Can An International Student Pays Its Tuition Fee While Studying in Australia? REALTALK

Can An International Student Pays Its Tuition Fee While Studying in Australia? REALTALK
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Can An International Student Pays Its Tuition Fee While Studying in Australia? I TRUE REALTALK

Paano Ako Nakarating ng Australia + Trabaho Sa PInas at Australia I BUHAY AUSTRALIA REALTALK

TRABAHO AT SAHOD ng mga Filipino International Student sa AUSTRALIA I BUHAY AUSTRALIA


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welcome to another vision my life welcome to Mary one is Terry this is Mary and today I'm gonna do another video informative video and this time I'm gonna talk about questions that was frequently asked since I started YouTube and since I share my life as an international student here in Australia so if you want to know about this one just keep on watching but before that if you haven't subscribed to my channel please do so don't forget to click the build button below so you can be notified each time of I upload video well going back to the topic this time I'm gonna speak on my own language which is Filipino language so I can be comfortable to express my own opinion regarding to this topic but I will try my best to sample translate some of them in English for what although my target audience is my own my very own kebab and so I can help them or give them overview what's really the scenario here on Australia so topic was of course get an international student pay its tuition fee while studying here in Australia okay guys I'm gonna start now this time I'm gonna divide the topic into two first is what did people told me before coming here in Australia and secondly what's my own experience when I landed here in the land down under so to start with first scenario what did the people told me before coming to Australia particularly before coming here in Australia someone have told me give you an overview of what we can have or what we can experience here in Australia and apart from that I was even told by the agency oh my god Hakuna Matata Kaluga whole you and particularly I was been given orientation of the agencies or a lot of agencies and yeah agency told me that yeah I can pay my tuition fee because I am allowed to work in 20 but in addition they say that I can work in illegal activities good don't get me wrong guys I like illegal activities activities means are working on cash on hand without parks hindi naman talaga actually hindi naman talaga illegal to work in cash but still they say that it steadily yeah say you're not paying tax and you're not giving anything to government try to myself Philippine agenda bar as much as possible you have to give something for the government and for your own good in Amman you in the back but then again just because we don't want to pay too much stocks ok aware we were trying to find a job we just which which doesn't have any tax in Paris I'm sorry my own but most of the like actually honestly most of the students here au Tala Gandhinagar well apart from the 20 hours job Marin packing Marin found cash on hand job that would adapt to their bills Allegan lot nicer than stitch and a little map Indian nationality or Nepalese nationality or Korean nationality or whatever our Filipino nationality in ago I own yep unless photographer young man Kalin so never mind about the twenty hours but you know like what I've said Keylong are not come by them by climbing up on by the bills kala and upon by the phone line hey Alan come by non-pom biood Sal hack no mana mana feel abandoned by Aaron kala move put the subpoenas at most importantly killin a new book by it and tuition so high now and apart from this 20 hours que la palma trabajo not extra yeah from that information I was convinced that yeah I can pay my tuition fee simply if you work hard now going back to second scenario which is the reality the who sign into a basin and not Maranatha vetoes Australia is a good core from that question depending depending in si quano purpose Monica point Alito's Australia number one if Maggie student visa haba para committal Annabella lamps by the Aaron Burr number two next student visa cabacas Augusto moment in Peter or cities and itõs Australia to modify so question number one neck student visa fob are part of Comet Elenin paper a twopical ska Superga other well I would say yes you can definitely pay your tuition fee at market don't money reasons number one I'm assuming boomerang school at we shouldn't feel and I'll play live and move so you're gonna find school which is very cheap and patient fee which has been ha you've been a low as now so from that maja it wouldn't cut a leg on so of course when he denied I say bye-bye ed move sir school na aluminum on Hindi no mentality no purpose Monica Potter Guiteau so yummy bye-bye administer school uh trabajo necessarily more at para my maybe big Aqaba so family Musa Philippines number two reason most of the school number and usually some basis lungs and lingo Puma Paso and the rest of the day Africa now so to do whatever you want so unless you're doing your assessment or assignment which is required you have a lot of luck you have a lot of time to work more number three reason is when you came here as a couple and your partner can can work in fort I'm not I'm not saying they can work beyond twenty hours of course there's still you're still limit on twenty hours but then again tacking they're doing this mix and match 20 hours with top twenty hours without back so you can still working full time so when everybody came here as a couple units I missed a giant a and working on twenty hours and then you kiss a kiss working on twenty hours then and cash on hand job 20 hours job and then they have cash on hand job if they combine together mm aha evanka not for her for your schools and your student for your school fees a much better you know so going back to the second dependent thing the second question is not student visa Sabah that he goes to moment in PR or city send it as Australia thanks a lot depend the parade number one reason every single at in Esfahan more sorry limo I don't think it's possible you really need a financial support market to be a PR 11 occupation moon it's listed in the immigration or skilled migration list example yet a human accountants IEP profession nurses engineer yo like that for my example I started counting and it was still on the migration list and the tuition ranges $6,000 to $9,000 a second Institute and punk University in Amman it ranges from $8,000 to $12,000 per semester semester means two to three months of study and it will compose of three months so per course it ranges third $36,000 to fifty four thousand dollars for Institute and twenty thousand to $72,000 say University in Amman that's for accounting course and I will tell you honestly it's really really hard so it means you have to save one at least $1,000 Australian dollars for your tuition fee and it's impossible if you are solu but if you're a couple my trust in a man I've heard a lot of success stories here in Australia Napolitan extra Godzilla youngest student she's working 20 hours in the you partnering uh aside from the 20 hours McCaskill Paso and never know what will happen in the three years or staying here here usually Marian times now me here insulin nerve assistance from the Philippines pero they can work it back at you know Tata bobble and Scylla and then they can pay eventually panagon it's really struggled payable at the end it's worth it cause sayin who handle a you'll be presenting and in P Ursula so I guess eventually the most important thing is you really have to work hard here in Australia perrilyn Martin mo you manago's mo Cebu hi well apparently on my part I'm still honestly I'm still struggling I really don't know how I'll go into detail but then I'm still enjoying my life in here nog and and unplaced at all and if I give it a chance why not I wanna steadily settle in here pero of course guys think come to think of it fell on yamuna beside but you have to be financially stable financially already KO and your body should be ready as well like I say telegram my Hammond car your way Matt come here and then migrate in here but if you're really struggling struggle to turn in money hindi naman Quran candidate deep so I think that's all for me guys I hope this video helps you if you have questions don't forget to comment below if you like this video give me a thumbs up and then if you haven't subscribed to my channel yet don't forget to subscribe click the red button below so you can be notified each time my full video thank you very much for watching and hope see you on my next video thank you guys bye bye okay guys it's just an addition everything that I've said in here is may not be applicable to everyone it's just according to my own experience so don't treat that as a reality on but that's for my experience only disclaimer guys so that's all for me guys thank you very much for watching and then if you like this video please give me a thumbs up then comment know don't forget to comment below and subscribe to my channel bye bye

