik pik will fit?? thanks again for the help this was the most important shoe question of my life lol!

  2. Hello! I want to get these but with black spikes for my prom outfit but I cant find them where I live so I might order them online. Normally I wear a size 44 so do you recommend I get a larger size or stick with size 44?

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