Ken, Ryan & Stephen dolls needs a 2019 wardrobe that can go from day to night, beach to town, school to premiere. Includes a top, bottom and pair of shoes. Mix and match with other clothing in the line to create different looks and explore style.


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these four Beach dolls that try it on last year's fashions are now going to try on this year's fashions let's take a look at what we have for 2019 after this so it's a good-looking bunch of fashions I think it's kind of strange some of them come with shoes and some of them don't come with shoes that's odd not as odd as this last year guy who didn't come with a t-shirt and just a jacket it's kind of unusual outfit this one may be similar these are the beach dolls over the last few years this is the newest one Ryan and Canon Steven and the thing about these ones are that their arms don't go out but there are only five dollars usually at Walmart or probably cheaper in the u.s. that is their price in Canada we've got four different guys four new fashions let's try them on whoa it's a good thing these guys are beach guys because there's only one pair of pants in the lot and it comes with a pair of flip-flops so still a very beachy look we've got this pack with a pair of sunglasses instead of shoes and some kind of a weird asymmetrical split into long sleeve t-shirt the denim shorts look great some floral shorts and like this bleached ombre thing going on and a bracelet would be the accessory for that pack and then this is some kind of I don't know euro jogger outfit but again it's shorts and it comes with sneakers I should have my mannequins to put on these old fashions but if you've missed this video definitely check that out this is the one that I did in Hawaii no I wouldn't have done this one in Hawaii because I didn't have the four Beach Ken's with me so if you want to see these fashions more in depth definitely check out that video I'll put a link at the end but since this guy head on the crazy pattern and sweat pants I'm gonna put on the crazy pattern and sweat pants and the exact same flip-flops the packaging for 2019 it doesn't have kin written on the fashion packs even for the career ones I don't know if they want you to be able to let Barbie wear some of them I've noticed that the pants really are quite tight so they probably would fit on Barbie quite well you're not gonna get this on a broad can it's probably gonna look fine on the slim can these pants um they're kind of sloppy looking kind of strange fitting maybe they're a little harem t-shirt has velcro on the back sometimes if the clothes aren't fitting properly chances are some of the fasteners are still left in these sandals are actually different they're both strappy but they are in fact different not sure I would wear a pair of samples of color it's like a comfortable cooler summer evening outfit I like it a good-looking shirt very comfortable does look like something I would wear just in great homes so that was kind of the same outfit that he had on so we'll stick with the same theme going forward with Ryan we will stick on a t-shirt and shorts but this time it is a long-sleeved t-shirt I don't know if any of these came with sunglasses and they came off probably not considering they all came with shoes the last time he's gonna have to wear his shoes from last time all right his shades are pretty sweet let's see how I look with these on oh yeah they're cool in shades indeed yeah yeah I look good with those on see if I can keep his shoes on considering this pack did not come with any shoes also a little tip always do up your velcro after you take off your clothes make sure that it's all covered up because it can snag and pull your other stuff so these denim shorts have a Velcro in the back these are pretty tight little shorts they actually make his waist look super super thin and slim think you'd have no problem using them on your slim again a good rule in fashion is usually this is saved for the girls but I think it definitely could apply to guys nowadays if you're showing a lot of skin on top but don't show a lot of skin on bottom and vice versa you're showing a lot of skin on bottom don't show a lot of skin on top whoa but yes I like that the shirt is a little bit loose because the shorts are tighter let me finish off the outfit with his shades his sneakers that he had on already look kind of good with the outfit it's good I mean it's like this is kind of like a oak neck on this shirt so it's kind of feminine but it still looks good I would say that is a cool look all around show you what you get for your money shoes not included the shoulders are a bit weird it's it's just it's a weird pattern on the shirt too it's not like straight down one side and it's not directly in the middle it is down the back the back is what looks more feminine well it's a good outfit and see that's pretty hip in happening I guess it's okay that I leave the shoes on from the last outfit or you stand over there so I have some room to work guys alright this guy got some boots on and shirtless with a blazer many people were confused by that outfit I'd prefer to wear a shorter short personally then a longer one and then I don't even know what's going on this guy yet so maybe I had to keep the shoes on again do appear velcro I really wish they would have made the sleeves full-length on that so this guy I guess we're gonna go with this because it also looks like an open blazer so it's gonna be what it's like it is it's the same thing I'm not a big trend follower more of a classic basic kind of guy my tank top for instance with the pocket I've never worn these outside I have lots of them I bought them for YouTube I just bought lots of colorful bright shirts that were available at like a store here in Canada that some of them have crazy patterns and I know that a lot of YouTube wouldn't have them because it's a Canadian store only but I don't know I don't really have any tank tops for the summer this year so I might end up wearing these I doubt it though the pockets too much for me to walk down the street in you can tell you the truth really put on a shirt that often find it really strange that they did this again I think I left a fastener in the sleep but I can't see it either I left a fastener in this sleeve or it's sewn a shut yes something's wrong I'm gonna need like a stitch remover or something yeah my suite was like sewn wrong hopefully I can get it out well I mean that was slightly unfortunate so I guess I'll have a little hole on this sleeve on the scene this is my first time seeing this sneaker a very modern sneaker and I don't usually like modern sneakers but maybe it's the monochrome unpainted nosov it but it looks pretty cool I would describe this outfit as kind of expensive European but again there's no way to do up this shirt so he's just like he's showing off here I didn't realize the skin was so shiny but yeah it's some it's a pretty sweet outfit – I like the color of the shorts I call that gas station orange and they're loose relaxed kind of like a sweat pant shirt to them some kind of chic athletic outfits all right what's the final leftover outfit that we have leftover for Steve's at last year's baseball outfit on so we got this one with the denim and the floral shorts and the bracelets or is it a watch this strappy round layered brace that I haven't seen that before that's kind of cool his jersey the velcro down the front I love when that happens just keeps it more realistic and this denim shirt does the same these for fashions really seem to be an update of what last year's models were he's gonna need those shoes again these are more of a nylon short and they have a Velcro opening very reminiscent of the styles that come with the beach Ken's so this is a great outfit on its own no shoes needed cool bracelet cool shorts but if he wants to go into the store he's got a shirt with them to slip on and what I love about when they velcro up the front is that you can keep them open for that look but I'm like this guy the velcro can be done up as high or as low as you want you can even pop the collar on this shirt which is kind of cool and the sleeves come rolled up but you can't roll them down so he's stuck with them like that and I'll borrow the shoes from the last outfit because know this outfit doesn't come with shoes it has the bracelet but these look pretty cool with it anyway so yeah I'd say this is a pretty sweet look – yeah these are cool these are really cool do you have a favorite outfit these guys look super euro guys look more American relaxed all right vote for your favorite be sure to check out the rest of my can reviews I'll have many at the end you can check out the other fashions from past years and what's new this year thank you so much for watching remember to Like comment share and subscribe and we will see you next time just looking at the details there's really nice pocket details on that shirt see it's like a separate piece that's so on and the stitching is real down the front to hold on the velcro and that ended up looking real good too and they even stitched the collar so that's really sweet details I like how they finished the front of the jacket there too that's really well done and then he's got some faux sewn in pockets another nice detail I love the string on both of these athletic shorts and then again really nicely sewn front and pockets for the shorts and even the hem no vote now which one's your favorite is it Ken number one is it Ryan that Ken number two is it Steven there's the Stevens outfit this is new Beach Ken's outfit those Ryan's outfit regular Ken's outfit I think this one might be my favorite outfit which is weird I would never wear those sandals


