Bangkok Fake Market Spree!

I went to one of the biggest fake markets in Asia today located in Bangkok. Come along as we check out this crazy market of fake electronics, fake yeezy store, fake supreme clothes and more!
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Brett (The epic drone shots):
you're lower than 200 bucks yes booth of indeed huh Oh before you said 200 you can okay I I'll do 180 my dad feel like these days everybody knows your business don't you put me your punch file homie need a witness charge that convicted sorry doesn't fix this watch me know every step and be aware hello everybody and welcome to another video in Bangkok Thailand today I'm exploring the MBK market here in Bangkok which is also known as one of the biggest counterfeit markets in Southeast Asia there's five floors here from anything from fake clothing to fake electronics so let's get explore it so the first thing I'm going to look for is something that I actually need which is electronics hello hey something is the the wireless like an apple yes one typist I know – sighs okay can I try they're good quality yes this one is good : it's like what title quality that's platform it's the first one how much is this one – five – four – five – like thing you listened already looks a little different but you know one I've heard I've seen better ones than this know how do I feel very expensive how much you're looking it's where you can accommodate everyone that – I give you six fifty uh no no I want to say that I would it also cannot have right it worried and worried also cannot yeah well that's how much you back by five hundred pages we wanted everyone is like that no no I want these know if you want like they also like say me I know different that is just different is why but I don't like this one why – hum is more expensive you see when you I tell you not that come in three quality best quality you want is best quality that is better at it if you want that's cheaper quality I do is 650 but I know but no that's way too expensive 650 no no I don't want that I want this one here yeah but your prices really I bought it all just get along okay thank you the quality of those earphones they were never not bad actually they were pretty comparable to the actual originals and the look it was it was a pretty good look now let me describe what he was saying back there so that man was talking about how there's three different types of quality for fake products and when I was in China this is what I basically learned so the first quality is like basically the same and it like it's hard to tell the difference from the second quality is like one that lacks a few like either materials or properties for that and the third is like an obvious fake like it's it's like there's no questioning that it's fake so it's not a very good quality though oh you have you have a better quality boom now okay okay okay thank you you see like that was the perfect example of kind of a bad quality fake that was like the lowest the low of the fake it felt like you know like just a dollar t-shirt with a supreme sticker on it so let's try to go find like a higher quality fake of supreme shirts you have a black I have this one I saw you this is the the quality of it black let's say you have a better quality or no this is the only quality that I told you in a minute okay this one is better quality how much is this 295 295 you can do cheaper Oh No you can do what the prize is okay any time can you do like 150 250 that's for you okay ah yes yeah bring around my camera everywhere well it's my first trip to Bangkok you need to give me best prize to enter to invite me into the Thai culture okay that's for you tonight and you do can you do cheaper you can go closer to 150 maybe 200 but that's for you okay I only have 150 though sorry and I'm mr. 200 but that's all gonna go lower than 200 bucks huh before you said 200 you can um okay I I'll do 180 my dad okay I'm okay 180 okay 200 bad Oh if 20 baht give me my you know hahaha okay 180 baht me die sorry oh come on but I need it for 188 come on come on welcome me into the Thai culture okay sorry yeah I do I do it yeah yes I know you won the boxing the voxi it was very fun though yeah oh yeah yeah it was a little back okay okay it was very fun thank you that that was an epic bargaining run I you have easy is it top copy or yeah it's top copy hey are all how much one to date but all of them are 2000 can you give discount on this one this one yeah how much for this one one thousand nine and I take a look to see the quality okay one nine does it how does it look gonna buy it I don't know the quality doesn't seem that bad though yeah it's good quality that's not bad actually you can't go lower but can you go lower than one lucky no more one eight can you do like I don't know you can do nine fifteen oh you're not No give me your loss and none my friend this market was it was so fun to explore it was so fun to just converse with the locals here and really as always negotiated and it was also kind of cool to see to see kind of the new products that they have here like this this was five floors of just counterfeit items if you want to see more videos of Bangkok and really the travels that I've had here I just did a massive like huge delicious street food video what you can see here and anyway guys I hope you enjoyed this kind of like undercover like me holding my camera on my side trying not to be seen video and I'll see you guys next time

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  1. The fact that you can’t speak a lick of Thai definitely hurt your bargaining potential. Learn a few phrases next time. Otherwise you are labeled as a clueless farang.

  2. You cheap ass. Cheap ass. The amount of time you must have spent bargaining for $1. These kind people must look you straight in the eye and think to themselves” what a cheap MOfo.”

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