Cheap & Cute Korean Fashion Haul PART 2《66Girls Review》

Looking for cute and cheap Korean fashion? I searched the web for the cheapest online Korean fashion websites with the cutest Korean fashion. In my previous Kooding Haul video I purchased $200 worth of Korean fashion so I decided on a similar budget with 66Girls.
66Girls has very affordable Korean Fashion items with everything ranging cute skirts from Korean brands from famous brands like Chuu, to casual pants from their own brand 66Made. Unlike Yesstyle, their pricing is very reasonable and they have loads of sales promotions.
In this video, I unbox all the items from my 66Girls haul and review their website, fashion and their customer service. I’m really positively surprised by the quality of their own brand and overall I’m really happy with all my items from 66Girls! I hope you enjoy this Korean Fashion lookbook with 66Girls and please let me know if there is any other website I should check out!

► Kfashion I purchased (in order of appearance)

○ Pintucked Boot Cut Pull-On Pants
[Color: GRAY, Size: L]

○ Tie Waist Corduroy Shirt Dress
[Color: PINK, Size: ONE SIZE]

○ Raw Hem High Waist Wide Jeans
[Color: MID BLUE, Size: XL]

○ Kangaroo Pocket Turtleneck Lettering Embroidered Sweatshirt
[Color: GREEN, Size: ONE SIZE]

○ High Waist Loose Fit Jeans
[Color: LIGHT BLUE DENIM, Size: 2XL]

○ Loose Fit Stripe Knit Top
[Color: BLUE, Size: ONE SIZE]

○ Slit Straight Cut Denim Skirt
[Color: BLACK DENIM, Size: 2XL]

○ Turtleneck Cotton Stripe T-Shirt
[Color: MUSTARD, Size: ONE SIZE]

○ Balloon Sleeve Stripe Knit Top

○ Corrugated Beret

○ [Color: MUSTARD (BROWN)]

► Makeup I’m Wearing
○ Chica Y Chico One Shot Eye Palette (Brick Khaki)

○ Too Faced Peach Palette

○ Beauty People Super Waterproof Gel Eyeliner Pencil (Auto Gleam Brown)

○ Troiareuke H+ Cream

○ Klairs Creamy & Fit Natural Concealer

○ LOVE 3CE Cheek Maker (Orangish)

○ Benefit Hoola Bronzer

○ MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder Pressed

► Fashion I’m Wearing (beginning of the video)
○ SPAO X Crayon Shin Chan Sweater (Men’s department)
Couldn’t find a link to purchase online

