Brand Quiz: Name these womens fashion brands

This week’s Summit Brand Quiz is about women’s fashion brands.
Watch the video and see if you’re quick enough to spot four of Britain’s best known women’s fashion brands.
Be quick though, you have less than 15 seconds before the logo brand appears.
Brian's spent hundreds of millions of pounds just to build up an image and some are more effective at this than others it's all about the concepts that shoppers associate with a company shoppers treasure apple and Nike but what about the thousands of other brands out there well in this week's summit Brian quiz I've got four well-known women's fashion brands what comes to mind when shoppers think of these one of my mother's personal favorite I love the prints where I've ever heard of all that made before hippie-dippie to begin with and it's changed been around forever very English Rose lauralee dresses very homely style i think and probably catering to a slightly older market that's more classy they've got very expensive but plainness way is not typically fashion orientated proud for the people that work in the state e bank really good quality british fashion high-end vice this is very expensive but their cells are excellent it's enjoyable shopping they're keeping their twenties I think we don't really use this is quick it's reliable they have a lot of choices i buy buy a lot dress from there so they have ten percent days of twenty percent days of midseason cells if I have heard of it but I've no idea what it is it's edgy but wearable is very infants like ours on very young people who's that that caters took quite a wide range of Ages I think yeah high fashioned I think probably can press rel woman's aged between 25 to 35 low-end high street but better Primark lots of pastels they like white it has no specific type of style it's very European so some predictable responses and some surprising ones retailers does this feedback match with your expectations check out some its other street service for more insight into how shoppers view and interact with your brand

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