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My favorite part about back to school is definitely shopping!!

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fashion nova
black pants:
dark jeans:
light jeans:

forever 21
baby tube top:
denim jacket:
camo overall dress:
Coca Cola shorts:
sprite shirt:
blue bodysuit:
nasa tank:
lime green tube top:

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y'all have been begging begging begging for this video and all my packages I need some shopping in store I mainly shop at fashion OVA and forever 21 I got some stuff from Marshalls and I also got some stuff from fashion cue but I only got a couple decent so mainly I went true to fashion over and forever so I'm just gonna show you all what I got and I'm gonna start with forever 21 I got all tops from forever 21 because when I went they were doing a an additional 50% off of all sale items and literally everything cute was on sale and I was like really like let me just tell you I spent three in four dollars on almost all the shirts that I got and I did buy like I bought like two things that were full price and then a tube top but the two top was still only $10 which is cheap so I got about 20 thing forever 21 and only spent like one hundred and sixty dollars so you all might want to go check that out I don't know if the sale the sale is still going on but they are clearing out their summer clothes already which is really weird because it's hot I live in California so it's still very very hot but they're getting rid of all their summer stuff so y'all go check out forever 21 get you some clothes all right I'm gonna sit off to the side because I don't want this video to be super long so I'm gonna wear the clothes on this side and I'm gonna talk on this but so all right so the first thing I got from forever 21 this is one of the full-price things it was this denim black denim cropped jacket and it has a hood that you can take on and off so it has a little hoodie and it's super cute and it has like the frayed edge to make it look like he was like just cut got it in black they have it in a light denim with a gray hood but I thought black on black would just go with more so I did kick this one super cute what it looks like and it was $34.99 this is the most expensive thing that I got was this jacket like literally probably thirty percent of the total price was from this jacket because it was $35 but I bought it because it's cute and it's good to have sorry about this the next thing that I got I actually already wore and this isn't really like a school thing but I did buy it when I went so I'm gonna show you guys what it was and this was on sale so it's this set it's the coca-cola top with the coca-cola shorts it'll focus the top was 650 I believe in the shorts were 650 as well together it was like $13 for this set it is more for like um pajamas because it gets hot where I live and my air conditioner is broken so I got this to sleep in so this is from forever also I said that I already wore it so the tags not on it but it was pretty cheap all right so the next thing that I got is this super cute overall camouflage overalls and it's a skirt so it's like a dress dress today it's over all dress but it's cute it has these two pockets on the butt and then it has these pockets right here and I've never bought anything like this but I was just like oh my god like this is super cute honey and this was 2490 and this was also this was the other thing the two things that I bought that were the most expensive was the denim jacket in this and this was twenty four ninety I bought it in a size small I'm sorry I forgot say I bought the jacket in a size small and then this set as well as both sides smalls but this is what the overall dress looks like super cute I probably might end up wearing this on the first day I don't know I don't really like wearing dresses on the first day but I think this is cute so we'll see all right so now the rest of the stuff that I got was pretty much all on either sale or it was just so I bought this bodysuit it's just a blue racerback bodysuit and little snap buttons and I love it's cute oh I I tend to wear I tend to wear the same colors I wear grey black white blue red and that's pretty much it I don't know why I tend to be drawn to those colors and this says that it was 1290 but all body suits were $7 so I got this for seven and this is what it looks like it's SuperDuper cute I love the color and it does have like a little bit like it's ribbed it's not like smooth like it has like little itty bitty lines but you can't really see them but this is super cute and I also bought this in a size small the next shirt that I got is this little sprite shirt it was I believe this was on this was 1490 this wasn't me one wasn't on sale but it's super cute it just says sprite it says spray I normally don't wear like this color definitely not this color but I also don't wear things that like have words like this on it but also I get super cute and I have some yellow shoes this color yellow that I can wear it with it's almost like I'll get it this is this shirt and I also got this in a size small so the next thing that I got is this little shirt it's not a crop top it sits right above my pant line so it's like it's not a crop top but it's not like a full length shirt either but it just says world wide and has a bunch of flags on it this was also on clearance and it was 350 because it was seven with the tab but it was an additional 50 so I got this for 350 and I I never buy shirts like I hate shirts