I am not affiliated with 66Girls at the time of making this video. These are not affiliated links. All items in this video were purchased with my own money and everything stated is my own personal opinion. All items were purchased during 66Girls Anniversary sale, therefore prices mentioned in the video may differ from their current prices.
hey it's me here and welcome back to my channel and she's probably seen from the title today it's going to be another unboxing and it's going to be a fashion unboxing just like the coating haul from last time so I found out about this new website which is called 66 girls calm and may sound like a porn website but it's not it's cute Korean fashion so no worries they have a lot of affordable and cute fashion and even includes their own brand which is 66 made which runs from size XS or double XS even for subtitles to double XL so there's a lot of options for all of you out there but they also run they also have like larger more familiar Korean brands like – and those sorts of brands so today I'm going to show you what I got from the website and this was my first haul from them so really curious it took a while to get here but it took a while for the items to get here but they finally arrived only – is that I had to pay for customs unfortunately so yeah but the customs was around $30 or so and all my items were around $200 sorry I had to adjust the background because chiloe is in there and he's nibbling on my blanket so back to the heart had to pay around $30 for the customs plus it's finally here so let's open this oh my god so I bought it also some pants and I wasn't really sure about the size so I'm wondering if I fit into those so yeah fingers crossed for that one the sizing is a bit weird so I hope it all works out quite well go so I kind of forgot some items it's like this more fancy version of a trek pants because it has these kind of lines which you generally see with the office pants so I think the quality looks a bit less good than what I expected from the picture but yeah let's try this on so this is what the pants look like and I actually fit into them so it actually looks better it feels better than what I expected the quality at least if you see here it has this wider hem with the slit like this but yeah I'm actually happy it fits and I kind of like to write him so first off that's not bad okay so that was the pants it feels a bit synthetic but not like in a sweaty fabric so I think it's pretty pretty good and for all the items I will put the links in the description below so next is this item this is like a corduroy one-piece and it comes with a belt like this it has a little bit of flyaway hanging here but I can just easily cut that off they have these in multiple colors if I remember well and it looks so nice on the picture but I'm wondering how it on me so let me change quickly on mine I think it's really cute guys so this is what it looks like bit sad it doesn't have pockets but this comes in only one side you can leave it like this or you can cinch the waist I'm really loving this detail and the corduroy fabric is actually pretty good quality I think this size will for me I'm generally a size 38 European size for my bottom half because I have pretty wide hips and for my top half I'm really small like generally a small or extra small I think this will fit easily into size small or medium especially if you wear with like the waist time since you can cinch the waist so I really like this and I think this is really good for early spring or early early fall as well so yeah this is a really cute one I like it so let's look at the next one no I'm scared about this they have really really cool jeans but I was doubting so much about the sizes because they also only have two hip circumference how do you see the hip width on there but not the total circumstance from there so it was really really difficult to get the size right so I'm not sure if I will fit into this but let's cross our fingers so this is the sign excel but I think they also have double XL this one sowhat's doubting between those two and this is from their own brand I believe you can see here 66 girls and think now it looks a bit wide but I always have that feeling with jeans but then my fat ass fits into it anyway so yeah let's try to get this on oh my god if it I'm so happy look at that so this is a bit of a high top jeans and it has like really really wide hams and also the hem is unfinished let me show you so this is the unfinished hem I really like the basic design of this the only thing is since it's a bit big I have this looping out you can also see in here so maybe it would be good if I would pair this with some kind of some kind of small belt like a thin black belt how about the queue but first of all I'm just really happy I fit into it yeah so next is this sweater and I think this is also freestyle oh this is a fleece fabric sweater and has a turtleneck they also have this in different colors but I do not have many green items so I bought it in green and let's try to put this on without messing up my hair and my husband the fabric is really really soft and I like it but if you sweat easily I think this is kind of sweaty synthetic fabric but yeah so says here make it happen you have these pockets like this I think this goes well with the pants as both are really simple design you can also top the turtleneck in like this and then it's a bit lower the sleeves are pretty wide and I really like this please fabric it looks a bit velvety I think on camera so that looks really cute yeah I like it so far it is goes better than the last coating haul except for the customs and that it took longer to arrive these items fit me well and a really surprise I fit into the jeans so yeah for that next is the different jeans I think this is also a wider version and I got this in double XL so I think since this one is a bit wide at my waist I'm not sure if this is a high-top model as well but I think if it is then it would be a bit too wide for me but let's see okay so this jeans is as I suspected it's a bit too wide so it turns more into a mom jeans with the wide hems and white cuffs but I think maybe again with the belt I can cinch it