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-Chanel boy clutch reveal:
hello everyone welcome back to my channel my name is Amy and today I have a really exciting reveal for you guys from Chanel this is something I picked up the day before Black Friday which is November 23rd I had asked my essay to keep an eye out for this item just and let me know when it does come in it's something that I've been wanting for the last maybe year to year and a half but didn't actively pursue it till more recently I'm just gonna quickly show you guys what I've picked up and then I can talk a little bit about it about the combination I was looking for and details like that the item I picked up came in this Chanel shopping bag with the Chanel elope writing here in the camellia flower unfortunately here in Canada or in Vancouver where I live they did not have the Christmas ribbons and Camellia just yet the item I picked up came oops in this fairly large magnetic box says Chanel on the front and it opens up like this okay it's going to put the Box down and came with some tissue paper of course and I have already unboxed this obviously but let's quickly show you guys what's inside the bag or inside the box rather so the ribboning outside had the white camellia and the Chanel ribbon and I also with all the items I purchased my essay always gives me one of these polishing cloth which is inside this cardboard folder here hey so inside the box there is a dust bag it's actually a drawstring dust bag and my essay told me that these dust bags are they have a newer design basically the material is much thicker than the other older black dust bags it is basically very thick feels a good quality and you can't see through it like the other ones I think they were a little bit on the thinner side but I didn't mind either one I think all of Chanel's dust bags are quite nice I think Louie Vuitton ones are a little bit less durable and they especially if you're someone like me that likes to use their dust bags quite often especially for small other goods for Louboutin the dust bags tend to wear very fast very quickly whereas I'm quite happy with Chanel dust bags and they have of course the the white ones are quite nice that come with the classic flops or at least my jumbo has one the white version with the coco cartoon on it or Coco drawing and the car like Lagerfeld signature at the bottom and they also have the really well-made microfiber dust bags which I have I get with most of my small other goods but anyhow yeah they did redesigned a suspect happy with it I really love drawstring bags as well to reveal my new chanel Coco handle in the small size Black Caviar leather and aged or matte gold hardware and it does have the black caviar handle and this is in the small size which is basically the second to smallest size and I say second to smallest because in Europe the sizing is different than North America so in North America they have four sizes the mini the small the medium and large so I believe if you wanted the mini size in North America and if you wanted the equivalent one in the Europe you would be asking for too small if you wanted the small version North America which is this one here then I would be asking for the medium in Europe so this bag I believe is small in North America and medium in Europe but correct me if I'm wrong because I'm just getting this information from the purse forums but yeah I believe the sizing is a little bit weird if you're going from North America to Europe so basically over the last year and a half I actually wanted a different combination I wanted the block cap your leather I wanted to Black Caviar handle but I actually wanted ruthenium Hardware regarding the handle I didn't mind if it was lizard or caviar but because caviar it is it is cheaper than the lizard I don't know what the price difference is exactly but it's quite significant I believe and I prefer to cab Europe also because not only is it cheaper but also I've heard that the lizard is a little bit more prone to wear because of lifting but yeah I wanted the ruthenium hardware because I've been singing it all over social media and I really liked that combination that didn't have any ruthenium in my collection and I like the durability and it just has this kind of rustic look and I would I really like that for this Coco handle my really good friend on YouTube and Instagram Snape HBP or Sam has this small sized Coco handle with a girth indium hardware and I really really loved the exact combination that she has I'd also even love the twilly that she has on the handle the exact color she has there and so I've basically been admiring hers her Coco handle for quite some time I was hoping to get one exactly like it including the twilly but of course it's really hard to find lilies in the exact combination because they changed them all the time but anyways when I asked my sales associate about the Coco handle she told me that there were some coming as part of the classic line so this is part of the classic line it is not seasonal it's not part of the 18c collection so it just every once in a while they do get something from the classic line I don't know if it's always going to be gold hardware or H gold hardware but they do have these come in from time to time depending I don't know if it's ordered periodically or if the company just sends a certain number of these over every once in a while but my sales associate said that ruthenium Hardware wasn't coming any time soon it wasn't