Christian Lacroix Haute Couture documentary 1991

insights on the secrets of the haute couture fabrics of Christian

12 thoughts on “Christian Lacroix Haute Couture documentary 1991”

  1. I came here because I just bought a fabulous Lacroix top secondhand for 19 euros. I'm certain that the site from which I bought it didn't realize what it was, or at least the person who marked that particular item didn't. I just hope I have enough nerve to wear it to a wedding in May!

  2. Whenever I look at a haute couture fashion show, besides looking at the actual clothes, I always amazed that everything is made by hand from people with craftsmanship beyond compare,

  3. A boat person from vietnam , did this cunt really say that ?
    It's like let's escape the war in Vietnam and end up working in a workshop for a shitty wage in France . I just love how racism was not only tolerated , it was considered natural and nothing to be ashamed of .

  4. Is there a part 2?
    I love when is shown how much effort and time takes to have a couture piece made from start to finish. Is good for those who do not understand what all the fuss is about…Couture is a true art form.

  5. it's a job that makes the poor girls forget some problems and just count the patterns. The that look colombion saying just see it on the runway was satisfaying, that made me very emotional.
    But couture is so tricky, exclusivity pays to much price here. Lacroix was exceptional

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