  1. I like all 4 of the new Ken fashion packs though would like to see more long pants (& shoes.) My Kens live in Upstate NY so they get cold in the winter months!๐Ÿ˜ I finally found & bought these fashion packs a couple of weeks ago at Target. I've yet to try them on my Kens so great to see this review!๐Ÿ‘

  2. I like the pants or shorts to have elastic waistbands. That to me speaks quality instead of the velcro Mattel has become accustomed to. This is a great video!

  3. Your videos just really cheer me up. I could be having a really bad day, and come home and watch your vids. and everything somehow is better. I thank you for these great videos!

  4. Beachy look… sounds not-so nice, haha

    Tight pants! Oh dear. Haha. Now harem pants? Ooooh dear, haha.

    Always love it when you wear the toy shades ๐Ÿ™‚

    If you put the shirt from the first guy on the shorts of the last guy, you get a total flower guy, hehe

    I rather like the weird red white stripe shirt. And the harem pants, haha. They don't go together though.

    Let's hear it for the beach boys! Hehe

  5. I have the โ€œEuro Joggerโ€ outfit. I got it for my Diana Prince doll. It fits her but doesnโ€™t look that great really (I put a sleeveless top under the jacket). I just got my first Ken ever, a fashionista for $2. Now he can wear it.
    I like all these Ken clothes except the weird stripe shirt and the one I call floral camo. I like both pair of those sandals too. Now I want the one with the blue shirt and floral shorts that Steven is wearing.

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