on there received list or order list and so if I wanted the ruthenium Hardware it wouldn't I don't know what when I would be able to get it and just in general the Coco handle is a fairly difficult item to get and you can't just walk into us at least not in Vancouver maybe if you're in that like Co city that really kind of prioritizes their luxury boutiques like some more like New York or something like that it might be a little bit easier or if you're in Europe might be a little bit easier but in Vancouver we don't have a lot of selection and just in general the Coco handle I've heard is quite difficult to obtain so she did tell me that there was eight gold hardware coming in in Black Caviar leather now of course I did some extra like additional research to make sure I wanted the big because it isn't easy for her to find so after talking to a few friends I decided that I really really loved the combination of Black Caviar and Matt gold hardware I actually do have my boy clutch which I will link down below I have a video all about it with that same combination and I absolutely love it so after some thought I actually realized that I love love love age gold hardware with black caviar and ruthenium is also very nice but I actually have eight now have a preference towards the aged gold hardware so the cocoa handle has as you can see here a turn lock at the front and which opens up like so and I just have a felt here I'm just gonna pull out the tissue and I'm sure you can't really see inside here it's starting to get dark but I'll try my best to show you guys what's what it looks like inside the bag so here we have a burgundy textile lining so this is again the cocoa handle with the black caviar or the caviar handle so if you have the lizard handle the interior is made of leather but if you have the caviar handle the interior is made out of textile so it's burgundy inside and at the very very front it's kind of similar to the classic flat board are two pockets and in the center here there is a lipstick compartment and I have a zipper compartment in the middle here and also a large another compartment back here and another smaller zipper compartment at the very very back and since this is a tapered bag it appears to be small but it does have a lot of space down at the bottom oh we have a four feet which I love it prevents the bag from scratching when you put it down in at the back here I have the Mona Lisa Mona Lisa pocket and I absolutely love how puffy this bag is okay so here you go oh and this is what the side looks like some people do worry about the wear on the corners here I will monitor that carefully but hopefully I won't to have any problems my friend Sam hasn't had any problems and she's had this bag for quite some time and so I hope that I will also not have any issues the strap here is detachable and you can see there is a lobster clasp here with the CC on it and I don't anticipate taking off this drop too too often but it's good to have that option alright so this is what the bag looks like on me off one shoulder and I can also wear it crossbody obviously it's not ideal but if I sway it to the back is not too bad I have a very long torso and I'm also relatively tall I'm almost five foot eight and so crossbody is not ideal but I would wear this crossbody more often than the Jumbo which has a longer strap but I think this bag looks actually not too bad this life wearing crossbody and when you do open up the bag there is one issue with the handle hitting you but if you just lift it up a little bit like this with some space in between your body and the bag it's not so bad alright so oh if you guys are wondering I just measured the strap drop on this bag it is approximately 19 inches which is very very short so most people do not wear this bag crossbody but I do really like to have that as an option and it is not too bad when you wear it crossbody okay so that does it for my review hope you guys enjoyed it I will do a what's in my bag video if you guys are interested I'm in the future and also a proper review thank you so much for joining me today and I'll see you in my next video bye

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  1. Hi Aimee, watching this video put this bag in my radar now. Your bag is so gorgeous. Can you tell me what the price is now in Canada? Is your bag the small size? Would you say that it’s the same size as a jumbo?

  2. Dear Aimee,

    This is Xiaolin , from US . I’m looking for this bag , but it’s sold out everywhere in the US . I’m wondering if it is still available in Canada? And please , if you want to sell yours , please let me know 🙏🏻☺️thanks a lot

  3. I love this bag and was adamant to buy it last year (2016) when it got really popular. Unfortunately when I saw the hardware it just put me off. It just looks so hideous. I wish they would release with shiny yellow gold hardware.

  4. How do you think about aged gold hardware??will it fade become silver? What problem would I face after some time? I have never had a gold hardware before, so I am very hesitating to get one or not. Hoping to get your reply.thank you

  5. love your review!!! I am trying to decide between the exact same bag and a mini size… any advice on choosing a size? the mini one looks cute and small looks more elegant I think….?

  6. Congrats!!!! It is SO CUTE! I like the drawstring dustbag, glad it is thicker now! I love the hardware , it goes so well against the black.

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