I don't like the way it feels like I don't like straps like I'll wear tank tops I'll wear like body suits like maybe with this big strap I just I'm not a big fan of shirts but this shirt is super super soft and comfortable and I was like maybe I'll just buy it to try it so about this shirt also in a size small so the next shirt that I got is this lime green to top and I don't know if I'm gonna wear it to school because I'm transferring schools and I think the dev dress code is a little bit more strict than the school that I went to before okay so I don't know if I'll actually end up bring it to school but the they were having a sale on two tops and all two tops were $5 so I bought this and it's super cute slime green slap all that and I just think that this color is bomb so I bought this the next thing that I got is this black bodysuit that says hysteria again I'm normally don't buy shirts with words but I mean this super cute like I like the little cool jewel diamonds whatever you call them they were super cute and I bought this and a size small as well and it was six dollars it was six dollars so this is this bodysuit and it has a low back like uh she's focused it has a lower back I bought that bodysuit but this bodysuit it's a halter neck with black lining but it's just the halter bodysuit just huge I got this in a size small as well and it was 350 it is a little it looks it looks so big this is it cute the next thing that I got is this NASA pink top I thought this was super cute and it has blue and red like I said I like five clothes I like I wear up a lot of blue and red so I could wear this with either my fours or have some advanced and this was 450 and I bought this in a size small as well the next shirt that I got is this little one-shoulder tank top that says la on it I bought this in a size small as well and it was 450 super cute I love it I haven't worn it yet but I think I'm going to it's super duper cute like this a lot the next shirt that I got is this tank top that's black and yellow and it says baby girl it was 350 and I bought this in a size small as well and the last thing that I got from forever 21 or the last clothing thing that I got from forever 21 is this tank top that says Los Angeles on the front and it also says Los Angeles on the sides I bought this in a size small and it was 450 so that's and then the last things that I bought from forever 21 is just three earrings I bought I already wore the gold ones but I bought some new silver hoops some new gold ones because when I got when I was in a fight recently I lost my other hoop and they had gold and silver when I went to forever so I just bought a pack of gold and a pack of silver I bought these hoop sets a blast they're super cute I don't know if I'll wear them out in public maybe just for pictures so kind of small but look like so that's everything I bought at forever 21 I'll show you guys what I bought from Marshalls because I only bought or not Marshalls Ross I got this at Ross I lied I got stuff from Marshalls and Ross so from Marshall I mean from Ross I bought this two piece set it's shorts and the matching shirt full zipper super cute the material is super super soft stretchy so this is super cute I definitely hello focus I definitely like this and this was $10 for both those $9.99 for this set and then the other thing that I got it Ross is just this plain is this little camisole bodysuit it has the little stretchy straps but it's just the plain black bodysuit super comfortable and this was only five dollars all right so before I show you guys what I got from fashion Nova show you guys what I got from fashion cue to get that out of the way I bought these jeans they're distressed on the front in the back I have worn them already I bought them in a size one because I lost a lot of weight like I've just had been stressed out and I lost like 15 almost 20 pounds in the last month which is really bad it's it's just it's my whole body's just messed up right now but I lost hell away so like a lot of the stuff that I bought up forever 21 in size small is big and it's a size small and I've always been a size small but I'm gonna gain the weight back but just for now my clothes fit a little different but I bought these pants they're by the brand American basil and they were on sale for $19.99 so I got these super cute and I also got this shirt that I'm wearing it's just a little band in a tube top I don't think i'ma wear to school because they'll say that it's gang affiliated or some stupid something stupid but I just thought this shirt was cute and it matches with my my force and before y'all say anything no I do not bang nothing this isn't gang affiliated none of that because I have a red bandanna set as well but it has nothing to do with again I just think that it's cute and yeah I'm so I'm anyone speak anything else on this shirt from Marshalls I got my backpack and I bought this at Dollar Tree well poofy for the bag from Dollar Tree but if you all have seen my back to school supplies video why is my lighting so bad y'all probably recognize this from that so this was $36 it's Steve Madden backpack has a lot of pouches it's super cute and then the last place that I got stuff from Nova and they were having like that big buy one get 150 sale so I tend to only buy bottoms from fashion Nova because their tops are I don't know I feel like their tops are weird so I tend to buy these bottoms from fashion over so I bought six I think got six things I spent he was like cart was a hundred and fifty I want to say but with the buy