BFA Photography & Video at School of Visual Arts – Department Overview

The BFA Photography and Video program at the School of Visual Arts grounds students in the creative and technological skills of the medium as well as in the job opportunities available in the field. This means that by the end of your four years here, you’ll know how to process and print both black and white and color material; how to light a studio; how to use medium- and large-format cameras and how to work with digital materials. You’ll have had the opportunity to pursue fashion photography, landscape photography, still-life photography, portraiture, photojournalism and other genres of the medium.
the conversation is always changing around photography in terms of the way photographs are being seen though the way that photographs are being disseminated we could have those in-depth conversations about developing a body of work over a full academic year of living in New York City and getting the chance to go the galleries and see so much and I just feel regularly inspired by that and I'll yell at my students be that you have to see this show it's the most amazing exhibition if you miss it it's absolutely required for this class in the critique courses which I think are enormously important and they are the centerpiece of the school – why you come you can have that direct and really intense experience with other students and with a faculty member I love technology I think it's wonderful I think we're just super saturated with pictures now by working with film and you know going through a program like this you really learn how the camera works you learn about light and learn about depth of field you learn about how to frame you learn about content context you know I'm advising these students to do X Y & Z you know am i doing X Y Z it keeps me honest and kind of working as well every student has a different relationship with photography and a different sort of solution or a different way of defining for themselves what it is the one thing that knocking is when you look through a camera whether it's the electronic daguerreotype joviality that we've been gonna look at it and say wow what a mess be as creative as possible to use as much of their imagination as they can there's a general assumption about photography that it's really a matter of the eye but everybody who's and nose index menagerie not so much about how you see but how you imagine I think that is one of the wonderful things about being in New York is just getting exposed to so the diversity so much so much art all the time

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