24 thoughts on “Can An International Student Pays Its Tuition Fee While Studying in Australia? REALTALK”

  1. True yan sis super mahal ang school dito ..lucky ako company nagbayad ng university ko dito .. at kung hindi ka mag bayad ng tax kung mahuli naku lagot ka talaga kasi everyone must pay tax dito ..mahuli ka dito ganyan jail lagpak …not advisable na no tax kasi everyone must pay tax ..kung wala tago ka ng todo and thats hard ..hindi transparent …kaya mahirap sis kung may family to help you ok lang basta help ka nila ..kung wala then prepare mahirap …thanks for sharing sis …dito ka na tumira sis hee hee ..😍😍😍😍🇦🇺🇦🇺

  2. Very inspiring video po! Share ko lang po yung part ko. Fresh grad po ko ng BSBA finance major last May, 2019 po and currently working po sa office since June 4 palang. Pero, hoping po na makapag work dyan. Willing to study po dyan but don't know how and when to start. May relatives po ako dyan pero we are not that close po and wala kami communication. Kaya hindi ko po sila maask. Ano po maadvice nyo po sa akin for preparations habang nagiipon po ko ng experience dito sa current work ko? Thank you po for inspiring me. and more po. God bless!

  3. Hi po Ma'am. BSBA grad ako and have 5 yrs work experience in Admin and Finance. Possible kaya na makakuha ako ng PR if entry ko dyan is student visa for 2 yrs advance accounting course? Sana po ma replyan nyo ko. Thanks po

  4. Hi po, ask ko lang if u have idea po how much magastos kung PR na ang applyan, di na student visa. Tingin ko pwede na ako sa pionts, ang gastos nlng talaga ang kulang. Thanks u

  5. Hi po. Ask ko lang po kung ano ang pwedeng pathway for acctg students there. Can i study Certificate/Diploma in acctg first and then bachelors degree after? Would it cost me a lot if i study cert/diploma courses in acctg? Thank you. Hope you hear me po. ☺️

  6. Hi ate, kasama ba sa malaki chance na ma-PR Yung current work mo? Age care ba yon. He he. Ilang years siya?

    Btw, Isa ka sa mga sincere and nagustuhan ko nag vlog about AUS, keep it up 😊 new viewer here. Cheers. Mabuhay ka! Mabuhay tayong lahat he he.

  7. mas mahirap po ba pag diploma or bachelor?

    kung bachelor degree po ba ang kukunin possible po ba na mabyaran ko lahat ng expenses jan sa sydney on my own?

    at kung nakapag tapos ka po ba ng diploma jan possible po na makakuha ka ng regular employer?

    thankyou for the answer! 🙂

  8. Hello po. Informative vlog. How long po yung first visa nyo? Umuwi po ba kayo sa Pinas after? Pagbalik nyo po, anung type of visa na? How were you granted a second entry to AU?

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