one get 150 it came out to like eighty something which is not bad at all and I did buy this myself so my few clues about a dress because I thought it was cute it's like casual and it's simple so it's just this maxi dress it's a grey like not maxi dress but it's pretty long and it has a little side slit which is simply cute so I bought this and it was I think this is one of the things that I got for free what the heck there's no tag on it yes oh yeah so this dress was it doesn't have the price it just says that it was free it says it was zero dollars this was one of the free things so this says it was zero dollars but I think it was like I want to say it was $17.99 I think the original price is $17.99 bought it in a size small so the next thing that I got is just this little romper the little shorts romper a lot of people have this Bettina on Instagram super cute I bought it in a size small and why did they not have prices on this I think this was I think this was 12 I was $12.99 but this is also one of the things that I got for free oh this is one of the free items they make you pay for the more expensive one so this one was a cheaper item so I got this one for free but I believe that the ticket price is like $12.99 bought this in a size small as well supersoft smells it smells better you know cuz like a plastic smell for the rest of the stuff that I got from fashion oh that's just bottom and I bought a pair of shorts and I bought these shorts in a sized one because right now I'm super skinny so I bought them in a smaller size that they can fit me right now and I just bought these shorts they're high-waisted and then I hope they're not small on me so I don't all they all of their shorts on the models the models butt cheek stick out because they all have fake butts so I really hope that my butt doesn't stick out of these because I won't be able to wear them but this is this is what they look like they're called the far-out distressed denim choice and I got them in medium blue and your size one looked like and I believe these were like what the these are the most expensive things he's worth $30 and know that guess he's for $30 that's expensive for sure the next thing that I got Wow I got these in a size three to four because it's not I have some pants that fit me right now so I bought them in the size that I know that I will be because I said I'm gonna be gaining like weight back but I bought these in size three to four because that's I'm kind of I have a really like my body is weird I have a really small like underneath my like my ribs and my waist is really tiny and then I have somewhat of a butt at lot you got smaller definitely but I have somewhat of a butt and thighs but about these jeans they're dark denim they're distressed and there's like a knee hole super cute these were for $24.99 got them in dark denim because I don't have a lot of dark denim jeans so but these pants they're black and they only have holes on the knee high-rise and these were these were free I believe these were $19.99 he's my $19.99 so they were free so about these and the last thing that I got from fashion of it is these light wash distressed jeans super cute also high rise I like I wear high-waisted jeans because as I said I have a really tiny waist and like my waist is really high my tummy my hips sorry my waist is high and so are my hips my hips are right here these are my hips right there that's my hip bone so when I wear low-rise jeans there's nothing for the jeans to hold on to so they just slip off so I like I like to wear high-waisted jeans I'm not really a fan of low-rise jeans so I got these all the jeans that I get are high waisted so I got these in their light wash and these were $24.99 and that is all Oh I lied I forgot something from forever 21 I'll insert a picture because I posted pictures in it on Instagram already I bought I can't I don't know where it is I cannot find it anywhere and I'm kind of sad because I loved it but it's just a to top that says baby and jewels insert a picture it was ten dollars there's 990 I have the time in my bag still is 990 super cute love that and it's velvet and soft and it's just great alright guys so that's all from my back-to-school try on haul hope you guys enjoyed this video did please make sure to give it a big thumbs up I will try to find the links to the clothes that I bought but since I bought a lot of the clothes on sale from forever 21 I don't think I'll be able to put the links and also the stuff that I bought this stuff that I bought from Ross and Marshalls doesn't have links because Ross and Marshalls is not a store that has links but I'll link everything that I can down below in the description box so if you guys enjoy this video please make sure to give it a big thumbs up and hit that subscribe button you want subscribed already also if you are subscribed make sure y'all hit that little notification bell so you guys can get notifications every time that I post a new video because I will be being a lot more active these like the next couple of weeks I have a lot of video ideas a lot of collabs coming pranks hauls I have a freshman advice video coming soon what I pack in my emergency bag back-to-school hairstyles back-to-school hairstyles with wigs all adesso stay tuned make sure y'all subscribe to hit the notification bell so y'all can see when I'm gonna be posting those also make sure y'all follow me on my social medias all down below in the description box and I will see you guys in my next video

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