Beautiful party dress for kids full making

This video is about the making of a very beautiful party dress for kids. I made it for a 5 year girl. I used grey net and silk fabric. The making of pleated sleeves is shown in detail.

Its better to make the sleeve on a spare fabric first and then trace the pattern on actual fabric

Fabric flower:

Petticoat tutorial

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Aoa viewers Welcome to My Channel In This Video I'm Going to Tell You the Making of a Party Dress for Kids I'm Using Net Fabric and Silk Fabric for This Dress I'm Using 2m Net Fabric and 3m Silk Fabric for 5 Year Girl First We Will Cut The Skirt If You Want More flare then use Full Circle Pattern Comment below if you want to learn full circle pattern. I Will Definitely upload a video We Will Make Half Circle skirt Here First note down the length of skirt required Add 7 to 8 Inches to the full length of the skirt, you must have fabric twice this value. Like I Need 26 Inch Long Skirt So add 8 Inches to 26 and we Get 34 So I Should Have 70 Inches Long Fabric Let's start cutting This is the Single Layer of Fabric I need 26 inch long skirt,i take 8inch extra,so from here at 34 inch i will fold the fabric I Have Folded the Fabric. Now move the fabric from this side to the other side so that a corner forms here Like this Now From this Corner We Will Mark For Waist and then for Full Length Of The Skirt After Folding We Get Four Layers of the Fabric ,so we will mark 1/4 of the waist We have 22"for waist ,1/4 of 22is 5.5" so we will place measuring tape at 5.5" and maark at one side. Now check the distance of this mark from the corner. Its about 8 inches. So mark at 8inches from that corner for the waist Now mark for full length of the skirt. We will mark from the corner so sdd 8inches to full length and then mark from the corner As we need 26inch long skirt, add 8 to it we get 34", so we will mark at 34" from that corner Upper 8 inch piece will be cut and we will get our requured length It is a must to mark from that corner otherwise if you mark from the waistline then you won't get a levelled bottom. Cut at the two lines just marked We gotta attach a silk patch at the bottom of the skirt so ,place the skirt as such on folded silk fabric and trace the bottom.shape We will cut3,4 strips as the silk is folded once and the flare of skirt is more than that. Cutting the strips in the same shape will be helpful in stitching and nice finishing We need 2.5" wide strip so adding 1 inch seam allowance we will cut 3.5"wide strips. Cut silk fabric skirt in the same manner as we cut net fabric skirt with same measurements Hem the bottom of skirt . fold once and sew all the way round then fold again and sew . it will be easier and give nice finishing Join the strips together before attaching at the bottom. Wrong side of skirt and the strip be facing you and then stitch at the bottom Pin up the strip at the bottom before stitching. It will be much easier to sew then . After stitching at the bottom like this, fold the margine towards the net side and top stitch. In this way it will sit in its place better. Fold the strip towards right side and fold the raw margine inside and topstitch Press and pin up first then sew. Then place net skirt over the silk skirt and sew them together at the waist and both sides Sew the side seam now leaving 4-5"at the top for the zip to go in. Skirt is ready now we will cut and stitch the bodice Take two pieces of silk fabric 15"wide and 11"long I'm making it for 5year girl , you can change the measurements as per your requirement. Fold the two pieces,keeping back part 1/2 inch outwards from the center,as it will be used as seam allowance for the zip Mark 1/2 of shoulder(mine 5.5") and 1/2 of armhole round(mine6") Mark 1/4of chest (mine 6")and then 1/4 of waist(mine 5.5") We will make boat neck here so keep it wide. Im marking at 3.5" width and 2"deep. 2.5" depth will also be fine Draw shape for back armhole and then front armhole (deeper than back) Cut net bodice keeping it as pattern . Then place net on right side of base fabric and sew from all sides to make it one piece. It is easy to handle now. We made two stitchlines at the center back . Cut from the middle Cut lining taking main bodice as pattern. Separate the lining for now and sew the front and back bodice at shoulder Mark center front Measure the length of neckline from center front to center back and note it Then measure what length you want your sleeve to hang like shown Mine is 18" So we will cut 18"wide silk fabric, and 28"long (this length will be pleated down to necklength we measured from center front to center back) This is the fabric we just cut. Fold it Make 2inch slope at bottom Join it to the top in a curve shape as shown It should not be much wider at the top .a little bit pointed shape would be better for kids as shown. Hem the bottom Pin up first then handstitch. It will be easier and nice Then before pleating down mark the center This center point will be attached to the shoulder The direction of pleats will be towards the center just marked First two pleats will be less wide, keep the distance of pleats even. This pleated part will be attached to neckline that we measured 8.5" so pleats should be closer so we can reduce the length to 8.5" 3rd and 4th pleat will be wider than first two but keep the distance even 5th and 6th pleats will be the widest as you can see but the distance amongst all the pleats should be same 3-4 inch fabric should be left after pleating down. Fold this extra fabric inside the last pleat as shown With a few stitches at the wrong side fix all the pleats in place. Get another piece ready in the same way. Sew each piece from center back to center front. Leave the seam allowance at the center back Now attach lining to it for finishing Sew front and back part at shoulder Then place lining on the main bodice and sew at the center back and neckline as shown Before folding the lining to the wrong side, top stitch at it by keeping the margin towards lining Now the lining will never come out of the main bodice Now pin lining and main bodice at armhole in place and attach piping Piping done at armhole. Sew the side seams,right sides of front and back be facing each other Bodice ready Attach bodice to the skirt at the waist Now place zip underneath in place and topstitch Fabric flower is attached at the center front . link is given in the description below. Like,share and subscribe

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