a bit so yes I think if you have wide hips like me you can just fit into the regular L size or the regular XL so this is what it looks like and you can see here I have a lot of space left they don't know about nothing on you not everybody might seem a tiny talking not terrible I think is still kind of cute though but maybe have to match it with something more tighter as a top and again this is with a wide hem at the bottom let me show you unlike the other one this has a finished hem and the other one was an unfinished hem and this is more of a lighter color than it so I think I'm a bit sad this one is a bit too wide but I think you can somehow cinch it the length is all right I think for me I'm quite tall so I was afraid this might be a little too short but I think I can pull it off so yeah let's get onto the second one I think if it's too wide it's less of an issue than if it's like too tight that is just not comfortable when you have this sweater exclude the runner and this is by their own brand as well you can see here 66 girl so this also comes in one size and a split oversize which I always like with sweaters if Ginny likes the sweater too and he likes like the basic designs with stripes like this he's probably going to steal this sweater because we buy a lot of unisex things when and where it together so anything with stripes I know he's going to steal for me and I like that the sleeves are a bit long and then you have kind of a wide hem here so yeah I think this is pretty cute all done next I think this is a hand or a skirt well this is a skirt this is like a long black denim skirt and it's by Korean brand monster team 66 girls premium denim overall the quality looks pretty good I'm just wondering if I will fit into this in the right way or if it's too big or too small because I'm not sure if it's something that you need to wear up until here or just a bit lower on the hips yeah let's try so this is the skirt and it has this kind of split here on both sides and this size actually fits me pretty well it looks sexy but you at the same time if you pair it with the simple sweater like this I was a bit afraid that v would be a bit wrong like with the previous jeans because there's a double XL as well but I actually had to squeeze my button so I think this is a good fit so yeah on to the next one I think this is another sweater and this is like a barb blue with a turtleneck so let's try this on so this is the sweater and this is a one size as well I believe and I like it but I think the turtleneck thing with this one is a bit suffocating so let me try to tuck this in so this'll might look like black but is actually dark blue with yellow like a mustard color and this fits me pretty well so so far only one thing that I think the fit is a bit tricky so I'm happy I chose well next time I shop from their website I know what skirts it's better to do like the double XL and maybe like for the pants just regular L size or maybe the one Excel but not a double XL so our final item another sweater and I really like this color on their website but now that I'm seeing it I'm doubting so this is from their own brand as well I believe and this is a much thinner fabric you can see my hand shines almost through so I think you have to wear some kind not on the top of the knitted this smells a bit dusty guys think it's it's cute but this hem looks a bit wide the color looks a bit weird and the fabric is really thin so this would definitely only be like for springtime or you have to layer like a jacket or something on top because yeah the fabric is basically seen through but the sleeve length is pretty alright and the bottom length is okay too I just think that the top color over here is a bit off and I'm not sure again why I chose this color I think I'm not sure about the color so yeah final item is an accessory and it's a bear and this is the corduroy beret and you can see it's a bit tucked here it's a bit flatter on this side and then it has some stretch on here like a stretch band so this is from the brand bras I'm not sure which side to put in front the flat side or no I think this side so this is double ready I'm not really sure how to wear it yet I think it looks a bit of blue here maybe I should have chosen a different color yeah these were all the items I got from 66 girls I highly recommend their website if I had to compare to the previous website we had in the home ko-teng calm I think coding is more faster both of them the customer service are quite good I have haven't had any issues with them ordering these two times but I think coding was a bit faster for 66 girls some of their items were in stock but they have this kind of stocking system where they have to get the items first so it took actually over a week or so before my eyes by order even got shipped and then it was held with customs and everything so it took over two weeks whereas holding took only like one week in total with the shipping and packaging and everything both I think they ship for free around $200 all the items I bought here was on there some kind of anniversary still but they have a lot of sales somehow going on so you just should sign up for their email notification and you will get a notification for their sales and for Europe they send for free they ship for free – with orders over 200 euros I actually have one additional item which I ordered was out of stock and they refunded that really quickly so I think overall the service was pretty good I sent them an email also asking about something and they replied like within two hours so yeah I think that's really good and I think the items are pretty good quality it's not like the kind of Aliexpress or Taobao quality it's of course a little more expensive but I like all the items and if you love Korean fashion I highly recommend you to check them out so I hope you enjoyed this haul and I see you in the next one bye

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  1. Hi! Ive been wanting to buy from 66girls, but Im worried about their sizings. How did you know which sizings to pick? I like to wear baggier pants so I don't know whether to buy M or L or even XL.

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