Careers In Fashion Design

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Check out the exciting options available to you in the career field of Fashion Design.
as a fashion designer you can dress for success literally design is a wonderful field for someone with a lot of creativity imagination and a good sense of visual appeal fashion designers must be able to express our ideas not only allowed but also through sketches and written descriptions being able to work independently and under pressure as well as to adapt quickly to change are also important traits good business sense and a high comfort level with sales work can also be an asset for the many designers who work freelance or choose to start their own business most fashion design employers look for someone with training in textiles fabrics and ornamentation filled with knowledge about the history and trends of the fashion world employment in design fields varies widely a third of all designers work freelance will run their own business because of the nature of their work designers must often work flexible hours in order to accommodate their clients schedules and are often under tight deadlines and budgets if you've got a good eye and a creative flair a career in the world of fashion design might be for you

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