Best Dior fragrances for men | Gimme five!

Let’s continue the GIMME 5 series. This time around we’re doing the timeless house of CD (Christian Dior). Stay tuned for other episodes of this series soon to be posted…

What are your TOP 5 favorite Dior fragrances for men? Comment below…

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44 thoughts on “Best Dior fragrances for men | Gimme five!”

  1. I smelled Dior Homme for the first time today and I'm going to buy it!! I absolutely love this fragrance and Eau Sauvage(1966 edition)I want to own a bottle of that too.I love Fahrenheit as well.

  2. Gimme 5… Maybe gimme 5 times 5! Dior is an amazing house, which is top quality in everything they do, from the cellophane folds to their fragrances. Elegance, class and sophistication, three words that are synonymous with Dior.

  3. My 5: Dior Homme EDT, DHI, DHP, Fahrenheit EDT, and Sauvage EDT, in fact, Dior Homme EDT is my signature scent. It is also my favorite house, the quality that the house puts on their products is just amazing! The packaging, the bottles, and the fragrances are top notch!

  4. Fahrenheit is for the man stuck in the USSR during the cold war and in the Gulag. Lol It's quite put there with it's petroleum scent. I told the fragrance lady at Dillard's and she laughed pretty loudly. She thought it was way strong . Which it is for an EDT.
    Dior Homme Intense EDP is my favorite. Dior Sauvage EDP is great too. That seems to have dialed down the Ambroxan a bit. Which is quite subdued and nice.
    I have not tried Dior Homme Parfum . Yet. I hear that has leather in it.

  5. Dior is my favorite house without a doubt. As far as current formulations go, I would choose Dior Homme Parfum over Intense. Great list from a great house by a great reviewer.

  6. It's hard really… Christian Diors fragrances are soo different from each other. Every genre they make is well above average. If their doing driftwood pear in Higher Dior their doing it better then any other house. If their doing fig and sea salt like Dune they are nailing it . Christian Dior is the best designer house next to Guerlain

  7. Hey Max. Great video as always. I wanted to ask you…. have you seen Jeremy Fragrances newest video? I'd like to hear what you think about it. It's a little odd from the get-go but then he starts talking about religion…

  8. My top five would be
    5 dior homme
    4 dior sauvage
    3 Fahrenheit le parfum
    2 homme intense
    1 higher energy

    I really missed the dior higher energy in your list, to me that's a scent I can't do without 😄

  9. Most of the fragrances mentioned I've not tried. Sauvage is just ok, too strong and synthetic for my taste. My favorite Dior fragrance is Feve Delicieuse.

    By far my favorite fragrance house is Creed. Second best, Tom Ford.

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